3 pasta recipes (quick & easy) | pasta dinner recipes

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  1. Pasta with vegetables in tomato sauce- http://www.madhuseverydayindian.com/pasta-with-vegetables-in-tomato-sauce/
    mediterranean orzo salad recipe –http://www.madhuseverydayindian.com/mediterranean-orzo-salad/
    coriander cashew pesto pasta with veggies –http://www.madhuseverydayindian.com/coriander-cashew-pesto-pasta-with-veggies/

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  3. Who doesn't love pasta? I mean, I sure love it…so this vid that features three quick and easy dishes is awesome in my book. I adore the recipe involving broccoli…so healthy and yummy! Thanks for this vid!

  4. Heck yeah! I've been looking for something healthy, delicious and simple like these dishes. This expands my horizon because I usually don't cook with coriander or chickpeas. Thanks!!

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