3/ Love at first sight (crush), marriage. Coup de foudre, mariage. 첫눈에 반한 사랑, 결혼.

Hyerim rings the doorbell, and she enters into Jaegyeong’s room, trying to read her face. Jaegyeong Come on in. A cup of coffee? Jaegyeong makes coffees, Hyerim sits leaning on the wall next to the mattress. They say nothing. Hyerim So, I’m listening. Jaegyeong explain calmly all the stories, most of the time watching the carpet, sometimes she frowns, sometimes stares into space. Hyerim listens to her seriously. Hyerim Did you like it? (as if she are looking at a dirty bitch, leering at her, and avert her eyes.) Jaegyeong feels the futility or vanity. She watches Hyerim for a while, opening her eyes, as if she watches a bizarre bitch. Hyerim couldn’t look at Jaegyeong, she looks away and she speaks to her. Hyerim (hitting her thigh with her palm) It’s been a while since I didn’t do it…… Phew! Jaegyeong is upset cause Hyerim was thinking to want to have sex when Jaegyeong was talking about her sexual assault story, Jaegyeong frowns, and turn her head. If I jump off the balcony? Hyerim would be crying tears of blood if I replace this injustice by my death? Jaegyeong hesitates for a long time if she has to jump off the balcony, pictures running to jump off the balcony, and she gives up. # 27 Ilsan apartment, phone call with Minhee, now (speakerphone) Jaegyeong The subject of our class ‘Research Workshop.’ was dongsangimong. « Although they work together, they each have different purposes » In French, we have the same expression. That’s exactly what it was. Hyerim saw with her own eyes that her husband was sleeping with a French girl in her house several times. When she had these difficulties, I cried more than her. Yeah I was considered as a pushover. I loved a lot the campus called Palais Universitaire. Near this campus, she yelled at me “Have some sex cause your thighs are so fat!” Yeah she insulted me that I don’t have sex even though I didn’t want that yet. I guess that there’s something wrong with her. At that time, I was too nice. I told her that she can take it out on me rather than doing that to other people. Lol. Of course, we had a good time too. Anyway, I insulted her a lot on Facebook when the schizophrenia was acute, and after that, she wasn’t my friend anymore on Facebook. After being discharged from the hospital, I could make a contact with her, and I told her that I should have been nicer to her, and she said that how can anyone be nicer than this. I had tears in my eyes for no reason. # 28 At Jaegyeong’s house, Strasbourg (D) Jaegyeong thinks that she has to prove her innocence, watching the carpet, and she look at Hyerim in the face as if she seems set on it. Jaegyeong It is right to go to the poilice, but my French is not enough to explain exactly the situation…… (she watches the reaction de Hyerim cause she wants that Hyerim helps her. No reaction, she turns her head and look at Hyerim again.) Even if I give up going to the police, I think that it would be better to warn to others. In order to tell them that we should be careful with this guy by posting messages on the board of the web site Association of Korean residents in Strasbourg or something like that. Of course, it would be a big sacrifice or damages for me. I don’t care about what people would be thinking about me. I just want that it never happen to me again, , the sexual assault, not anymore. If he does that to me again, I can’t take it anymore. Even now, I’m about to be crazy. It’s just unfair, and I’m upset, cause I couldn’t even resist that, my body was paralyzed again, frightened even now of his face super under the influence of drugs. Well, I was really careful when I walk in the street at night since I’ve been assaulted by the robber. It happens again. I’m extremely unlucky. Hyerim (rubbing her lower lip with her index) Don’t post message on the website of Association of Korean residents in Strasbourg. He has scarcely begun his conjugal life with Miri. She just had a baby. Jaegyeong is fed up, and breathes a sigh frowning when Hyerim told her that it’s more important to protect the rapist’s family rather than eliminate the risk of being raped again. Jaegyeong gets awfully lonesome. No one’s on my side. She cross her arms. She crouches. She bends her back. She is numb