30th Anniversary Alumni Interviews | The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

We are here this afternoon at the Majestic
Theatre and we’re here for the 30th Anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera, which is amazing
to me. 1988, I remember it like it was yesterday. The original cast has been invited to come
and celebrate with the cast now. To step out on that stage again it’s magic
and you see all the new company members and then those of us who are part of the family
who were there, you know, from day one. It’s like winning the golden ticket to be
part of the original cast of this incredible phenomenon. This is a show that has touched so many people
so deeply all over the world. I think the reason people come back and the
reason it’s sustained it goes beyond the music. It’s the core of the story. All this beauty visually, musically and sentimentally. What’s not to love? It was the biggest thing that ever hit Broadway. It was such a phenomenon. The people that would come and see the show
and then they’d come and meet us backstage so we had like Michael Jackson, Elizabeth
Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr. loved us. People love the music, people are always telling
me that they had to go out and buy new Cd’s because they wore theirs out in the car. 12 years ago Phantom became the longest-running
show in Broadway history and we’re 12 years past that so I think we’re continuing to celebrate this phenomena that keeps on running and running and running. Happy 30th Anniversary, Phantom of the Opera,
you changed my life. You have touched my life and so many millions
of others. It’s amazing and I’m thrilled to be apart
of it. Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Phantom! May you run forever and ever. Congratulations and I wish you decades more
of smashing success. Thank you!

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  1. 벌써 30주년이라니ㅜㅜ아직도 떨리네ㅜ너무좋다

  2. I saw it during its 24th year it was the most amazing experience I had in the theater from the overture to finale I had chills all over my body

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