40th Party Ideas | DIY High Heel Centerpiece | DIY Red Bottom Heels

hey guys welcome back today I have a
Hills party centerpiece for all of my classy ladies here we go to me a Neil’s party is for the 30 40 50
and above classy lady that has been around the block as they say for
experience and I sent it in a classy way on heels so alright I’m ready to do this
let’s get started so the first thing I’m going to do is
take the bottom of this old shoe in red I got this shoe I don’t even remember I
got this shoe these are pretty old I think either the SW or like Marshalls
teacher max I’m not sure it was in spensive and I can definitely spare it I
have not worn these in a long long time and I like the shape of it so this is
the one so I’m going to go ahead and paint it right now I’m going to need the
assistance of this small vase from Dollar Tree which I’m going to use as a
stand for my shirt so I can easily paint it and right here I have my acrylic
paint is true red by Americana okay so in order for me to get it to the
total right that I want I’m going to have to give it a couple of coats of
paint so to speed up the process I did this on my other shoe already so what
I’m going to do now is take the other shoe outside and start painting the top
of my shoe so there’s a lot of pain of this project
today a pain at the bottom of the shoe the top of the shoe and I’m going to
paint this box so while the paint dries on the shoe I’m going to go ahead and
paint it and this is a pro mist it looks very pretty I’ve never tried it it’s
like a pearly color and I hope the way that it looks on here looks on the box
with us I’m gonna be in love okay so my heel is all ready to go this
dried on top and it’s nice and dry at the bottom and I did miss a spot right
here for the glitter but I will fix that a little later all right so now I’m
ready to decorate the first thing I’m going to do is cut a piece of this lower
foam and I’m going to glue it right on here I’m going to be using feathers to make
this arrangement I’ve been dying to use feathers and I finally get the chance to
do it so I’m very excited I’m going to concentrate on placing the feathers
right on top I’m using 14 inch feathers on the back and I’m going to use 10 inch
feathers on the front I’m going to add 10-inch feathers to the
back of the arrangement so I can hide the wire from the 14-inch feathers now
I’m going to cut a little bit of this feather so I can cover the floral foam
right up front I’m going to transom of the feathers
right here on the side now I’m going to add this beautiful pearl and rhinestone
button it’s from Hobby Lobby and it’s stunning I love it I’m going to add a
little bit of this leftover feathers right on top of here to clean that up and this is the final arrangement because our monkey box looks exactly as
to can state it and I’m very happy and pleased with it
so now I’m just going to place it right on top I do have a couple of runs on the
side because patient it’s not my virtue it really isn’t and I tried I tried my
hardest and I just put it at the end and I have runs on the side so this pretend
is not there now the only thing I have left to do is add some of these Diamond
wrap to the lid of the box and I’m going to place this mirror right on top and
that’s pretty much it and I thought about finding the right
angle for the show let’s place it on here I gotta come back around I’ll be right
back oh my gosh I love it okay guys this is this is my heel party centerpiece for
all of my classy ladies which means all of you guys watching I love it this is
simple is classy is glamorous elegant and that touch of Rach I love it I love
it because the colors are so neutral and the popper right perfect love it I hope
you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and
make sure to subscribe if you haven’t subscribe if you wanna see more home
holiday event and DIY decor okay guys until next time bye

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  1. Love this project,this is Absolutely gorgeous 👠u r amazing,love the bling,so elegant you go girl👍👍👍.HAVE A GREAT DAY

  2. Your ideas are so good !! If I gave that to one of my daughter's they would be looking in the box for the other L.B. shoe ! lol

  3. I Love It. And it would be perfect for a 40th birthday party too. Mine is on Monday. And nothing is planned 😢 lol xx

  4. You always have great ideas. I like the concept, but would have use more color(maybe red chargers and napkins) to make the table pop!

  5. You do very neat and creative work and you make people want to watch your DIY projects because of your appearance , Continue to create beautiful things !

  6. I love this idea. You always have such great videos. I was wondering if you could do a DYI using the black roses from Dollar Trees? I wanted to use them in someway other than Halloween since I don't celebrate this holiday but I love those roses and I would love to see what you would come up with.

  7. great, and I all the time throwing my sneakers, I love their ideas also serve me for my work.

    greetings and blessings from México.

  8. Beautiful what can I do to remove glue from a platform . I am trying to glue the picture stand so it can stay permanent ! I am loosen my mind . Can you please help me out .

  9. Love it I am going to be.doing.This for my 50th party you are so talented would love some more ideas I am making the pillar also
    Such talent watch ALL your videos

  10. I luv the idea of recycling a shoe. But my ? is, if someone were 2 try this and they needed more than just 1 arrangement do u go out n buy more shoes?

  11. Did I mention that you are a BADASS? Girl, you are AAAAMAZING! I will definitely make this one. You've inspired me. Thank you sweetie, great work!

  12. Love your work! Just a small suggestion…🤔 invest in a lazy Suzanne? That way when you turn your stuff for the camera it'll be easier! God bless!

  13. Oh my goodness how adorable is that! What a great idea! I’m not getting rid of my old shoes which I never really wear so they are in mint condition. Thank u for another great tutorial. 👍👍.

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