with fear. There’s nothing to say. I can’t talk with her. We are not on the same page at all. She swears that she should be sane, keeping her head straight more than now. She thinks that crazy and unfair things can happen to her, so she tell herself that she has to keep her distance completely from people, she shoves her hands into the pockets of her zip up hoodie, heaves a deep sigh, and puff out her chest. Hyerim We call Minyeong, we make an appointment, and we listen to him first. Jaegyeong shudders at the bare thought of seeing him again. She hates to see him again, and she is terrified of him, especially his dark eyes and his dilated pupils with any emotion. But it seems that Hyerim will trust me if we have a three-party encounter. Jaegyeong hesitates for a long time, and she takes courage to see Hyerim. Jaegyeong OK. We call him and we meet him right now. He won’t do anything cause you’re here. I should show him that I’m not just gonna sit this out. #29 Ilsan apartment, phone call with Minhee, now (speakerphone) Jaegyeong Minhui, I was too young and naive. I was just too disgruntled because I was treated so inappropriately, I thought that I had to prove her my innocence, and I agreed courageously to have a three-party encounter, but this asshole must have been reassured by thinking that we couldn’t call the police since we wanted have a three-party encounter. He must have prevented us to go to the police by calming us somehow. I was so stupid. I should’ve prevented him to sleep for a couple of nights by frightening him out of his wits, by showing no reaction whatever. (hollow smile) # 30 L’Épicerie, cafe and restaurant in Strasbourg (D) Hyerim You okay, Minyeong? Minyeong Yes, thanks to you. You all right? Hyerim Yes. Actually, Jaegyeong explained me roughly….. Minyeong Yes. I did that because I loved her. Jaegyeong is not looking meanwhile, she frowns. She doesn’t want to listen to him anymore. She’s there just to show him that she’s not alone, so tell him « Don’t you ever touch me again, ever ». For Jaegyeong, it really wouldn’t have mattered if Hyerim trust her or not. This reality is just really crazy in which I should face this scum of the earth by reassuring him. He leave the place, Hyerim just had kind eyes, maybe because the miscommunication between them is now resolved totally. Hyerim Cheer up. Forget it. He will never touch you again from now on. I made it very clear to him. Jaegyeong Yeah. (laughs softly) Hyerim Let’s go to the club tonight. Jaegyeong To the club? But I don’t really feel like going out. Hyerim You’ll feel better if you drink and have a little fun. Forget about it quickly. Jaegyeong Yeah. They go home, they take shower, they change their clothes, they put on some make up, and they go to the club. # 31 Catacombes club (N) Jaegyeong and Hyerim, they are sitting in a bar. They drink liquor among the crowd, at the end of the bar we can see a handsome guy. He is very handsome, he must be about 21 years old, 184cm (6ft03), really short hair, blond, hunky, with his skin which makes you want to touch, wearing a large sized black sweatshirt, and a jean. He has the face shape of Eminem, seems smart, and very nice. Jaegyeong (indifferently) He’s so handsome. Hyerim Where ? Jaegyeong (As if it’s none of her business.) There, at the end of the bar. Hyerim and Jaegyeong are talking for a while, Hyerim disappears all of a sudden, and Hyerim is talking with this handsome guy behind Jaegyeong. Jaegyeong orders another drink to the bartender. She looks at the bar, dancing people, and look at the two. Jaegyeong and this guy make eye contact for a moment. She looks at the dancing people like nothing ever happened. He approaches to her. Hyerim go dancing. Matt (He speaks with an American accent.) Pleased to meet you. Jaegyeong Pleased to meet you, too. Where are you from? Matt I’m French American. Jaegyeong Yeah? Matt Yeah. Jaegyeong What are you studying ? Matt Journalism. Jaegyeong Very well. They continue to talk, Jaegyeong go to the toilet. In front of the toilet, we can see a kissing couple with a lot of piercings, a French girl smiles at her, and Jaegyeong smiles at her, too. When she is back near the bar, there is no place to sit anymore, she approaches to the bar to have a place to sit through the crowd, a French guy