40,000V TASER POTATO (World’s Worst Party Game)

Hey guys, so we have a little interesting
project this week sometimes we do things just for fun and we don’t always make
videos about it but, after Riley made this taser potato we knew we had to
make a video and share it with you guys it’s… shocking to say the least This is, one of my better ideas, it’s effectively hot potato but the penalty
is you get hurt about twenty thousand volts through your
fingers so like if you were to connect these two contacts which I’m gonna do
now through the power of not touching anything except I’m still gonna get
zapped watch it’s not that aggressive right now but it’ll still hurt like hell
and every single one of these contacts if you connect basically any two of them
it will zap you and the more you touch the less it hurts because it splits
through channels in your hand but if you’re only touching between like two
contacts it’s gonna hurt a lot more because it’s all the electricity through
the single connection Want the death potato? No Hey Ian! Touch it Ian: Yeah, some of them don’t I think I
touched like these two initially Riley: Yeah that’s fine it’s that’s fine but yet yeah
oh so they’re round rails so these four are connected these four are connected so you
have to short between those Ian: I thought we were gonna have like a timer that it Riley: that’s what Bogdan was gonna do right Right now its just on, you turn it on and you’re screwed James: Is this the powerful one now? Riley: It’s not that powerful
it’s the powerful one but it’s been dropping we neutered it are you ready
yeah okay this is only a temporary seal *Girlish scream* This is only a temporary seal because I just wanted to play with it
right now because we need to put the Arduino in and the charging port yeah I
didn’t put either of those in I just put a power button James: Yeah, I think it’ll be a lot better once it’s random because it’ll be a surprise as opposed to yeah I know it’s gonna shock me when I grab it right it’s a
lot much more let me throw it to you you stand here
It’s so menacing too James: We need to go outside, stand in a circle and actually toss it Riley: No no we need the circuit Before we test it we need to add the
randomizer circuit because with it always on you just don’t even want to
catch it which kind of ruins the fun of the game so Bogdan is gonna wire up a
new circuit for us to turn this into taser potato So basically at the heart of the tazer potato is a forty thousand volt zero voltage switching taser module which is
powered by an 18650 3.7V lithium-ion battery in order to
control when the Taser module turns on and off we’re using an Arduino along
with a logic level MOSFET to control the power of going to the Taser module with
a little bit of basic arduino code we’re able to make it turn on and
off at random intervals and shock who ever is touching it for more information
on how electronics works please check out our circuit diagram at maker.io
there are links in the description below Hey so I came up with a really good
idea because originally we were gonna try to do printed tabs here and the
issue is that 3d printing the layers kind of like to separate when you put
too much force on them so they all snapped off I just sand it all down and
said okay we’re gonna figure something else out so what I came up with was
using these little metal metal plates they’re plates that will sit like so and
then they go through the center section and into the other shell and they all
connect and what I was gonna do was I was gonna heat shrink these entire
things but then I thought hey what if I use these as my conduits
which means even the attachment pins for these will also be electrified so it’s
even more dangerous and has more contacts than the original prototype
version one and they are bigger and wider for you know higher probability of
you’re gonna get zapped It’s really not that bad the nice thing
is now it’s random so like you can catch Miranda: I told Riley I’d play if it was random all
right yeah Riley: so basically these are all electrical contacts hooked up to each
other and there’s a power button here and there’s an Arduino inside of this
that randomizes when it turns on and when it will shock you so there’s no
real way of knowing when it’s gonna shock you and you just gotta pass around
and you’ll find out who gets out and you have yet to play with one hand, because if you play
with two you can get shocked through the heart and it’s bad power is on the randomizer circuit is it’s five to
nine seconds between each on or off and it turns on for either a hundred to four
hundred milliseconds Did you want to go change the circuit? All right so for our final test Bogdan’s
changed the programming and now not only does it shock stronger but it shocks
more often because what we found was we were passing around quite a bit and
people weren’t getting shocked that often so it’s gonna be a bit worse now
let’s see what happens So the interesting thing is if you
it’s difficult to press the button when you know it’s going to shock you
immediately but if it’s going to shock you randomly it’s a little bit easier to is it on sure Riley: It’s got a 5 or 8 second waiting period so Ian: I’ve got sweaty hands When’s it gonna go? Riley: Oh god I shouldn’t use two hands *Titanic theme plays* Alright so that worked pretty good but let’s
assemble the whole team and have some company bonding all right so be doing
standard hot potato rules if you drop it you’re out and the circle gets smaller
and smaller and smaller until there’s only two people left
once there’s two people left we will do this whoever holds on longest wins if
you get shocked but you manage to pass it to someone you’re not out shall we
begin it’s our week we go in a little closer
this is good okay it’s definitely on it actually makes noise every time is it so
if we hear that noises is it coming towards us gotta catch it or you’re out
alright toss it AGH I think because I suppose we have so
many contacts yeah it’s being spread of so
we just do hot potato he just pawns the head nice all right so that was a really fun
project I hope you guys enjoyed it we might bring it with us to future
conventions but I don’t think legally we’ll be able to let you guys touch it
but I’m not too sure why you’d even want to but speaking of that we actually got
invited to Fan Expo in Toronto end of August which is one of the biggest comic
conventions or fan conventions in Toronto and it’s awesome that we’re
gonna go and I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys there so there’s a link
in the description below to check out Fan Expo

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  2. I am in a engineering program and my teacher plays a game called the circle of fun where we stand in a circle and he pretty much electrocutes us with a old telephone generator. I promise its fun. When playing with high voltage you can get shocked from both hands bc the electricity takes the quickest path which is through your back. Agar you don't want to do is shock yourself from the left hand to the right foot bc that will go through your heart and less than 1 amp is enough to stop your heart

  3. You should make a version of this that acts like a grenade where it bursts out electricity.
    Might be dangerous, but it could make a great video!

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