[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys so today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys three super easy super quick affordable crock-pot meals I am personally all about crock pot meals slow cooker meals because I hate like let’s highlight that I hate to cook I hate it I’m not good at it and I also work full time I have three girls I have twin five month old baby girls so I just feel like I don’t have time to cook when I get home throughout the week there is just no time so if I can prep it ahead of time if I can you know meal prep or get it going earlier in the day that’s just so much easier for me and so much easier for my family and also eating healthy is important to me so I’m gonna be sharing with you guys three of those meals one today and then over the next couple of days they all happen to be chicken now it just happened to be that way we do love chicken the most but if you guys like crock pot cooking and you like recipes give me a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe because you better believe that I’m gonna be making a lot more videos with crock pot cooking if you guys are here I’m sure you’re looking for some recipes well I want to learn from you guys as well so what I want you to do is let me know down below what your favorite crock pot so cooker meals are because we are in need I know the fall season is coming the winter season is going to be upon us and we’re gonna be cooking because in the summertime we cook a lot on the grill so I need some ideas you guys let me know down below your favorite slow cooker meals and I’m gonna keep pumping these videos out if you guys like them and I guess let’s get to cooking I have three crock-pot recipes to share with you guys today and the last one that we tried crock pot Tuscan chicken was our absolute favorite so make sure you stick around until the end this recipe I was super excited to try out because I make a recipe similar to this and it’s one of my go-to s one of my absolute favorites I just when you add black beans corn and tomatoes together it’s just a meal I always enjoy it always keeps me full and I know it’s healthy so I started out by chopping some cilantro and scallions and I am NOT an expert cutter or chopper as cutter even heard I hate doing it and if you’ve watched some of my past videos you know a lot of the time my husband does it for me [Music] once everything was chopped up I threw it in with some diced tomatoes and green chilies some black beans that were drained some chicken broth and everything else that I chopped up corn some seasoning and the chicken and all of the exact ingredients and everything that I use will be in the video’s description with the link so if you guys want to make this you know exactly what I used I plan to make so many more recipes using my crock-pot here in the fall and the winter and a lot of you guys are telling me that you don’t want summer to end but I am welcoming fall with open arms so let me know are you team summer holding on or you team fall let me know because I want to see which one wins then the last step was I just placed some chicken on top and cooked it on low for about eight to ten hours or you could do on high for four to six [Music] and then about 30 minutes before it’s done I pull the chicken out shredded it and then put it back in the crock-pot for another 30 minutes to finish up cooking and soaking up all of the flavor and we had planned on serving it over rice rice is kind of my go-to personally and I just used the microwavable bag of rice to keep it simple but you could also put it in a tortilla to eat it or eat it just as is for more of a low-carb option [Music] we’re getting ready to eat dinner now and this is the meal out of all of the crock-pot meals I’m doing this week that I was super excited about just because anything I feel like when you add black beans and corn together it’s one of my favorite so this one so far is super good and I just love it because it’s healthy and it’s easy to throw together what do you think again do you like it what’s your favorite part the chicken yeah she had some blueberries but did you eat all your blueberries first yeah so I’m pretty sure that with this recipe online it said something about cilantro lime rice which I I think would be a lot better than just your traditional brown rice but and it has a time or nor did I want to make the cilantro lime rice so maybe next time I’ll try that because I think that would add a lot of good flavor to this meal but I think what I’m the favorite things about this meal is that I could definitely meal prep this one like I could put what’s left of this put it in some meal prep containers and take it for lunches or use it for other quick easy weeknight dinners and that’s what I’m all about something that is quick and easy and healthy at the same time set your favorite food this recipe is even more simple than the one before and we’ve made this one before with roast instead of chicken and it was called Mississippi pot roast so I found this recipe and I thought it would be really good to try with chicken so you literally just throw everything in the crock pot and it’s just a few ingredients so it’s chicken you add to the bottom then I sprinkled on a ranch seasoning packet and then an OG gravy seasoning packet a stick of butter and then some peperoncini peppers and I could be butchering that so please forgive me if I’m saying that wrong but you guys know what I mean peperoncinis I think that’s how you say it but anyways it’s all really simple and I said unload a cook for about six to eight hours [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and then when it was all done I just shredded the chicken and I need to come up with a better way of shredding chicken in a crock-pot but you know usually it’s so tender that it’s not that difficult but I’ve heard of other people using a hand mixer does that work let me know down below in the comment section if you guys have any hacks for shredding chicken in a crock pot but then once all of the chicken was shredded I just got some sub buns and put the chicken on there and if you wanted to make this low-carb you could just eat it plain without the bun there was a plenty of flavor in the chicken so you don’t need a bun and Mike even added some provolone cheese to his so that could add more flavor and it was really good you could also serve it with some mashed potatoes and egg noodles but I just wanted some broccoli to keep it healthier [Music] and then for my last recipe and probably the meal that we all like the most it was crock-pot Tuscan chicken so I started out by mixing some grated Parmesan cheese some Italian seasoning and alfredo sauce in a bowl together the recipe did call for adding sun-dried tomatoes but my husband is not a fan and I can do without them so I just omitted them completely the recipe also called for making your own alfredo sauce which apparently is super easy to make on your own but I just decided to go the more simple route and I just use the jar alfredo and then I put some butter in a skillet to just Brown my chicken ves really quickly [Music] then I just laid the chicken breast in the bottom of the crock-pot poured the alfredo Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese mix over the chicken and put it on low for about 4 hours [Music] [Applause] once the chicken is cooked there’s really not much else you need to do but add in the spinach for a few minutes you don’t even need to shred or break up the chicken but it was just so tender and I wanted ours in smaller pieces so I just broke it up a little bit and then I added in the spinach the fresh spinach and cooked it for another five minutes [Music] [Applause] [Music] our Tuscan chicken is finally done I think out of all of the recipes that I’ve done recently this is our favorite [Applause] so without the sun-dried tomatoes you don’t have the red the pop of red in here but I’m not that concerned about how it looks and more concerned about how it tastes and I think that the Tuscan chicken is probably our favorite out of all three of these crock-pot meals that I’ve tried this week so I just paired it with some rice so a lot of people so with the recipe it suggested putting it over noodles and I’m not a big noodles fan so I just added some brown rice and some broccoli what do you think about the chicken does it taste good [Music] thumbs down you can’t thumbs it down how about oh wait is it is it a thumbs up or a thumbs down thumbs up what I think you’re eating it so I think that means it’s a thumbs up give mommy a thumbs up yes so it’s a thumbs up now you silly girl before always asking me what I feed Avery so she has some of the Tuscan chicken some broccoli and some blueberries and some applesauce so that’s her dinner but thank you guys so much for sticking around to the very end and if you guys try any of these recipes let me know down below or come follow me on Instagram and let me know I love when you guys try the recipes that I give you and just and you guys like them as much as we do it makes me feel really good so let me know on Instagram or on YouTube if you try these yummy crock-pot recipes and if you like this video give me a thumbs up let me know you want more of this because I love crock pot cooking and I will definitely do more [Music]

