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  1. Sadly I'm even too broke to afford a crockpot right now, but once I'll get one I'm totally going to try These! Looks really tasty☺️

  2. Yum!! I'm fixing to head out to do my Sams Club haul. I may have to pick up some extras to make one of these tonight. I'm starving which is going to be a big mistake going shopping. I am leaving my girls home though so that will help some 😉😂

  3. These recipes would be more money savings if u did it form scratch, not processed store brought ingredients i think☺🤗

  4. It's interesting to see prices in other parts of the US … Right now in TN i can get a dozen eggs at Wal-Mart for $0.89 and at Aldis usually they are .69 on sale .39…

  5. I loved this video. I'm moving out on my own for the first time a little less than a month from now and crockpot meals will probably be my go too. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Keep these crockpot vids coming!! 😊💕

  6. Just found you and subscribed as soon as possible. Don’t take this the weird way but, your voice is very calming and enjoyable to hear your videos. Thank you for the awesome recipes!💙💙💙

  7. My homemade taco and chili seasoning is almost identical so when I make a big batch and put it in jars I label it just that : Chili / taco seasoning . Im even using it this evening as the seasoning on my shrimp for shrimp tacos .
    The tubs of seasoning are easier , but I love making my own because theres nothing extra added and it also seems more budget friendly .

  8. Your breakfast casserole reminds me of a thing my parents used to make for me when i was younger. It sounds…so weird, but, they were Bisquick pancakes with ham and cheese in the mix. It was actually so good. I am nostalgic now 🙂❤️

  9. My Mum used to make some lovely stews in her slow cooker.

    Once, she accidentally left the recipe book inside the slow cooker. We smelt something burning, looked inside the slow cooker & found the recipe book. It was rather brown.😀

    Just curious, do you put the food into individual portions in case someone wants something different one day?

  10. A tip for your dried spices if you crush them a little in your hand before adding them they will release more aroma and flavor.

  11. I have to say your waffle breakfast sandwiches it's so good me and my husband and kids used turkey lunch meat on our and we dip it in honey mustard sauce we had that for two nights in a row for dinner thank you for sharing that recipe

  12. I just found your channel last week and I really enjoy it. I saw an old video where you said you homeschooled. Do you no longer? Also I would love to see some more organization videos. I homeschool and have 4 kids and I'm always struggling with organization.

  13. I’m in college right now and I will be getting my first apartment next semester! These recipes will be super helpful, thank you!

  14. Your my 1st youtuber i started watching way back!!! Lol!!! Im still subscribed!!! You are 1 of the VERY few… That hasnt changed!!! Still so sweet & humble!!!💖 TFS

  15. This definitely is true, and the tip is to buy meat on sale, My family and I found some really low fat hamburger on sale, it was at our local Aldi, and it was going to expire if it was not frozen or eaten within 48-72 hours, so our Aldi cut the price in half for all those containers of beef, there were SIX of them at about 2.4-2.6lbs per container. So we purchased them, and brought it home, wrapped and froze it. We go to a local market that sells chicken on sale, at 10lb. quantities or more, so we typically buy our chicken like that. The investment of a chest freezer that we also got on sale for about $120, was definitely worth the amount of foods we can purchase on sale and freeze it. We also bought Magnum ice cream pints, and they were 90% off, That was RIDICULOUS!!! We got it for 99 cents per pint, usually thats $4-$5 per pint where I live!!! So I was super happy about that sale as well! So defintely those are some tips to someone looking to save some cash in the long run. If you keep the freezer packed it doesn't take much energy to run the freezer either.

  16. I'm making the white chicken chili right now. It smells really good. Can't wait to taste it!

    Update: It's really good! 😋

  17. I chuckled at 'Maranana' because I was thinking your recipe would actually be chicken and bananas. 😂 Just regular marinara! Whew.

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