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Hi guys and welcome to the family fudge and welcome to cooking with McKenzie
today we’re gonna share with you three different dinner ideas that are
kid-friendly and budget friendly as well all of these meals are gonna cost about
five dollars or less so stay tuned Before we start this video, make sure you’re subscribed and give this video a big thumbs up. today’s video we’re super excited to be
colabbing with our friend Kim over the You Tube channel three too frugal over
on her channel her mission is to motivate and inspire others to live
their best life on a budget so she’s all about saving money so definitely check out
her video she’s also going to be sharing a five dollar dinner idea and it’s
definitely going to be a challenge so let’s get started that’s right we love
pizza but ordering out can get expensive French bread pizza is not only fast it’s
so economical and you only need a few ingredients time to make the pizza first
we have some French bread yes our store has these on sale for just 99
cents so it’s a really good deal we also have some cheese now we’re using the
Italian style so there’s mozzarella and Romano and Parmesan all in there and
this bag was about two dollars but we’re not gonna use the whole thing so it’s
definitely going to be a cheaper way to go so I really like the turkey pepperoni
it’s not as spicy that’s definitely not as greasy this bag was just over $2 but
again we’re not gonna be using the whole bag so it’s gonna make it economical and
lastly we’re also using some store-bought pizza sauce and since we
only need a couple of tablespoons it’s stuff when I’m gonna stay within our 5
dollar budget now Mackenzie this French bread pizza is something that my mom
actually made a lot when I was a kid and we loved it do you think it’s gonna
be good yeah comment down below if you’re a fan on a French bread pizza so
the first part I’m actually going to do it because we don’t want Mackenzie using
some sharp knives that would not be good so I’m gonna start by slicing our loaf
in half and we’re gonna put it on a baking sheet so it’s easy to clean up
next Mackenzie’s going to spread just a couple of tablespoons of sauce all over
the bread this is really easy yeah it’s really fast next we’re gonna sprinkle on
our cheese now you can use as much cheese as you like but the more cheese
you use the more your dish is going to cost yes and lastly we’re gonna put some
pepper on me now I’m gonna very carefully get this into the oven for
just about ten minutes or until it’s all melted this smells so good yeah this is
definitely a quick and easy dinner it’ll be great surface salad and there you
have it now we’re gonna do our next $5 jitters
for this recipe I’m just using two pounds of boneless skinless chicken
breast and it actually got these for 99 cents a pound from steak on fresh now if
you’re curious about take on fresh I’ll go ahead and leave a link in the
description box but everything I’ve gotten from them so far has been
excellent I highly recommend them next McKenzie’s gonna add a teaspoon of salt
and about a quarter teaspoon of pepper now definitely you can add more or less
and I don’t really factor in the salt and pepper into my overall cost
after that McKenzie’s going to add one twenty ounce can of crushed pineapple
juice and all I was able to get this can of pineapple on sale for 87 cents which
is a great deal now we’re going to cover this and cook it on low for about six
hours now this is definitely this you don’t want to overcook otherwise your
chicken might be dry so I’m going to go ahead and take the chicken out shred it
up and then I’m going to add it back into my slow cooker with all the
pineapple and the two now I’m actually allergic to fresh
pineapple but the stuff in the can doesn’t bother me you very much so let
me know in the comments down below if you’re allergic to pineapple – at this
point I’m going to go ahead and add just a little bit more salt and pepper to
taste and then I’m going to add about half of this bottle of barbecue sauce
which comes to about $1 so this chickens going to have a combination of sweet
with the pineapple juice but also some smoky barbecue flavor as well and then
you just mix it all up now you definitely could serve this over some
rice but today I’m going to put it on some hamburger buns because I got these
on sale for 88 gems which is such a good deal and you can even add more barbecue sauce
if you prefer our last recipe is breakfast because we
love breakfast or dinner don’t we yeah to make this banana bread french toast
casserole here’s what you’re going to need we’re starting with our bread you
guys this is all the leftover bread from all of our cutout sandwiches that we’ve
made for lunches I definitely save these in the freezer just for recipes like
this I’m also using about 2 cups of milk and I’m actually using this shelf-stable
milk I get it at the Dollar Tree and it’s only one dollar and I’m only going
to be using about half the box we’re also using 6 eggs which are about a
quarter apiece a few shakes of ground cinnamon 1/4 cup of brown sugar 2
bananas and about 1/3 cup of melted butter now these other ingredients I
actually already had so I didn’t need to purchase them at all and I’m only using
a little bit of each so the cost isn’t gonna be a lot so we just finished
adding our milk to our mixing bowl next we’re gonna crack the eggs this is a
good time for Mackenzie to practice let me know the comments down below if your
kids are good at cracking eggs or not we’re still learning around here
Mackenzie’s going to mix this up for me and then we’re also going to add our
brown sugar and our cinnamon and the butter now because this bread has been
in a freezer for quite a while I do like to spread it out on a baking sheet and
pop it into the oven for a few minutes to toast it up this definitely helps the
bread taste fresher so now we’re ready for our bread it’s been toasted and it’s
cooled down now Lilly’s helping me to tear it up and get it into our pan this
is a 9 by 13 pan and this is about 6 to 8 slices of bread now if you don’t have
crusts like me you can usually find a good loaf of bread for about a dollar
next Lilly’s gonna try her best to slice up our bananas she does such a great job
and we’re gonna add those to the bread next we’re going to pour our egg mixture
all over the bread and I’m really gonna try my best to make
sure that every bit of bread gets some of this egg mixture now if you wanted to
you can stick this in the fridge for a couple of hours just to let the bread
really soak up all the liquid or you can cook it right away it’s totally up to
you now we’re going to add this to our oven we preheated it to 350 degrees and
it’s gonna take about 20 minutes now you can serve this just as is and you will
be right at 5 dollars for this dinner but if you have some things in the
pantry and fridge you can definitely doctor it up I found a can with some
whipped cream in the back of my fridge so I’m going to add that and I’m also
going to add a few more slices of banana Young you guys it is so good I really
like that some parts are crispy and some parts are soft it’s a great combination
make sure to give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to go check out camus
video over at the channel free to frugal thanks for watching I’ll see you next
time Oh

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