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  1. I enjoy the cooler weather. I just don’t enjoy it getting dark earlier and staying dark later in the morning. I am a child of the light😉

  2. My go to crockpot meal is chicken enchilada soup. I recently did a go to dinner ideas video on my channel which includes the recipe.

  3. It should be Santa Fe with an A at the end 😁 it's probably not even your typo but living here in NM I noticed it haha. I make something similar as a soup with more broth and serve it with cheese and avacado and some tortilla chips but some cauliflower rice would be so good too! I use my kitchen aid to shred chicken with the paddle attachment. I love your videos!! Thanks for sharing ☺

  4. Chicken cream of chicken with green beans and real potatoes cut In 1/4's. It's sooooo good. Don't forget your own seasoning. Newer sub and sharing your journey as I am a new YouTuber . I want to help you strive as well. 🙂

  5. Ummm who gave Jamie thumbs down?? What is wrong with you??! Thank you Jamie. I needed this video. I love taco soup recipe in the fall. Btw, my recipe is just like yours BUT I add rotel (lime cilantro kind) & we roll it up in flour tortillas. Nothing better than chicken, black beans, cilantro with a dollop of sour cream.

  6. Team fall! And yes I just watched a video of a girl that did it with a hand mixer and she said it was so much easier to do it that way. I’m gonna try that next time.

  7. Hand mixer is fantastic! Homemade Alfredo is so great if you get the time to try it it’s a total game changer I’ll have to give that Tuscan Chicken a go it looks amazing!

  8. Team Fall!!! But, hate what comes after it!! This is not a crockpot meal but only takes a hour in the prep and cooking time. Chicken breast, baby potatoes cut in half, broccoli and any other vegetables you want. We put olive oil on top then salt, pepper and garlic powder Put on a sheet pan bake at 425 degrees for about 40 minutes. You could totally prep this the night before or in the morning.

  9. How can anything you cook in plastic be healthy? Many am missing something here but I don't think so . Just ask a health professional or even better a naturopath because I would like to know and am sure you do too.just cook acidic foods like tomatoes with plastic common sense tells me it's a no no

  10. I love cooking. My favourite meal is pastichio and mousakas. For example is pie with meat. And macaroni. I like chicken. Today I cooked snitchel chicken.

  11. I'm definitely Team Fall all The Way !! Im over the heat. By the way crockpot meals are my favorite. We love chicken cooked anyway. I enjoy cooking though. One of my family all time favorite, is the cracked out chicken, tater tot casserole. So yummy.

  12. I hate to cook too, and I especially hate cutting and chopping! I don't do well cooking rice because it always sticks to the pot and gets overcooked or undercooked. I got rid of my rice cooker because I didn't do well using it either ! Summer is my favorite season, and I hate to see it come to an end. But I do love Fall decorations, Fall scents, and Fall foods.

