3D 4k for STEREO’s 10th Anniversary

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  1. Should have uploaded it as an SbS instead of pre-processing it. Still, I didn't downvote them; so if one comes it's not mine.

    Check out the Advanced Tab in the 'Upload Panels' (lower right, 3rd Tab). That's how 3D works on YouTube; and it allows the Viewer to adjust the Settings for Hardware or all the popular Cellophane Glasses.

  2. słońce to najlepszy plugin do muzyki ever :):):) jak by tu muzyka nie grała, oberek czy co innego nie ważne. Słonce "przyćmiewa" wszystko!! REWELACJA

  3. NASA should do a BBC Planet Earth type show about space shot all in 4k, maybe it would make me buy a 4k TV like planet earth made me buy a 1080p TV.

  4. hey! youtube can handle 3D natively: supporting 3D TV, google cardboard, red-blue glasses etc, why not upload proper video?

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