4 Frozen Themed Birthday Party Favors

hello friends my name is Shawn if we
haven’t met before I am a mom of two who had a full-time job planning fun
events for kids and I am excited to share my experience with you on this
channel in today’s video I am going to show you some really cute
frozen party favor ideas just in case you have a little girl’s birthday party
coming up and you want to throw them a frozen birthday party here are some
super cute party favor ideas in this video you are going to see me making
each of these party favors and I’ll be talking about the supplies that I use
most of these supplies came from my local Walmart so super cheap and super
easy all right let’s jump into today’s video here we go let’s talk about this
first thing that I’m waving around in your face these are frozen dancer rings
for this party favor you are going to use some blue ribbon and some white
ribbon and some clear plastic shower rings simply cut your ribbon I was not
too concerned about the length of my ribbon I am NOT a perfectionist
most the time most I’m not a perfectionist and so I just think it
looks cute however you tie them but you’re gonna loop them around the ring
and then I actually went back and double knotted them just to make sure that they
didn’t come off and so they stayed super secure but this way the girls
can dance to frozen songs and wave their little dancer rings party favorite
number two cost me about five dollars think was five or six dollars so I would
just if you don’t want to make anything if you just want to buy something as a
party favor for your girls oh my goodness this is such a high quality
hair clip that came from Walmart the material is very thick the jewels are
very high quality and are stuck on really well it has like a silky texture
to it even the inside of the bow is very well made and then it has an alligator
clip on the back and it has this cute little Elsa and Anna in the center
future editing Shawn here if your daughter has fine thin hair like mine
does I do not recommend this bow this hair bow is so cute but it would not
stick in her hair because it just her hair was too fine
those too much for a woman in her 30s to wear maybe maybe too much I don’t know
maybe not maybe I can pull it off let me know in the comment section down below
I have two more party favors to show you if you need some more frozen birthday
party ideas I do have frozen themed birthday party games that I will link in
a card a right up here for you to watch when this video is over and I’m also
gonna be doing a frozen pretty decorations those are coming up in my
next video okay this one has kind of as a DIY one
do you want to build a snowman no okay I’m not a singer give your guests their own
snowman to make it home what you’re gonna need oh oh marshmallows you need
yourself like a ziploc bag orange jelly beans that’s gonna be awesome you
know some candy eyeballs you’ll need two of those and your supply bag pretzel
sticks the rold gold brands specifically are good for kids with
allergies put two in those are gonna be his arms and then of course
don’t forget your marshmallows put two marshmallows in there for Olaf’s body
and you have an instant do you wanna build a snowman kit the last party favor
idea I had is again for those parents who don’t want it to make anything they
just want to go out and purchase I got these all these things at Walmart we’re
gonna be doing this cute little thing right here basically all these are the
cutest little snip slap bracelets and they actually are rulers so the kids
will be able to take these to school afterwards and they do a really great
job of snapping on your wrist and they come in a four pack right here frozen
tattoos every little girl loves tattoos right so you have these cute little
frozen tattoos there are 96 tattoos in here plenty I am only having a couple
of guests so I would put as many tattoos as you can fit into one nice thing hi a
cute little bow on the top of your bag and you’ve got your instant party favor
thumbs up it’s the best compliment you can give me a subscribe steps a little
bit subscribe if you want to hang out with me more and I’m gonna put the video
are right here for you to watch next that has to do with those frozen party
games that I was talking about so you might want to play some games at your
frozen birthday party I’ll see you my next video thanks for
watching I don’t know is it too much

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  1. First, thanks for watching. Second, sorry for the obnoxiously bright lipstick 🤦‍♀️. Third, if you liked this video then you’ll love my Frozen party games video: https://youtu.be/sot0Cm6hSB0

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