3 DIY PARTY DECORATIONS AND IDEAS: simple paper decorations

Hey fellow moms and maybe a few dads? Are you looking for some quick but… more importantly achievable DIYs for your child’s next birthday. We successfully completed Pinterest worthy tassel garlands, table runner and paper flowers. In only one evening and with only a few glasses of wine. And found them all to be worthwhile projects that will save you money and look incredible! So here are our So here are our step by step instructions for creating 3 beautiful and affordable Birthday Decorations that complete any Party! Let’s start with my personal favourite based on how ridiculously easy and customizable this is.
Tassel garlands Here is everything you need to get the job done. Tissue paper, twine or string, glue gun, scissors, rope, to string the tassels on, and I like to include wax paper under the glue stick to protect any surface. I use twine because I like the rustic look it gives the tassel and find it easy to work with. To start we are going to use one piece of tissue paper, which will make 4 tassels.
With the sheet out length wise, fold the tissue in half, making sure the corners line up as close as possible. Then we will fold in half the other way and one more time that same way. Keeping the folds at the top we need to cut vertical strips stopping part way up the paper. I like to fold about 2 inches down from the top as a stop line. Don’t worry about the strips being perfect, the great thing about tassels is they are very forgiving in the end. When done open up the sheet and cut along the middle fold line. We will end up with 2 ready for the next step. Unfold the remaining piece and cut along the fold line again to separate the last 2 pieces. Unfold all four tassels. Now we will want to roll each piece width wise from the middle, with the cut strips hanging out of each end loosely. The tassels may get a little tangled so gently pull them apart from each other. Next we need to twist the middle section to keep everything secure. Create a loop with the twisted middle. And set aside while we finish the remaining 3 tassels. We should end up with 4 nearly identical tassels. Next we need to apply hot glue along our twisted section, leaving a loop open at the top. I like to apply the glue in a small zigzag pattern making sure I cover both sides evenly. Then we grab our twine and begin wrapping it around the glue holding everything in place. Finally we snip the end and we’re done. We continue this process until we have all the tassels we need to fill the rope. I was able to play around with other materials such as a shiny metallic paper and a plastic table cloth because I liked the colour, and found them all to work out just as well. I like to play around with the arrangement of the tassels first then when I have a pattern I like I feed the rope through all the pieces and we are done! I use a large sealable plastic bag to store the tassels easily. The more crinkly the ends get the better it tends to look. Now onto what I like to call the last minute table saver. You need a roll of wax paper, again this is to protect your surface from hot glue an assortment of doily sizes, and hot glue. We start with rolling out our wax paper to the required length you need for your table. Then we begin arranging the doilies. I started with the large ones and worked my way down. I played around with the arrangement and how they overlapped until I found something I was happy with. The I glued everything down. Applying hot glue to the overlapping bits. Once everything done, peel away the wax paper and you are done! I just love how incredibly simple this one is and kid friendly! It’s like a fancier take on a paper table cloth. Now if you’ve gotten this far and you are feeling a little more ambitious, paper flowers are a stunning craft that will get lots of attention, they just take a little more time so throw on the current show you are binge watching and let’s get started. You will need 20 sheets of card stock paper, a pencil, scissors, a card, and hot glue. Ok here is the tricky part, we want to end up with 5 identical shapes in various sizes. 8 of the first 3 sizes and 6 of the two larger sizes. The measurements for each is what is shown here. We made one of each size first and used them to trace out the remaining shapes. The 3 smallest petals can be traced on one sheet of paper. The 2 larger sizes require their own sheet per petal. Now begin cutting out all the petals. Stack petals of the same size together and cut a slit in the middle about 1/3 the way up. We used a card to curl the ends of each petal like so. Doing this while watching a good show is almost therapeutic. Now to assemble. Grab the hot glue gun and smallest petal size. Make sure your curled ends are curling inward. Apply a bit of glue to one of the slit ends. Cross the other end over to make an x. Allowing the petal to curl up and in as much as possible. Do the same with a second small petal. Apply a bit of glue on the bottom and glue the two petals together so that the curled ends of each are almost touching. These two will make the centre bud. Place a dab of glue on the top curled ends to glue them together. You should end up with a rose like bud. Now to grow our flower we made another petal similar to the first two and added it to the side of the bud where the first two overlap. Repeat this for the opposite side. Keep the curled ends open like a blossoming flower. Continue growing your flower the same way, always applying the next petal over top of where the last 2 overlap. Add the last 2 small ones on opposite sides of the flower. In the same direction as the very first 2 petals. The next size is a little different. The petals should curl out and away from you and the slit ends are glued together like a v instead of an x. Having just the very ends overlap. This allows the petal to open up more. Add the petals in a similar pattern to the first size. Always doing opposite ends first and then the other side. The last 4 petals for this size will overlap the gaps. Repeat this for the next size up. If you want various flower sizes stopping here is a great option for a smaller flower. For the last 2 sizes, we are going to overlap the split ends slightly less, just applying glue beside the cut. Remember we only have 6 petals for the next 2 sizes, so you want to strategically place them so that they completely surround the flower, each petal overlapping slightly And just like that you are done. This beautiful craft makes for a great photo opportunity at any party! I hope you enjoyed these DIY crafts. If you happen to try them at home, I’d love to hear in the comments below how they went. Rusty’s here to tell everyone to comment, like and subscribe to our video, so we can keep posting some awesome content, and I can keep trying Ridiculous DIY projects Although… I don’t always like to but I’ll do it… I’ll do it for the YouTube Rusty *BEEP* Birthday decorations that will complete. any event… complete any party. AHH SO CLOSE! … beautiful and affordable. No beautiful and affordable. Yeah that was fine Why’d I stop that was fine? … birthday decorations that will complete any party I hope my audio is still recording in all of this, because I will cry if it’s not I’m just going to use on camera audio if it’s not, because that’s, that’s the take… kayy … or you can make them yourself for under five better five better? FIVE BETTER! what are five better? *BEEP*

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