Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you
Happy. Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Make a wish and blow out the candles.
Hi friends welcome to my channel. My name is Nadiya and my channel is about my perfectly
imperfect life as a married working mama of two little girls. I have a 10 month old and my oldest just recently
turned three years old. So this video is a little bit different because I’m actually
making this video for my 3 year old. As I said I am a working mom. And unfortunately
I do not get to spend as much time with my children as I like to and I know that is a
reality for a lot of moms out there. So I was thinking that maybe she’s not going to
remember her third birthday I don’t know if I specifically remember my third birthday
but I was home with my mom all the time and I had so many fantastic memories so it just
hurts my heart thinking that she may not remember. So I made this video for her. It brought me
so much joy to prepare for her birthday and I was thinking maybe I did things a little
bit differently than other moms might do. So why not share here in my channel. All right.
As far as the preparations for her birthday and yes there have to be preparations because
I am not that versatile as I would like to be – I do have to plan things in advance because
my schedule is jam packed. I did decide to do a Paw Patrol birthday. There aren’t a whole lot of things my daughter
is into right now as a toddler but Paw Patrol and Sky in particular the girl dog on Park
patrol is something that she really aspires towards. So I did look online for some Paw
Patrol things for her birthday and all of them I purchased on Amazon except for one
item. I’ll be showing them all to you here and there are a lot more options that I could
have bought. On Etsy there were some beautiful backdrops that you could have customized with
your child’s name and things like that. I found some amazing channels that did DIY
projects for Paw Patrol but I just simply didn’t have the time for that. I also did
check the thrift store. For those of you who have been here before you know that I’m
a thrifter. So I did pick up a few odds and ends at the thrift store and actually one
of her most favorite gifts was something that I got which was a large stuffed ice cream
cone. It was super lightweight and we ended up using it kind of as a ball for indoor catch.
And she loved it. She played with that for hours at her birthday.
Most of the things that we thrift we put them on sanitize, if it’s a stuffed animal type
of item, in our washing machine and hopefully it survives. And that was one item that did
survive. I was super happy about it because she absolutely loved it. So that being said
– for the rest of the preparation I did get everything in advance. I put it all in a cardboard
box in my garage. And then when I had time on a night when my
children were asleep I took everything out and then took them out of the packaging because
if you’re a parent then you know that you need to have a degree in engineering in order
to get these things out of the package. And I didn’t want to have to waste one second
of her birthday spending time trying to get these things out of the packaging the things,
that were new obviously, that we had purchased. So I did do that and I actually do this for
Christmas as well and it just works out so nicely. I can get rid of a lot of the garbage in advance
once I’ve gotten them out of the packaging. A lot of times I’ll put them back in if it’s
feasible but if not I think about my toddler’s birthday, maybe it’s just for the age she’s
in, but I think of it more as providing her with an experience so it doesn’t matter if
the item is thrifted orhow much it costs. I mean she doesn’t know the difference at
all. So I just really think about the presentation and how I’m going to give it to her as if
Santa had dropped them off. That’s really how I was thinking about it. We did this with
her last year and it came out amazing. And I just picked out a variety of items or
were some things that were not Paw Patrols specific. Our family members also sent some
amazing presents so she was really really blessed with that. So on the night before
her birthday I actually performed what I hope is going to be a ritual going forward for
her because it just brought me so much happiness to do this. But I laid out some things in
her room that were very special. I decorated her room that she would know that tomorrow
is her birthday. She is still a toddler and we have been telling
her that it’s her birthday but this really drove the point home and it just brought so
much joy and excitement to her. So while she was downstairs finishing dinner I decorated
her room I just put a dollar tree banner up. I put some I ended up putting some lights
up towards the end. But I had purchased a dress for her on Amazon. It turned out to
be amazingly beautiful dress. I got her a little pair of high heels. I know that she is young for high heels but
you know she wears those plastic ones in the house and practically breaks her neck in them.
So it was fine. High heels for her birthday. Now she’s really into the princess mode. I
also purchased some jewelry for her and I brought out this jewelry stand that I had
been given on my wedding day by my bridal party. I haven’t been using it and I had kept
it. I brought that out for her and I put it on her dresser and I put a little tiara on
it that I got in from the store Children’s Place well in advance of her birthday. So a whole bunch of cheap things I put out.
But she was so excited about them and it just brought me so much joy to do that. I also
laid out a brand new super soft pair of pajamas for her. I purchased some from Burlington.
They have some really nice Toddler options out right now that are super super soft. So
yeah I set up her room and then also in her bathroom I set up a banner there eye level
for her. And we have tons and tons of toys in our bathroom.
