30-Year-Olds Party At Their Old College

– It took us less than 20 seconds to get stopped by the police. (laughing) (upbeat music) – My name is Brian Wool. I am a handsome 30 year old man. – I’m Keith, I’m a
beautiful 27 year old boy. – I’m Marc Muzinski, I’m 29, lookin fine. – I am back at my Alma Mater. – To party like we used to. So, the plan is we’re gonna try to drink as much as we can, play beer pong, have fun, and right now it’s the four square marathon, and if we were still in college, that would mean we would go
to the four square marathon really late and drunkenly
play four square. I fell down. Probably got a bruise right on my butt. At the end we’ll just see
if all of this is still fun, or if maybe we’ve grown out of it. – We used to play a game called Scepter. Boom, scepter. Where you would tape the next beer to the top of the one you just finished. As you drank, you’d slowly get
a longer and longer scepter, and I am a wimp. Chugging has never been my thing. And never got one that was more than probably seven. Tonight, you know, because
now I’m older and wiser, I think I can get to eight. If I can accomplish that,
I’ll prove that I can do everything I used to do in college, but even better and hopefully I’ll still be able to make it
through the whole weekend. – As much as this is… God dammit Keith! I’m confessionaling! (tape winding quickly) ♫ Five beers, five beers ♫ This scepter has five beers ♫ Aw man, we went to the party, and there were lots of fun people there and I started the scepter. I got about three in before you could really feel anything, but then… Moving on, people, let’s party! Around five, I was
wandering around the party, doing dramatic GoPro party cinematography. Then I interviewed Brian,
who I felt would be a good authority on
effective college partying. – So, what do you look
for in a party companion? – Uh, someone who is rocking it just as hard as I am. – And, uh, through a
combination of drunk food… Pepperoni, sausage,
green peppers and onions. And adult strategy, I was
able to get to eight beers, which is, I guess, my new record. I had an awesome time, but I did get a little tired at the end, staying awake was a bigger challenge I think, than drinking, at some point. So as fun as this is, I
don’t miss having it be an all-consuming lifestyle because I like being able to get up and be productive and do the things that I care about. – [Voiceover] Zebra stripes… – [All] Down the pipes! – Ahh! – [Voiceover] Oh no! (laughing) – When I went to this college, I used to host a lot of parties here, and so my goal for tonight is to try and takeover the party. I’m going to try and get
people to do activities, to join me and just make
the whole event about me. Who will play us in beer pong? (tape winding quickly) (tape winding quickly) – So I got everybody to chant some things. – [Voiceover] Zebra stripes… – [All] Down the pipes! – Got the dance party
going, so that was good. And then I was able to
takeover the four square court by becoming King Square
for the longest reign of the time we were there, so… That made me feel good. The beer pong games, I
was humbled at first, I forgot how I needed to focus. – Ahh! – Motherfucker! – But once Keith and I were
able to get it together and focus, it was quite triumphant. (all cheering) – [Voiceover] Stayin in college? – Yep. – [Voiceover] You keep partying here? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Into it? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Nice. – We’re just staying. – [Voiceover] Great, that’s cool. – He’s staying. – D.P. Dough was so delicious. I got the Maui Wowie, which has jalapenos, ham, cheese and pineapple. But this morning I am feeling that food. I’d say the college lifestyle
has made me feel fat. I definitely can tell why I weighed 30 pounds more in college. It’s not okay. I felt incredibly successful. – At this point, we’ve outlasted most of the actual college students. – But I also felt it was sad
for the college students, cause they couldn’t party
the same way that we did. – One of the objectives I
have is to play beer pong, and win a game of beer pong. I will have to play beer pong until I win, because I used to win. I haven’t played beer pong in a long time. – [Voiceover] They’re chugging beers. – We’re doin it. (tape winding quickly) – It was a crazy night. Played beer pong, lost the first game, tried to, uh, be a celebrity
guest on another game. If I win, I win by my rules. (disappointed cry) – [Voiceover] Your rules suck. – [Voiceover] This is Keith
being goddamned embarrassed. – But then I played
another game of beer pong, me and BWo really embraced
the true nature of beer pong. Yes! Oh!! Which is to say something
together with your partner every time you’re about to shoot, so that gets you in the zone. I won a game of beer pong! – We won. – We won. Me and Marc tried to chug a beer faster than a girl… – Yeah! Chug! Yeah girl! (people cheering) – Couldn’t. Both college students beat both of us in the chugging contest. Marc didn’t even try. We went to four square, I fell down. Got a little fucked up. Got D.P. Dough though. I forgot to order ranch. That was the worst mistake of the night. When you’re drunk, you want a ranch, and I didn’t get it. But today, we’re pretty hung-over, we’re gonna go eat some Shepherd’s Pie at an Irish pub and we’re
gonna perform in diapers, because that’s what we
used to do all the time. That’s it, right? Did we do it? – I’m thirsty. – [Keith] Ain’t no rum in that bottle. – There is no rum in this bottle, we drank it all. We practiced our bit, and now we’re ready to go to the Theater of Ted. – Ahhh! – Feelin gassy from the rum. – You’re feeling gassy
from the rum, Brian? – I had such a great time at the college, partying just like we used to. It was really fun but I also enjoy being sober. (crowd whooping and cheering) – If you want to go back
and relive college, you can. It was very fun, I had a great time. It’s not that as an adult
I don’t wanna have fun and party and stay up late, I just have better
things to do with my day. (crowd cheering) – I think if you believe in yourself and you want to live that garbage life, you can do it. (crowd cheering) – So, you can go back and party, but you’re gonna have a headache. (piano music)

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  1. Is it just me or dose the party seen kinda lame ? I mean high school party's here where I'm from are much bigger

  2. Many of the 30(+) year olds I know are way sturdier drinkers than pipsqueak collage kiddos. To be a truly seasoned alcoholic takes some time and practice.

  3. What party did they have? That looked fun and everyone seemed chill, my college parties always ended with someone OD'ing in a bathroom on heroin

  4. I am dying that there is someone lying in the bed like dead when he is talking to the camera in the hotel room ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. In Serbia 14yo's party better than on college lol You would drink about 8-9 beers and still feel nothing… Just slav things

  6. i always love this video because this is my college and i recognize all the places they are. last semester i had a class in the room where they did their diaper performance. small world i guess.

  7. Im from glasgow scotland and only having 8 beers simply means your the one who has to deal with the drug dealers for the team ๐Ÿ˜‰ and Eating is cheating , septar sounds cool tho

  8. Canโ€™t wait to transfer to ILSTU XD saw them BBall courts at 0:36 and was all like. Gah Dayum they walking right past Watty and the dominoes.

  9. I don't get it. They fit right in. Not like they 40 and even then I'd think it'd be fun to be 20 partying with a 40 yr old.

  10. are they really better things to do in the day? whats better than having fun with friends and new people? or did you mean "better" as in working to support yourself? lol those were the best times

  11. The rest of the wold is disowning America for this dismal amount of drinking so I will chime in. At the beginning of the semester we have all the pledges play a game called civil war. About 12-15 guys on a team and each team gets 3 30 racks, 2 handles of everclear, and a quad (3, 2, 1, BOOM). Record is 38 minutes, and no one is conscious an hour after completing it.

  12. I wonder if parties now are not nearly as crazy as back in the 90's/early00's when these guys went to college. Like maybe the attitude is more is 'I've got an essay and want to have a future' than 'I bet I can have more bears than you.'

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