4th of JULY 2019 – AMERICA & HUSBAND BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ជុបលៀងបុណ្យឯករាជអាមេរិច នឹង ខួបកំណើតប្តី

Hello all friends and welcome to my channel. It’s a special day today for America. It’s Independence Day in America. It’s also a special day for one of our family member and that is my dear husband. Today is his birthday and he just hit puberty. He turns 38 years old. Friends and families gather today for some good food and grilling and just chill in our backyard. All friends, hope you enjoy this video. We are done setting up the tables and chairs to welcome guest this evening. Some guest can sit and eat here. Others can also sit here and here. We are thinking of using this table to set up the food making it easier to self serve and go sit and eat. Once the guest arrive I think they will arrange it again but for now we leave it this way. It’s almost time to gather so we just do a little bit of decoration. Check out the fireworks. It’s going to get lit for the kids and adults to enjoy. We have fried chicken wings, marinade pork ribs, and steak, grilled to eat with Cambodian steak sauce. Papaya salad with octopus. I made this myself. Also boil crawfish. We have 2 big pots. These crawfish are first of the season so they are small, not that big. However these small one are well season when cook than the bigger ones. Just a bit of work trying to peel them. Cambodian steak sauce. This is fried rice for the kids. Cambodian beef ceviche. This one is Cha Cha that one is Cherd Chai. They are sisters. Most of us ate so now we are just chilling. It’s nice and breeze since the sun is setting. We are just relaxing and waiting for darkness fall so the kids will light up the fireworks. All these kids are cousins. You already know this one, she’s my daughter. The one is the blue shirt is my nephew he is my older brother son. The girl and the boy by the fence are siblings They are my younger brother kids. I have a bomb, kiss it. No, I don’t want to kiss your ball. We throw a bomb you win a gold stone. Eli likes it when he’s being carried. However don’t sit down when you do he cries. The one carrying Eli is also my nephew. He’s my older sister son. This one and this one are siblings. My sister only 2 sons. My older sister right here. Therefore my family has 5 siblings. The 1st is my oldest brother, 2nd is my sister, 3rd is myself, 4th is my younger brother, and 5th is my younger sister that is visiting from Oklahoma state. Right now I am getting the cake ready. This is an ice cream cake so it’s a bit hard. Can’t push it then, I have to use a skewer. That’s it. Blow it! Naly blow it. No I’m scared. $10 USD. No, you have to blow from the beginning. Can you cut this for me and eat? OK, Mommy will cut for you. Who put water in here? Someone forgot their cup. It’s hard. Ice cream. Oh yeah, OK. Ice cream is hard? The cake is hard. Put that for me. OK, let’s see in the inside. If it comes apart. This is mine. That’s my plate. Some won kla-klok game. Now this cherry one. Take this out and put on the cherry. Ice cream, if we get a normal cake we cannot finish, if ice cream we finish. This whole cake is only $15 USD. This is a banana split flavor. I win, I win. I go with crab. It’s not 9:30PM yet. I put $2 on crab, let’s see if it comes out. It’s going to be 2 crabs. 3 crabs. We’re going crabbing and there’s going to be crab right now. I got it right again. I only started with $1 USD. We are now starting to light up the fireworks. At this time, other houses are starting too because it’s getting darker. He scared the sister. $3 USD. The firework cost $3 USD. The previous one cost $10 USD. I heard they spent almost $200 USD buying fireworks. They are whispering. I think they are up to something. Let’s see. Look at his eyes, round like an egg. He sees the fireworks. Oh, that’s a bad one. Man, you scare my chickens. They might stampede. The elder got scared. The good show is not the fireworks but the reaction from the one that are scared of it. Be careful do it like my Mom. No more. That big, from somebody’s house. This table is grubbing on crawfish and this table is playing poker. You can’t tell his facial expression when he plays. Because the sky is dark now. Done. Oh more. This one was long. Almost 2 minutes. $10 USD just gone by. $3 USD. Hold my hand baby. This was a small one. There’s public places that are having fireworks display but due to us having kids we don’t want to go to crowded place or out too late so it’s better to gather and eat at home. The onlooker is frighten. Are they all like that? Yeah. We can’t shoot up because it’s illegal. The type of firework that makes screaming noise. Slam dunk! He said he can pick you up but he didn’t say he can put you down gently. All in. Take that to the poker table. Give that to Jason and say “all in”. Look at this onlooker. The first to knock out again Eli. Happy 4th of July!

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