who has a bobbed hair style with beard, middle-aged, hits on her by taking her lightly. French 1 (Evil smile) Where are you from? This guy and his 4 friends hit on her and laugh. She is terrified and annoyed, gets out of this crowd barely, she sees Matt finally. He was shuffle dancing, and he approaches to her. She hides in front of him, shrinking down, he covers her carefully with his body so that they can’t see her anymore. He looks at her for a long time like that. Her shoulders are relaxed as she is relieved, she just got a place to sit, she hardly sits on a barstool as her feets was giving out from her. Matt gets into the groove, as if he feels good, by nodding his head, puts his hands on the her legs. Sometimes he taps his hands. Jaegyeong smiles a bit. He attacks her suddenly with his lips. She avoids him quickly. Her eyes dilate, and he turns his head as if he is confused. He looks at her again, she smiles at him brightly this time, worrying about him if she embarrassed him. He gets into the groove and tries to kissing her again. She avoid it quickly again, he turn his head, embarrassed, and this time, she takes his hand, takes his index. He returns to her, she smiles at him again. He gets a place to sit next to her, he sits next to her. Matt Don’t you wanna see a movie ? Jaegyeong What film? Is there a movie theater open this late? Matt We can go to your place if you want to. We can watch a movie together in the comfort of your own home. There are too many people here. (holding his head in his hands) I have a headache. I need some fresh air. (stretching himself, like he really wants to get out of here) I want out of here. Jaegyeong Alright. I get it. But I have to tell my friend first who came here with me. I can’t find her… (looking around for her) Ah, she is there. Hyerim approaches to her, Jaegyeong approaches to Hyerim. Jaegyeong Hyerim, he asked me to go to get some air. Can you get home alone? (reading her face, she doesn’t look good) We take you home first? Matt hurries Jaegyeong to get out of here, by holding Jaegyeong’s arms. Jaegyeong Or, we go to my place together ? How do you wanna do? Hyerim (hesitating) I can go home alone. Go ahead. Go home. Jaegyeong Are you sure ? Aren’t you afraid to go home alone ? Be clear with me. Hyerim Well, I’m fine. It’s not far from here. I can walk. Go ahead. Go home. Matt hurries Jaegyeong to get out of here once again. Jaegyeong Alright. So we’ll talk tomorrow. Get back home safe. Hyerim No worries. # 32 From Homme de Fer station to Schluthfeld station of AD Tram line (N) Matt hold Jaegyeong’s arm, they get out of the club. They get their coats and bags back, she climbs the stairs in front of him, he follows her. At the end of stairs, he puts her on his right shoulder, out of the stairs, he lifts her two times saying « yay ». Jaegyeong Get me down. Let me get down. He puts her on his left shoulder by turning her this time and on his right shoulder. Matt Where do you live ? (turning his body to the right and to the left) This way or that way? Jaegyeong Over there (indicating to the left) She asks him to let her get down from his shoulder for a long time, but he doesn’t listen to her anymore. So, Matt runs 4 stations from l’Homme de Fer to Schluthfeld of the AD Tram line. He arrives at Schluthfeld station. Matt Where to ? Jaegyeong This way. Go straight. # 33 In front of Jaegyeong’s home in Strasbourg (N) At the end of the alley, we see finally the front door of the apartment, he gets her down from his shoulder very carefully and very gently. He pretends that he is not out of breath at all. She unlock the front door with her key, he follows her. In front of elevator, she smiles at him. Jaegyeong Actually, my room is a mess. You give me five minutes to clean up. I need to get rid of my stuffs, clothes and something like that. # 34 From the elevator to the door of Jaegyeong’s house (N) He’s just watching her. The elevarot door opens, she pushes the 4th floor button. He pushes her to the corner, and he tries to kiss her. Matt (indicating with his index) I have a piercing on my tongue. She looks at him closely, she doesn’t care about his piercing, and she leads the kiss holding his neck with her right hand, as if she wants to give him a prize about running to her house putting her on