3 St. Patrick’s Day Party Games for Families

Like I’m missing skin off the top of my
forehead right here. Hello friends! In today’s video, I have three st. Patrick’s
Day party games for you to play with your family. Because I’m bringing back family fun. If we are meeting for the first time, hi my name is Shawn. Welcome! On this channel, I am passionate about bringing families together through fun and games which you’ll notice because I have a lot of that on this channel. But let’s jump into today’s video. okay here we go. The first game is called The Cabbage
Roll, Is that a thing? Do Irish people really love cabbage? Let me know, if you know, the answer to that question. I like cabbage in coleslaw…
in coleslaw. For this game, you’re just gonna need a head of cabbage and they’re pretty cheap at a grocery store. This will be fun if you are going to play this outdoors to get every player a head of cabbage and race the cabbage down a huge line of people. When you just have a few people at home,. Here you get to see my husband and I demonstrating this game. We just set a timer. Who could get the cabbage down our hallway in the shortest amount of time. That is how we determined the winner. There was an injury but watch this clip
right now to see what that injury was all about. Before you play the cabbage
roll, make sure, this is very important, that you hit the cabbage with the top of
your head and not with your forehead because I don’t know if you can see or not but I feel like I’m missing skin off the top of my forehead right here. I don’t know if it just scraped it or if I’m literally missing skin. So you have been warned. Moving on to game number two. Game number two is called Clover Russian roulette. There’s absolutely nothing dangerous about this game though so don’t let the title fool you this is completely family friendly. We’re using coconut water here. We got some Dixie cups and I placed one clover sticker on the bottom of one of the cups. You have to drink the liquid and then you can look on the bottom of your cup. Whoever finds the clover first is a winner. If you have older kids, and you want to
make this a little spicier, you could put something different in each cup. You could put like some kind of hot sauce and make it a dare a challenge. But if you have younger kids put some kind of liquid, some kind of drink, that they enjoy. Moving on to game number three. Game number three is called the Soap Run. You’re going to need a bar of Irish Spring soap which we all know is authentically Irish. no seriously do they actually have Irish Spring soap in Ireland? I have a feeling they don’t but this is like a childhood soap that I
grew up with so just smelling the overwhelming smell of the soap sent me way far back into my childhood also made the house smell incredibly clean. Going to need some trash bags and a little bowl of water. The goal is to see who can slide their Irish soap down on the trash bag the fastest. Whichever bar soap reaches the end first is the winner. You can make this as long as possible . You could even get one of those slip n slides. Take this game outdoors slide that soap down the slip n slide. Let me know down below did you grow up with Irish Spring soap? I one time said a dirty word and had to hold that soap in my mouth for I don’t know how many minutes. Don’t do that to your children tastes disgusting and I’m pretty sure it’s poisonous. A thumbs up is the best compliment you can give me. Subscribe if you also want more fun
in your family and I will see you in my next video. thanks for watching. bye

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