Bath time is like a big event because I don’t get to see my children during the day and
that’s where we do a lot of our talking and playing and activities in the evening. So
we always have tons of toys out. So I did clean up that room. It was due for a cleaning.
Anyways I just picked up and they’re actually put everything away and I took out two brand
new toys which were Paw Patrol toys. Skye and I think Marshall is the character. I can’t
even keep track but two brand new toys that she would know her birthday is coming and
she would be super excited. I also put some bubbles in there and thought
that would be super fun for her. But yeah the idea was to create just an amazing experience
for her so that she would know that it was her birthday the next day and it just brought
me so much joy to light everything out for her. It was almost like it was her wedding
day the next day. She had a hot bath and through her normal bedtime routine. Oh it’s going
to be Amani’s birthday. What do you think? Wow! Oh. It’s a birthday
dress. What do you think? I think about the dress. You like it?
Are you’re gonna be a princess? There’s a crown. Let’s see Amani’s jewelry. Let’s
see. What number does it say? Number three. Because Amani is three years old and what
does this say? Birthday Princess. I wear it. You can you wear this tomorrow.
Crown. It’s a crown. Yes. It’s a crown. You like it? I want to hold it. Tomorrow.
Because tomorrow is your birthday. Tomorrow is your birthday! Whoo! What do you think?
How did mommy do? Did Mommy did a good job? Oh you get can’t wear it yet. You can’t
wear it yet. You can’t wear it yet. Because (singing) tomorrow is your birthday! Tomorrow
is your birthday! Okay. Come on let’s go get a bath. Mommy!
Amani! Amani! Amani! (laughing) Get off of me! Get off of me! Get
off of me! Happy birthday. Happy birthday! P. P. Y. B.
I. R. T. H. D. A. Y. Very good. Excellent. R. I. T. Present. Y. and P. Very good. Guess what. Mommy has a surprise. Do you want
to see it? Let’s go see it. It’s over there. I see it over here. Wow! Chase! It’s Chase.
Chase on the case! And who else? Skye. Skye! Is that for Amani’s Birthday? Chase or Skye?
Let’s do Skye! Let’s do Skye. Give mommy a smile. That’s the smile I want. Ok let’s
take a bath. Good night. Got your water? Tomorrow’s gonna
be a great day. How do you say – tomorrow is going to be your birthday. I am so happy.
Good night. I wasn’t planning on having a party for
her. She really doesn’t have a lot of friends her age because she’s not in preschool yet
so we don’t know a lot of people our house is also set back far from the road so you
never see anybody. We only ever started meeting people here when we got a dog and he was an
old man. He’s not with us anymore but we had gotten a dog from a shelter in Kentucky and
he came here to live with us the final years of his life. We loved him so much but honestly
that’s the only way we ever started meeting people. And we have met a few parents through
gymnastics. One season of gymnastics but I did not put her back in. So anyways I wasn’t planning on having a party
with her and I feel kind of sad saying this but the most important thing for her is spending
time with me and I’m just not around all the time. I don’t want to cry during this video
but I’m just not around during the day. I see her two hours in the evening and it really
doesn’t seem right that it is a privilege for her to spend time with her mom or you
know that would be a gift for her. But honestly that is what makes her happy
at this point and time is just to spend time with her parents. So we had planned a day
out at the playground for this year and we were going to go to an indoor playground in
the mall and as it turned out my husband wasn’t feeling well. Also a lot of family members
were asking if they could come see her or drop presents so. So we decided kind of on
the fly for the actual day of her birthday to have an ad hoc lunch. So it was literally
last minute we brought in a whole bunch of food from a Mediterranean restaurant. There were a lot of people that we would have
loved to have there that I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to put them on the spot for
the last minute. It was like a 24 hour decision that we had made. We did end up decorating
the house so we put a banner downstairs in our kitchen and we had balloons set up in
our dining room. We kind of just always open up the house when we ask people over so they
could go to the deck or they could sit on the couch in the living room. And most of
our furniture is second hand or older so we don’t really care what happens to it. So people
do sit in our dining room to eat. As for the actual morning of her birthday
my husband and I went in the room. We sang Happy Birthday to her. She happened to wet
her bed that morning so we had to cut that a little bit short but it was fine. I did
leave her in pajamas. I think even Christmas pajamas because we just have whatever pajamas
are still good and still fuzzy or soft on the inside. That’s how we roll over here.
