3 Easy Party Decor Ideas

Planning a holiday doesn’t have to cost a
lot. Plan an amazing party with really cheap, easy
DIY décor. The first project is these paper cone trees. You’ll need some poster board and you’ll just
take a string, draw a curve on it with a pen and then cut out the cones or cut out the
curved shapes, then you roll them up and secure them in place with some packing tape. You don’t need any fancy tape. Now, to make the spray paint stick to the
packing tape you need to first hit it with some white primer. Let that dry. Then, spray paint the cones the different
colors that you want. Add a little bit more interest, by adding
some spray adhesive and sprinkling on glitter to give it some shine. Let those dry and they’re ready to decorate
the table. Next, we’re going to make a cheap party backdrop
using wrapping paper. This is one is super fun, because you can
use a wrapping paper that you already have. Now, depending on how big you want your pinwheels
to be you’re going to cut the paper half of that diameter, so if I wanted these to be
16 inches these are eight inches wide and then I’m going to cut these strips eight times
longer than that, so they need to be 64 inches, so it’s eight inches wide it needs to be 64
inches long. I needed to cut three strips of this particular
wrapping paper, some wrapping paper’s taller, some is shorter, so you’re just going to need
to measure, to make sure it’s eight times as long as it is wide. Pleat the pieces of wrapping paper every inch,
or inch and a half or so, and then connect the sections with tape. Now, if you’re making a smaller one, like
maybe say a four inch, half of the diameter is four inches, so it’s going to be an eight
inch pinwheel you are not going to need to join strips together. If you do have multiple strips join them together
with packing tape. Make sure you hit that crease and this little
white thing here that I’m using is called a bone folder it’s just to give things a nice
sharp crease. Once you’ve joined the pieces together, then
join the ends together to make a tube, so it’s like one big long tube piece. Then, you’re going to lay it flat on the table,
and bam it is a rosette. Just make sure that all the folds are right. Check your creases. Crease anything that needs extra creases and
then on the back tape a little piece of twin, and you can hang that on the wall. The final project is starburst, these gold
little star things. You are going to cut bamboo skewers. I cut these to six inches in length, which
is about half of what they are. I’m just using a wire cutter. You can use scissors if you want. Then, you’re going to poke all of those into
some foam balls, and just do it kind of random until it looks full enough to you. Once those are all done you’re going to hit
it with some spray paint, and let that dry, and then you can hang those from the ceiling
with some fishing line and pushpins. I hope you enjoyed this super fun easy party
décor. This cost me zero dollars to make, because
I just used stuff that I already had in my home. Let me know in the comments if you guys use
these ideas, and if you think this video is helpful. I would love it if you shared it with your
friends. Thanks so much for watching. Bye.

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  1. Never thought to make giant rosettes with wrapping paper. Great way to use up left over paper! And for a second the skewers and ball were looking like tinker toys. All the projects were great and totally doable.

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