5 Easy Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas Everyone Can Make in 5 Minutes for Birthday or Christmas!

– Hey guys. In today’s video, I’m going to show you five last-minute gift
ideas everyone can make in about five minutes as a
Christmas or a birthday gift. This video is also a collab with my friend Holly from Holly of All Trades. On her channel, she’s going to show you another five last-minute gift
ideas you can easily recreate for someone’s birthday or for Christmas. I will have a link in the
description box down below and at the end of the video so you can check it out
after watching this tutorial. Also, thank you so much to Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video and for supporting this channel. Whether you need a domain, a
website, or an online store, Squarespace makes it possible. Let’s start with the first gift. The first idea is to
create reusable weekly or monthly calendar. All you need is a picture frame and these paint chips you can
get in craft stores for free but you can also use Post-its or other colorful paper you have. Remove the back side of your picture frame and the picture template. Now we can use this template
to measure out the paper we are going to use. I wanted to create six
columns for my calendar because I wanted to make a
weekly to-do this like that and on Sundays, I’m not really productive. Decide on the colors and
the arrangement you like and cut anything to size if necessary. And what you want to do
now is glue the paint chips onto the picture frame
template one by one. The great thing about
these paint chips is that they’re already divided into sections so you can put all of the to-dos inside. Or if you want to create
a monthly calendar, you can use each section for each day. Once you’re done, cut off any excess paper and now we can place this
paper back into the frame. And this is how it looks now. Now you can either use
it as a weekly calendar and write the date on top
using a whiteboard pen, or you can use it as a monthly calendar by adding the date in each square, and the if the next week or month arrives, you can simply erase the pen. That’s why be careful and
don’t accidentally use a permanent marker. Really easy to make,
and you can customize it however you like. For the next idea, you
don’t even need five minutes because it’s so quick to make. The second idea is to create
customized pinboard pins. With this DIY, you will
need any type of decoration. Here I’m going to use butterfly magnets, but you can also use fake
flowers, buttons, beads, anything you have at home. And you will also need
plain pinboard pins. And now all you need to do
is attach the decoration you have onto the pin using some hot glue. That simple. Since I created butterfly pins, I thought it would be cute
to use a plastic ornament and some decorative or just
some colorful gift paper for the packaging. I simply crumpled up the paper so it slightly looks like a flower, and then I started adding
the pins one by one by poking the pins through the paper so everything holds together. Then I closed the ornament
and turned it around so I could add the rest of the pins without anything falling out. And then I just closed the ornament again, and you get cute pinboard
pins in a cute package. The third idea is to
create these beautiful blooming paper flowers
with a cute message, affirmation, or anything
else you might have in mind. Begin by drawing small
circles using a compass or by tracing an object that is round, and if you want to make it super accurate, you can also draw another circle around it using the width of the circle you created. Now all you need to do
is draw different petals all around the circles. They don’t have to look perfect. If you want to save time, you
can also draw one flower first and then fold the paper a few times and then cut out the shape, and this way you can create
several flowers at once. And now you can color the
flowers the way you want it. I used plain colored pencils
and colored everything. I also tried to use marker
but they just started bleeding at some point and it was a disaster. So I would recommend to
use normal colored pencils, not watercolor pencils. This way you avoid any disaster. Now to make these flowers
even more special, you can now add a message
inside each flower. It can be a cute message, an
inspiration, or something else. And the other person can for example use one flower each day and
read the message of the day. Now all you need to do
is cut out the flowers if you haven’t already and then start folding each
petal towards the center while hiding the message. To make sure the other person
knows what to do with these, you can write a note telling them that they have
to place the paper into water. You can add the paper
into a small gift bag, and when the other person
places the paper into the water, the petals will start opening
up and the message will reveal and then you get these beautiful
handmade blooming flowers with a special message inside. The fourth idea is to
create these beautiful mugs that are also super easy to make. The first thing you want to do is cover up the top part
of a white porcelain mug with a plastic wrap and some tape. I just cut a small piece to
size and then used some tape and applied it all around the rim, making sure that the top part is sealed and the lower area is even. To create a nice clean
look, I also added the tape to the lower part of the mug. This way you can protect
the area from the paint and create a nice, clean edge later. Next, take a bowl or
some other dish you have and cover it up with plastic wrap or some other foil you have and then put a little bit
of water inside the bowl. And now we can finally add the paint. For this step, you only
need some nail polishes. Begin by adding a few
small drops into the water. You really just need a little bit. And then you can use a skewer
and distribute the nail polish a little bit to create a nice pattern. We need to do that fast
because the nail polish dries really quickly. And now take your mug, and
while you hold it like that, place it inside the bowl
and then slowly turn it so the nail polish can
attach all around the mug. If you have a larger container,
it will be a lot better as this was a little trickier. And you get something like this. If you see anything that you don’t like, you can simply remove it with
a tissue paper or a cotton pad and if there’s any area
that you find too empty, you can add a little bit more nail polish into the water again, move it around to create a nice pattern, and dip the mug inside the bowl with the empty area you want to fix. And you’re done. I did the same with my mug
and used different colors. The important thing here
is that you don’t use too much nail polish or otherwise
it’s going to be too messy but even if you don’t like it, you can simply remove everything
using nail polish remover. So don’t worry. And now I can carefully remove the tape and let everything completely dry. Since I wasn’t sure how well
it will last on the mug, I decided I would use a
varnish to coat everything. For this step, I simply used Mod Podge and applied it evenly using a flat brush, but you can also use any
other glaze you have. And when everything is dry, you’ll get these beautiful
hand-painted mugs. They’re really easy to make
and you can customize them however you like. The next idea is to create a heating pad that you can infuse with essential
oils for health benefits. All we need is a piece of fabric. Fold it in half with the wrong side out, and then with some needle and thread, sew the two sides together. For this step, you just
want to pull the needle with the thread through the
fabric in this diving motion until you reach the edge,
and then repeat the step on the next side. Be sure to leave one side open as we’ll add something inside later. Once you reach the end, you
need to repeat the steps but this time, you want to add the needle right where you see there’s no thread yet, but if you’re a pro in sewing,
you can go crazy with it. If you have super-strong hot glue, you can use that instead, or
if you have a sewing machine, it will be even quicker to make. Next, make a knot and cut
off the excess thread. Then turn the fabric inside-out to reveal the proper side
of the bag we created. And now we can finally add the ingredient for the heating pad, and that’s rice. Add some rice inside the bag. We don’t need much. You can check from time to time if you’re happy with the thickness. And then you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil inside. I added eucalyptus oil so
I could inhale the scent when I’m sick to feel better. As you can see, I went a
little bit overboard here with the oil, but that’s fine. Now you want to fold the edges
of the fabric inside the bag to create these flaps on each side, and then we can sew everything together. Just sew everything seamlessly. I would add the needle with the
thread right below the edge. And then just sew the flaps together without pushing the needle outside. So you basically use the inner flaps and sew them together while leaving the outer fabric in piece. Now all you need to do is make a knot, cut off the excess thread, and
your heating pad is finished. Now you can simply add
it into your microwave for a few seconds to heat it up. Also, thank you again to today’s
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