30 Fun Facts About Switzerland That Are Totally True

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  1. This guy on blue jacket is funny.. hahahahah.. you got a new partner, Cris…
    Btw, you should leave this depressing place and go back to Hawaii.. 🙂

  2. Good video! 👍
    Sorry, but we Swiss are also good Grumblers… Jungfrau is not pronounced like the word "Jump" but more like "Yukon" 👉 Yungfrau 😉

  3. The guy in the blue was rude in my opinion. If he was going to stick his face in your video, at least he could have stuck out for all 30 on the list. He just walked off and "dismissed" what you were doing.

  4. Great video! I enjoyed hearing these different facts. I remember hearing or reading a few of these before, but most of them I have not heard before. It was cool how you had a Swiss fact checker even if it was only for a part of the video!

  5. the guinea pig fact is true! I had to buy two or else they wouldn't let me. also found it a bit rude that he just walked into your video lol

  6. Your 26 was wrong. The rest was true I guess. But the strategic explosive devices are being built back by now. An interesting fact to fill this gap: Switzerland has mandatory military service for men. What explains the gun ownership.

    But great vids I must say. The fact-checker was quite rude, we don't pop into videos. Even if I would love to correct people all the time 😉
    Greetings from Bern

  7. It is only legal to carry one portion of cannabis with you, for your own use. And it's absolutely illegal to grow it. But it's true, that a lot of people consume it.

  8. Fact # 32: Schoolchildren are obliged by law to shake hands when greeting the teacher.
    Fact # 33: Swiss are so greedy that they secure their trash bins with padlocks.

  9. Schad ben i ned det obe gsi, ech hätt dem Glatzepeter sin Chopf i si Arsch gsteckt. (This is swiss german and means: Nice video! You are doing a good job! Greetings from a Lucerne native.)

  10. Great video Chris, thanks for sharing it! The swizi guy is absolutely a total idiot whithout a single inch of education and respect toward foreigners. He just want to make sure that Chris doesn't critic the lovely country that has been financing Nazism, Zionism and terrorism through the criminal Octogon corporation and that has been killing millions of people accross the world. The Templars settle down there and start the new world order. Watch Sean Hross channel CIA, chatzefratz or giureh on YouTube. They are above all, Rothschild refers to the Templar red shield that is swiss flag and Jacob married with a Sinclair descent, Earl of Rosslyn.

  11. Okay No. 1 It's pronounced "Young Frau" the " J" is like a "Y". not like "Junk".. Get a German Dicitionary !! The Gotthard Tunnel is pronounced "Without the "H"!!! That was quite good, I'm an American who has live in Bern for 25 years!!! If you come this way again, contact me: www.sandypatton.net

  12. The thing about banks and dentists is just NOT TRUE. Why does everone think that? There are about 253 Banks and 4361 Dentists in Switzerland as of 2017. Pls stop propagating that myth.

  13. Very sweet of you including the Swiss gentleman in your video. I know he was a pass by, you went along with him very well.
    Thank you for the facts WOOW!
    I miss you holding your panda rsss

  14. I live in Switzerland since 10 years and got at least 40 facts about Switzerland. It is quite challenging for me as an Asian living in Switzerland. People habits, regulation, etc. I compile it in a video in youtube. Wonder what Swiss people would comment on my video about my impression:)).

  15. Hey dude thanks for the honestly information it's very nice! Switzerland is the best country of the world!!!

  16. 5:41 about 70% of Switzerland is mountains including alps and jura
    6:49 teachers don’t have 12 but 14 weeks of vacation.
    So that was every thing I had to correct as a Swiss guy passing by.
    Good bye, au revoir(French), tchüss(Swiss German)arrivederci(Italian), a revair (rumantsch)

  17. J is pronounced like Y in German so jung meaning young is yungfrau. Frau obviously means woman but jungfrau means virgin. The adjacent mountains are monch meaning monk and I'll let you figure out what eiger means.

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