30th Annual Distinguished Educators Award Dinner Highlights

This is one of the biggest crowds we’ve had so we’re a little nervous But we’re really excited Our Distinguished Educators Awards Dinner Not only helps strengthen our partnership in the education community and honors excellence in education But we also use this event to raise money for our students who are first-generation and really our stretch to support their education Coming to an event like tonight really tells the world how important what we do really is. We have famed actor Edward James Olmos He’s the community activist and supports a project called the youth cinema project So we’re honoring him tonight for that work with youth. We also have with us. Dr Harry Mitchell who is an alum of our College She’s the founder of Crete Academy her charter school in South Central Los Angeles And she is serving the underserved folks who know the history of civil rights know the name. Mr Sal Castro because this gentleman was a humble LAUSD educator and spent his life ensuring educational access and quality for all students we’re very excited about our awardees this evening and we’re very pleased that we can do this work of raising funds for just very worthy cause

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