312 Block Party Wedding Miracle!

Hi, I’m Megan and I met my future husband at the goose island block party in 2014. I was here for one of my college buddy’s
bachelor party. So I was living in Chicago, he was living in New Jersey, I
was born in New Jersey, my family is still in New Jersey, and so everyone’s
getting introduced on where they live now and I heard “New Jersey” for him, and so my ears perked up and there was an empty seat next to him at the picnic
table, so I joined a bachelor party. I remember when he left my house, he was like, “Can I get your number and I was like…” Did I? We got engaged then we were picking out our wedding
date for 2017 and so we were really hoping that the block party was the same
weekend as our wedding because we’re getting married on Friday and we wanted
to take our guests. This was just like a perfect weekend for like all our friends
and family to see like oh they met at the street fest
it’s got the food trucks and the music and like good beer and it’s it’s like
really special to us because that’s where we met so we were thrilled that
Goose Island was like yeah come to your engagement photos here and come to the
festival we’ll do what we can! Oh my god, his mom was like, “I hope you
know what you’re doing.”

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