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  1. Je viens de me rendre compte de la synchronisation des chefs au moment de la préparation du plat servi sur table. Les paillettes tombent toutes en même temps ! magnifique !

  2. I've been waiting for some video from the new Alinea for a long time. I was there two years ago… I agree it was amazing! 🙂

  3. It would be great to tasts that beautiful n amazing food thanks for share 😇😇😇🙌🌼🌼⚘💗💙💛💛💙😍me too I get in love with this chef n with the same Netflix show😝🙌😂😋😇😇😇💚💙💗💗⚘🌼

  4. On my bucket list to eat his food since I first saw him on "Into the Fire" almost 17 years ago. Amazing talent and my inspiration.

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