5 Awesome Science Party Tricks!

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  1. You mentioned you like constructive criticism. The tricks were filmed well and, while I knew about most of them and understand the concepts of them, I must mention the jarring audio at the end – your piece for prudential. Whatever kit / mixing setup you used saturated your vocals. Really worth listening to your audio back through flat response monitoring headphones, they're worth the $100 the trusted brands will charge you. Hope that helps!

  2. haha the last three were variations on the same trick, so so lazy, but I love that one, there's another variation where you can get all spilled wine back in the glass, you use a heat source, maybe not matches because you don't want to drink them, and slide something under the glass before you flip it over. Good stuff.

  3. I have to agree with her on the retirement issues. I am 63 and saved nothing.. SSI is not enough to live on by itself. So I have to work. I will retire when I die. Save kids, Save and save even more. Oh, yea, DON'T play with matches. You can get burnt.

  4. The differential equation for chemical kinetics, compound interest and radioactive decay all all pretty much the same! Does that connect this all together?

  5. for the first one: Fill the balloon with water, do the trick in the video, actual
    1. Fill the balloon with water (partially)
    2. do the trick in the video
    3. Hold the balloon kebab over a fire.

  6. Three of those were pretty much the same. Also, there was no explanation of the physics behind it. These are all very common party tricks that you might see in a science demonstration in the third grade or on a buzzfeed video. You could have improved this video greatly by taking one of these tricks, explaining the physics behind it, and then try various different variations on the same experiment to prove that the explanation you gave was correct. I kind of expect more from this channel.

  7. First time I downvote a video of Physics Girl. She did a very low quality content here! The physics behind those very well known "tricks" are also very known.

  8. Is is the G-rated version?
    The succion glass trick I know works like this : take a shot glass, fill it with hard liquor, light up the alcohol, cover the glass hermetically with the palm of your hand.
    This extinguishes the flame and the glass is now stuck to your hand like a succion cup. Now you can lift the glass, uncover it at the last moment and drink. Done correctly, you won't burn yourself.
    The drink doesn't have to be all hard liquor, only the top part must be so you can make a layered cocktail. The succion effect is normally strong enough to shake the glass a little so you can mix the layers this way. Obviously, the glass must not be filled to the brim.

  9. Miss the videos where you would engage in more advanced physics concept and deeper levels of thought. Seems like they got "dumbed down" when pbs sponsored you.

  10. Hi physics girl! I liked this video and tried to do one of those experiments as well and I made it. I believe you'd love to see what your fans do….
    Here's the link…..



  11. If you want to do the wine glass suction trick and don't have matches, tack, or olive oil, you can use a little superglue around the rim of the glass instead!

  12. I'm a little disappointed. The carbonated water one was the only one that I haven't seen just about everywhere, and the suction cup was repeated three times.

  13. This is retarded it's all basically the same trick. Legit all you did is use up all the air with the flame creating a vacuum it's the oldest trick in the book.

  14. Wow! I wouldn't try the oil a en wine glass one because I would be worried about the oil catching fire…😅 But the other ones look reeeeeeeeeeally cool!

  15. I think we did all of these in grade school so maybe that's the kind of party she's talking about. I remember the one with the peanuts was called the "poor man's lava lamp".

  16. We all know what happened to you when you went to bed. All of our moms told us about playing with matches and what happens later. 🙂

  17. hi diana, i am jay from india i am huge fan of yours…………i like each and every video of yours its intresting and has good subject in it

  18. physics girl! i found this http://pin.it/40XDIU_ on pinterest.

    it's a gif. can you explain?

    if you cant see it basically someone lit the smoke of a candle on fire and it relit the candle.

  19. For the rising water, if you are at a party that has wine, drink it all, then cut the cork lengthwise to make a boat shape, you can jam more matches in.

  20. I asked this question in a different episode's comment section, and then found this episode where the question is actually more appropriate, since you perform the experiment I ask about. Here's the question:
    Hey, Physics Girl! I'm curious about something. Actually, about everything, but this question is about just one thing. We've all seen or done the experiment with the candle in a shallow dish of water, and then the candle is covered by a glass. Water rises into the glass because, we are told, the oxygen has been consumed. HOWEVER, as the O2 was consumed, CO2 was produced, so why does the water rise into the glass? You'd end up with the same number of molecules of CO2 as you had of O2 to begin with, and those molecules would be BIGGER. What's going on?
    I happily physics all day every day, and your cheery personality makes some of those days just a bit happier. Thank you for that!

  21. surprise your friends with rising beer/suction plate, after you have surprised them with rising water, rising milk and rising wine! endless fun!

  22. I was surprised that you know the "Kebab" -as it's an Arabian food-.
    Oh my God, I almost forgot that we are in 2018. 😬😂
    Anyways, Keep going "Dianna", i like your humorous acting
    . 🤗

  23. Friends(first time):wow that’s pretty cool
    3rd time doing essentially the same trick: WE GET IT YOU CAN LIFT THINGS WITH MATCHES AND A WINE CUP

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