his shoulder. He is surprised, he looks her in her eyes, and kisses her putting his hand on her waist. The elevator arrives at 4th floor, they stop kissing a little later, she leads to her house. They walk to the end of corridor, she unlocks the door with her key. He is very close to her and he just looks at her nicely. Jaegyeong Give me just five minutes. And I’ll open the door in 5 minutes. I’ll see you then. He just look at her without saying a word, the door closes. # 35 In her house in Strasbourg (N) She enters in her studio, she puts her clothes in the closet, and arranges his books too. She opens the refrigerator door, she smells the scent of kimchi of green cabbage. She wrinkles up her nose, she closes the refrigerator door and she opens her studio door for him. He is sitting, crouching on the right wall. As soon as he sees her again, he rush headlong into her, to her studio. #36 Ilsan apartment, phone call with Minhee, now (speakerphone) Jaegyeong Why did I make kimchi of green cabbage…… at that time, not a lot people knew about Korea, so must’ve been disgusting. Even for me it stinks so badly. I wasted and ruined the food. I didn’t offer him water even, I had forbidden him from get cleaned up, I banned him from doing anything. We spent the night together by making him learn only the patience and suffering. But you know what? I’m cured thanks to you. #37 At Jaegyeong’s house in Strasbourg (N) Jaegyeong You should take your shoes off. He takes his shoes off and put on the corner side by side quietly, he put her feet on the top of his feet one after the other, he grabs her hands and starts to dance with her. She is just watching her feet, and she look at his eyes, he makes her smile. He is sweet. He takes her to her bathroom, he sits on the bathtub. Matt (pretending to stir the water with his arms) Do you know the foaming bath? We can bathe together. You and me. With hot water. Jaegyeong No. I took a shower before I come to the club. They go back to the desk, they stop and kiss softly, and turn to the wall next to the mattress head, he pushes her to the wall, puts his left hand behind her head. And he makes her touch his short hair circularly with his right hand. Matt My hair is black originally like you. I dyed my hair blonde. He grabs her hands and makes her do a semicircle with her arms, put her hands behind her, and he ties them with his right hand. Suddenly, she is reminded when her hands were tied by the robber in Busan (Flash cut), she looks at his eyes very strong. She gets the impression that he says to her that everything will be fine with him. His left hand takes off her bra by putting his left hand in her back inside her top. She sticks out her chest, and returns to the normal state. Her heart starts beating so fast. He lays her down vertically, takes off her skirt and her stocking. And he takes off his jean, he takes off her top and bra. He lays her down horizontally, turns on the TV and watches the football game for a moment. Matt Sorry. I play football also in Strasbourg football team. After that he takes off his top, he look at her eyes closely and kisses her, he removes her hair pins next to her, he pretend to make out, wearing still his underwear. Soon, he lies down next to her, he makes her sit on his tummy by holding her underarms. Matt Give me a massage plz. He lies face down, she gives him a massage with her fists from his shoulders. Jaegyeong Any pain here? She massages him carefully, he lies on his back. She massages his shoulders, and she is suddenly reminded of the sexual assault scene of last night when she looks at his white neck (Flash cut), suddenly she wants to strangle him with her own hands. Her hands are about to chock him Matt Don’t bite me. She gets her mind back with his words, and she caress him a little bit cause she felt sorry for him. Jaegyeong (frowning) It’s salty. He must have been sweating cause he ran putting her on his shoulder, even if it’s winter. She kisses him hard cause she feels sorry for him. It seems that he is relieved, he sits on her. Matt (He makes her hold his erect penis with his right hand, he looks at the balcony as if he is shy.) Don’t you wanna play with this? For a second, she feels suffocated. She never saw a man’s penis closely, but his penis is beautiful, long