3 Easter Party Game Ideas

For today’s Easter Games you are going to
need some Easter grass like this a whole big bowl of jelly beans and some plastic
knives or popsicle sticks I have three Easter games coming at you right now
that are great for kids and adults alike let’s jump into today’s video game
number one you are going to need your jelly beans as well as additional bowls
for every player playing assign every player their own color of jelly bean and
see who can sort out their jelly beans the fastest for game number two you are
going to beat Easter grass like this I got the plastic Easter grass version and
not the paper version and you’re going to need some tape grab three strands of
your plastic Easter grass and a piece of tape and tape it to your table every
player will need three pieces of plastic grass and one piece of tape object of
this game is to see who can braid their Easter grass the fastest now would be a
great time to subscribe to this channel because I do party games like this twice
a week hi my name is Shawn welcome to prayerlights here is game number three
for this game you are only four jellybeans as well as plastic knives or
popsicle sticks popsicle sticks are obviously saved er safer but we didn’t
have me home so pocket knives worked you put your plastic knife in your mouth and
see who can balance six jelly beans on to the plastic knife the fastest whoever
does that is the winner thanks so much for watching today’s
video and I will see you in the next one

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  1. Your baby is just the cutest! Nice game ideas. I think I would end up eating all the jelly beans first (muahaha) 😀

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