  13. I make a lot of stuff in the crockpot. Roast, chili I also put my cooked ground beef, A jar of Ragu and mushrooms in the crockpot on low and by dinner time we have the best spaghetti sauce. Just cook my noodles and I’m done. Everyone thinks it’s homemade sauce but it’s just where it’s cooked low and slow. Delicious 😋. I can’t believe the twins are 5 months old! It seems like yesterday we were celebrating you being pregnant! God is so Good!

  14. My SIL's mom has the bestttttt white bean chicken chili crockpot recipe we love attempting to make every winter (she does the best job) and she buys croissants to dip in them. I end up eating like 3 croissants trying to eat one bowl of chili lol/eek.

  15. Busy working Mom with three kids who eats healthy too, dinner is tough! I use my rice cooker all the time to make cilantro lime rice. I highly suggest one! Going to try that Tuscan chicken! #teamfallandwinter

  16. Hey! I noticed your BGSU sweatshirt in this video. I work in Bowling Green! & I live in Findlay! We are close! How neat. I love your cleaning & food videos. Very motivating & yummy! Keep up the great work busy momma!

  17. trying the first recipe today. I had some chicken I needed to make today so I paused the video and threw it all in the crockpot! I can't wait to try it.

  18. August in Alaska is definitely fall the leaves are a changing. I love crockpot meals easiest is probably bbq pork tenderloin just pork, sliced onion and bbq sauce cook on low shredd and serve on bun with a slaw.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing, the meals look wonderful! I so understand you, I went from homeschooling to back to work with my girls in school. So I'm all for crock pot cooking. It's affordable and healthier than eating out. I just tried one yesterday from another Youtuber, Groovy Mom. It is ground turkey or beef with veggies and rice. It was so good, and I loved it because it literally was an entire meal with no need for sides. Here was her recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OIoQq8YNII

  20. I really liked this video, thank you!
    I like Mississippi chicken as well… another good chicken recipe is olive garden chicken…it's only 3 ingredients… chicken, olive garden dressing, and parmesan cheese
    I am team fall!

  21. I use two forks, chicken is usually pretty tender. I pull the forks through the chicken, I think the mixer would be a mess! I also will substitute if I take something out of the recipe. Recipes are written for the amount of ingredients shown and it may throw the recipe off. Maybe some canned diced tomato?

  22. Thanks for sharing. Love your quick and easy crock pot or other recipes. Can't wait to try the Tuscan Chicken. I do a 3 ingredient pork chop ranch recipe in crock pot. So easy. You can google; but its just the pork chops, 1 pk. of Ranch dressing powder and 1 can cream of mushroom soup. (I find it needs about a 1/4 to 1/2 soup can of water. Its really tasty. Cook on low for about 6 hours.

  23. In Australia we will be transitioning into Spring and it's hands down my favourite season!

    Fall/Autumn and Summer are about the same for me

    In Summer it's easier to get out in the morning and get everything done before the heat comes (I also have no air conditioning). Not really a fan of the mess Fall/Autumn creates but it is pretty…..

    Actually have to say Summer is nicer for me compared to Fall/Autumn 😳 Wow. Never had that veiw before. I've lost a lot of weight so maybe my body is adjusting nicely and welcoming the heat!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful content Jamie xxxxx

  24. Fall is my favorite season but I dont really want summer to end because I have to walk my kids to school because we only have 1 car and its 20 min walk and it gets freezing here

  25. Team fall for sure!

    I love all of your cooking videos. They’re realistic, cheap but healthy.

    Here is a link to my Pinterest board of recipes I’ve made and loved. I cook everyday and it’s one of my hobbies so I’ve made a ton of recipes from Pinterest. Hope this helps!


  26. Absolutely love croc pots meals. The more recipes the better. Makes dinner after work so much easier. I noticed you used a stone board to cut with. I believe that is actually used as more of cheese board than cutting. Cutting in stone like that can dull or damage your knives and as we know good knives ain’t cheap. Also it may damage that beautiful board.
    Love your videos !! Keep being amazing!!

  27. Hand mixers work AMAZING!!! It makes it so easy. My hands start to hurt when using forks. When I tried the mixers it was like heaven opened and saved my life lol

  28. I make my dogs homemade food in the crock pot. I’m a vegetarian so I don’t eat meat but your meals looked super delicious. 🐶 our pool stays open until October. Team summer 🌴

  29. They all looked good, particularly the last one! I’m definitely team summer! The cold months seem to last so long and I like not having to think about layers of clothes and coats and feeling cold!! 😁

  30. One of our go to crock pot meals is Chicken Burrito Bowl! But I am definitely looking to add more crock pot meals to my list! Keep the recipes coming!

  31. I’m a summer person. I absolutely love Mississippi pot roast so much that I’ve made it several times this summer. And the crockpot don’t heat the house up so double winner.

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