and big. I feel good when I grip his penis in my hand. But I can’t, I will never be able…. Jaegyeong I can’t. I was raped last night by a Korean guy. Matt You lie. Jaegyeong No, I don’t lie. Why do you think I lie ? Matt You know what ? It’s really hard for man. She saw neither a porno movies nor an adult magazine until then. Of course, she did neither blowjob nor hand job. If she knew how to do that, she could’ve done that to him. Time passes by, they continue to kiss until 9:00 in the morning. She goes to the bathroom, she washes her face, she applies some cream on her face, she notices that her lips are inflated. Meanwhile, he is fully dressed. Matt There’s cream. She rubs it and she lie face down, leans her elbow on his knee while he manipulates the PDA sitting in the cross-legged on the carpet. Matt I’m hungry. Let’s go to a restaurant and eat together. Jaegyeong I’m sorry. I can’t. I booked the darkroom. I have to develop films all day. Matt (as if he feels a little upset) You lie again. It’s Sunday. Jaegyeong I never lie. There was no time available except Sunday. Matt What’s your name, telephone number and email adress ? She answers him one after another. Matt You’re worried if I won’t call you. Jaegyeong (as if she doesn’t care) Of course not. He goes to the door, and gives her a kiss on her cheek. Matt See you. Jaegyeong See you. # 38 Way to the Portique building of Strasbourg II University (D) She is in a daze while she’s going to the darkroom of Portique building. She feels like she’s floating on a cloud. # 39 Darkroom of Portique building (N) She focus on work all alone in the darkroom, , it’s too close to sunset. She didn’t know that someone closes the door of this building cause she was too wrapped up in her work. The shutters are closed, she is trapped in the darkroom. She’s scared. Now that I think of it, she could bring him here and she could show him her works, she could prove that she didn’t lie. She was stupid. She could hardly stand up. She sits on the ground, and she watches outside of the darkroom. It’s dark, suddenly she hears slamming the door, boom ! She startles, and goes back to the darkroom hastily. # 40 Catacombe club (N) Sunrise, after a few days, Hyerim and Jaegyeong goes to the Catacombe club. There, Matt is playing the djembe. Jaegyeong looks at him for a while, she drinks some alcohol to the other side of bar, she sees him in a room near the toilet. She looks at him for a long time while waiting that he welcomes her, he seems uncomfortable, he sweats a lot. At the entrance to the room, a bunch of Frenchman enters in the room talking loudly. They are cheerful. Matt’s friend Wow. She’s super hot. I can’t believe…. Jaegyeong Thank you, that’s sweet, but I just wanna talk with him. We have something to talk. Matt’s friend looks at her and him alternately, trying to understand the atmosphere, thinking that something’s wrong with them, and enters in the room. Finally, Matt welcomes her, he sweats too much, he kisses her on her cheek. Jaegyeong Why didn’t you call me ? I’ve been waiting for you. You forgot me ? (looking at him with a worried look) Are you sick? You sweat a lot. Matt It’s ok. Jaegyeong (she looks at him carefully for a while) Are you sure ? If you need some help…. Matt I’m really fine. Want to come over to my friend’s house ? There is a party in his house. We go together. Jaegyeong No, I’m not going there. Take care of yourself. Bye. She feels worthless, she gets out of there without looking back. He doesn’t even try to explain it maybe cause he is sick or something like that. She thinks that it’ll help her concentrate on her studies, we’re just not meant to be, and it is an issue of timing. # 41 Ilsan apartment, phone call with Minhee, now (speakerphone) Jaegyeong Moreover, foreigners doesn’t give any excuse. It’s because they might think that it sucks to explain it? Now that I think about it, it can be better to admit that he didn’t want to call me simply rather than giving a poor excuse. If he wanted to call me, he could call me no matter what happens. Anyway, just like that, I’ve forgotten completely all the bad memories of sexual assault thanks to him, the guy I met after that was Hwasu. # 42 Hyerim’s house in Strasbourg, august in 2004 (D) In Hyerim’s dark house, Hwasu is sitting