We have 3 million subscribers! shot shot shot shot shot shots Thank you 3 million subscribers!
You are my churrito fighters para bailar la mamba solamente se necesita 3 million Q Squadders. Sing it Knubby! That was very good! Thank you Knubby! and thank you to all of you.
oh sorry Knubby. Thank you guys for 3 million subscribers! Y’all are the bomb
and we gonna celebrate today. you know how we gonna celebrate?
We bought three million pop rocks. I mean feels like 3 million. We spent a couple
hundred dollars on pop rocks! We’re gonna go out and we gonna do some shots shots shots. We’re gonna do some pop rock shots with our Q squad friends. We are
gonna go out and we’re gonna give people shots. We’re gonna get lit on some pop
rocks so y’all should come with us and celebrate too because we couldn’t have
done it without you guys, the Q squad. Thank you so much. Y’all don’t know how
much you guys mean to me and Edith. Right Edith? [Edith] Nooo. [Q] Oh Edith doesn’t want to be on camera right now. [Edith] I appreciate you guys, churritos. I love you! [Q] Yes. Yes. But thank you guys we really do love
you guys. You guys make us just want to sing and dance. All day every day. So
let’s do this [Person] Go big or go home ! WOO yeah! Three million Baby! We just hit
subscribe 3 million subscribers! Double shot! Double shot! Yeah! Double shot! I should’ve expected that. I deserve that you getting all of it in there! Alright You can do a little bit more. We doing a little bit more. 3 million subscribers! Number 1. Number two. I don’t know if she could do
the double shot. I think we’re done with one shot. yeah. You think you can swallow? She’s gonna blow yeah she’s done. she’s done. No more. No more.
Number one. He looks like he’s already struggling. Yeah don’t don’t eat them yet.
oh yeah yeah No problem. yeah we should’ve triple shotted that one. Should’ve triple shotted that. [Person] I’m ready. Are you ready? ah ah you got it. ahhg yeah. Epic shot right there. One! Two ! Three! Uno ! Dos! Tres! WOOOO 3 Million subscribers baby! [Person] So what, what are they? I never had those. [person] They like pop in your mouth. [person] You lying. [Q] YO he’s getting every crumb! [Person] He likes it! Thank you for participating in our celebration! Alright that’s enough celebrating with
pop rocks. But I just wanted to thank you guys so much! Without you guys honestly I
don’t know where I would be. A year ago today we were basically just starting
YouTube. 1 million subscribers was like a dream! To hit 3 million… I’m just so
thankful to you guys because I know it wouldn’t happen with you guys. You guys
have shown so much love. Giving so much support. Giving awesome suggestions. I
mean you guys are really dope so thank you so much, and I want you guys to
continue to support because we got so much good stuff on the way. 4 million is
coming. Yo we are like the most lit family on YouTube. I mean I don’t know too many
people that are growing faster than us so it’s gonna be a wild ride. I’m gonna
be doing more and more stuff. Going around New York.
We’re gonna go to other cities really soon so you guys really have to stay
tuned because it’s gonna get crazy. If you haven’t joined the family yet make
sure you subscribe, turn on those post notifications, and comment down below
more suggestions. Because you guys are given really good suggestions. I have
never one out of ideas because I got you guys. We in this together! We’re just
gonna blow this whole thing off! Until next time I’ll see you at 4 million.
Adios Churritos!

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  1. I like when he dose vloges cause it’s like a balance between crazy singingq park and normal q park

  2. The first video I ever watched from you is you're Bboom Bboom video….

  3. I just started yesterday and iv been bin watching all day n night!!! It doesn't surprise me that you got three million prescribers!!! You deserve a gazillion times more!!!! #1 fan*!*!*!** CONGRATULATIONS*!*!*!*!

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