But anyways I just changed her clothes. She came down and she saw her gifts and she
was super excited. I had them all displayed on her table. It’s a toddler table that I
got from Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s super nice because it folds up and you can store
it on the side of a single closet. I believe the way that I decorated it made it look more
impressive than it actually was because I put a lot of little figurines that I had purchased
for her on top of little cups and things like that that just made them look more spectacular
than they would have been sitting in the package I guess. But she really enjoyed it and she played it
all morning. So I’ll show you quickly what I had set up that is a Skye ride-on on from
Wal-Mart. Paw Patrol megaphone. That was one pack of little figurines I had set up on paper
cups. Unicorn from the thrift store. Tablet and watch. That’s my own watch stand that
I already owned. A little felted crown that was from Amazon. I think mostly everything
her is from Amazon. A little Paw Patrol pocket book. I have a thrifted wallet inside. All the books
from Amazon. There was the thrifted ice cream cone. That is a Hallmark singing bear. And
behind that I don’t know if you could see there is a Skye costume. And that is a little
coffee station we already had that she hasn’t seen in a while. I had picked up some little
Paw Patrol masks as well for our guests. And then the backdrop is actually a table skirt
and I figured we would definitely reuse that at a later date. But I ended up putting it on the wall. Amani’s
birthday, number three. (singing) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday
dear Amani, happy birthday to you! (chanting) Three years old. Three years old.
Three years old. old 3 years old. Ok mommy is going to help you. Oh my goodness! Wow!
What is it? It’s a surprise. It’s a surprise. Yay. It’s Amani’s birthday. Oh my goodness!
I want to wear my sunglasses. Oh all right. Oh my goodness. Look at all the presidents.
Look at all the surprises. Wow, what do you got? I have cups. Cups? Yes. Ok. Yes. What’s that.
It’s Skye! Wow. What’s inside? Pull the zipper. Good job. What’s that. Wow. Can mommy help you? It’s
Skye. It’s Skye! Take it to the Sky! Take it to the Sky! (laughing) Love you. So does Evie. She says happy birthday.
Say Happy Birthday Evie! Yay! (all together – Ohhhh) So she had a fun morning playing
with all of her things. It’s color pink. Color pink. That certainly kept her busy for the entire
morning and then when we were preparing for everyone to come over I moved her little table
to the other side of the room. At that point it had been trashed anyways but I moved it
over to so that people would be able to get out more easily onto the deck. It was a beautiful
day. The one mistake that I made was that when I had put her down for her nap I told
her that she would be able to wear her big princess dress and her crown and all of her
little jewelry. When she woke up so she had a hard time falling asleep she actually did
it nap at all. So I definitely did myself and her a dis-service
she had managed pull that dress off of her little wardrobe holder into the bed with her
along with her shoes. So she was super hyped up and excited. I also really wanted to learn
how to do special braids for her hair. This has been something on my mommy list for a
long time that I wanted to train myself how to do braids – and awesome little girl hairstyles
and I just haven’t had the time. I ran out of time. So I did purchase a braid
that was a fake hair braid and it was amazing match for hair perfectly and she wore that
as part of her outfit. She was so excited. I actually didn’t get any awesome pictures
of her standing still in her dress so I’ll definitely have to put her back in it and
get her decked out so I can get some pictures for her to remember what she looks like on
her third birthday. She was the star of the day and we just enjoyed
our company and she just enjoyed being with everybody and having fun and having people
to play with. I was glad that we just kind of changed course for that day. As for her
cake my husband just picked up a simple Carvel ice cream cake. Who doesn’t love an ice cream
cake. She definitely loves an ice cream cake. So yes we just had a simple ice cream cake.
One. Two. Three. Singing (Happy birthday song). (Clapping) Yay! Yay! One other thing I did for her which I did
not record is I wrote her letter. I have written her a letter each year of her life on her
birthday and I’ve sealed that up and that’s something that I’ll be giving to her later
in life. Maybe when she’s like 18 years old I’m thinking when she can truly appreciate
them. But in the letter I just kind of talk about
what we did that year. Some of her accomplishments some of my favorite memories of the year and
I just always want her to know how special she is and how much she means to us. We prayed
and prayed and prayed to get pregnant with her and it did take a while and we do feel
so blessed. So it seems like we go a little bit over the top, yes we do. There’s no shame
in my game. I dote over our children. That is really the most important thing. My
family is the most important thing. I do think being a working mom does play into the decisions
that you make for your children certainly did for her birthday because I do have limited
time and she has limited time with me so that’s why we had just planned on spending it alone
together. I’m sure when she gets older we’ll be having kids parties and everyone will be
invited for her preschool and other classes but for now I’m not rushing anything. I’m just savoring the time that I have. (Music with photo montage) (Quote)
Sometimes you need to talk to your three year old
In order to understand life again

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