cross-legged, his face seems gentle against a black background. He’s 28 years old, 183cm (6ft), tanned, with those big eyes, looks gentle. # 43 In a bar of Strasbourg, winter in 2004 (N) Hwasu, Hyerim, Jaegyeong, and Heuidong drink liquor in a good mood. The snowy landscape outside is beautiful. # 44 Bench in the snow (N) Jaegyeong talks to Hwasu. Jaegyeong Hwasu, can I link my arms with you? Hwasu (shy smile) Of course you can. Jaegyeong Make me some tea at your place. I can’t walk home anymore from here. It’s too far. Hwasu No worries. # 45 Hwasu’s home, at Esplanade (N) Hwasu take off her skirt, he seems surprised by watching her body wearing her stocking. They are enjoying sex softly and sweetly. She is on top. Hwasu It’s hard for you, isn’t it? She looks at him without saying a word quietly. He climbs on top of her, he leads the sex. Scene change, the sex are repeated. # 46 In front of Jaegyeong’s house in Strasbourg (from N to D) Hwasu Ah. Jaegyeong, why are you refusing to see me? Let’s keep seeing each other, plz. Jaegyeong (watching the ground, make her feet an inverted V-shaped) I don’t wanna that kind of relationship anymore. I can’t do that anymore cause I like you. It’ll be better not to see you any longer. You don’t care even if you don’t see me anymore. You’ll live well without me. Hwasu Don’t do that. (holding her arm) Jaegyeong. Keep seeing each other, plz. Jaegyeong Hwasu, I’m tired, I’m going home. Hwasu Jaegyeong, don’t do that. We see each other, ok? Jaegyeong Nope, so, I’ll go now. Hwasu I’ll see you, ok ? Jaegyeong …… # 47 Ilsan apartment, phone call with Minhee, now (speakerphone) Jaegyeong I was feeling a little sad. I’ve had the idea to show that I live well by being loved a lot by someone else. I thought that I really need to marry someone. But you know, the guys that I’ve met since then didn’t ask me to sleep with them. Though, they told me about marriage. I felt great. They didn’t just see me as a sex object, but I felt like that they loved me as who I am. Of course I jumped on him, the English French guy. I thought that it didn’t work with French American guy cause I didn’t sleep with him. Lol. Maybe I had an obsessive idea that I should have sex. As if I should show them that I have no problem in a sexual relationship. Lol. # 48 Family Restaurant at Seomyeon in Busan, summer in 2007 (D) A big man, 30 years old, 183cm (6ft), his friend and Jaegyeong’s pregnant friend look at Jaegyeong from below. Jaegyeong Ah, I’m so sorry. I’m late. I’ve forgotten the way of Busan. I got lost. Semin (he is in a highly nervous state, his nostrils flare a lot) Ah Yeah. She watches him for a while, and she gives him a big smile thinking that she should make him comfortable cause he must be nervous in front of her. # 49 Photo trip, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae in Busan (D) Jaegyeong and Semin take pictures of landscape, they show their pictures they took, and have a good time hanging out together. # 50 Wine Bar (N) They’re having a nice time together with Semin’s friends. # 51 White sand beach, Haeundae in Busan (D) She’s enjoying a tan with Semin and Semin’s friends. He pushes the rubber ring floating on the water, on which she’s mounted # 52 In Semin’s car (N) Semin Actually, my mother absolutely refuses if I bring a woman who studied abroad or who has a family doing business, but you….. (scene change) Usually, guys are too simple. If she’s beautiful, that’s all that matters. All is forgiven. If she is beautiful, we spend a lot of money. (scene change) My mother saw you secretly. (scene change) I wanna do a lot of things this and that with you, but I can’t dare to try that cause your mother calls you too much. (scene change) If get married, I think that I’ll live well by having a fun life. (scene change) When you told me that you should return to France, I just felt a little weird, but that’s just because of our friends who told me distorted facts. Anyway, I’d be fine even if you fool me, if it’s you who fool me. # 53 In a bar near Kyungsung University in 2007 (N) Semin (sidelong glances, as if he doesn’t like it) Do you have a tendency to gain weight easily? (scene change) It’s too far from Gangnam to Ilsan. I can’t get you home by taxi every day.

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