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clastic single-use plastic this junk never goes away not on my watch we’ll take the kids versus plastic pledge and make these cool crafts instead we’ve got a planet to protect book bag check notebook check my lucky pencil hon you’re gonna be late okay mom just a sec gotcha [Music] here plastic I can’t use that plastic like this pencil case doesn’t decompose back into nature like an apple so its chemicals might stay in the soil and water forever and ever not on my watch the plastic blaster and where I roam conservation goes hmm geez I could use those I can make my own pencil holder to make your spiffy new roll-up pencil holder you’ll need fabric like from an old pair of pants a roller a hot glue gun a pen or a marker and a pair of scissors let’s go unfold the fabric at the crease and measure cut to make a large rectangle [Music] cut along the seam to open up the rectangle and then cut down one side to make a strand about an inch wide put that aside you’ll need that later form a pocket with a rectangle at the crease make marks about every half-inch time for the glue gun to avoid a sticky situation grab an adult for help make a gooey line of glue over each mark fold the fabric over and let dry once dry put your pencils in the slot roll [Music] and tie to strand around the holder [Music] voila now you have a unique pencil case that’s great for school and healthy for our planet pencil holder check book check honey let’s get going honey your pants honey did you make the decorations for the block party oh right I totally just put these up balloons no way I can’t use these balloons can be made of latex or plastic when they end up tangled in our environment animals may eat them and get sick gross not on my watch I’m the plastic blaster and where I roam conservation goes let’s make pom-poms instead to make an awesome pom-pom grab a stack of tissue paper mix different colors grab pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors fold the paper back and forth over and under until it becomes one long stack like an accordion nah [Music] grab your scissors cut the tissue paper in half to make two sections open up each section fold it in half cut the folds then fold each section back until you have two smaller accordions got it next take your pipe cleaners and wrap them around the Centers of each section almost there cut the ends of each side into cool shape like zig zags curves or frills [Music] stretch out the paper to make a circle separate the layers make them poop and tie a piece of string to hang it they make great decorations at parties [Applause] now you have a decoration that will never pop almost ready for the party I think the party might need a little pop after all today’s Darryl’s birthday I forgot to get him a present oh I’ll make him a super fantastic friendship bracelet no gross I can’t use these they’re plastic small plastic beads make great jewelry right but any kind of plastic dumped into our water can be a huge problem you see fish can mistake them for food and get sick and if we eat fish that eat plastic that means we could be eating plastic Tim Oh yuck I’m the plastic blaster and where I roam conservation goes not my watch whatever I’ll clean it up later you know what I’m making my own beads yes indeed I’m making paper beads find an old magazine string pencil glue stick and clear nail polish rip out your favorite page and cut it into a bunch of skinny triangles hmm pizza cover each pizza slice with glue and roll it around a pencil wait for the glue to dry then cover with clear nail polish shiny [Music] grab some string [Music] tie two ends together to form a bracelet and a handful of homemade gems the plastic plasters done it again time for a dance break [Music] I hate plastic hey hon can you wrap up the rest of the sandwiches for the picnic place sure MA yuck plastic plastic wrap hunks of our oceans and fish might try to eat it thinking it’s food gross not on my watch I’m the plastic blaster and where I roam conservation goes I’m making my own sandwich wrap [Music] grab some cotton fabric a ruler scissors hot glue gun and clear nail polish measure and cut 9 inches wide and 14 inches long now flip the fabric glue down the edges and make a squeaky-clean seam ask for help with a glue gun now fold up the fabric and glue it down wait for it to dry completely not yet not yet done reach inside and pull it through so it’s right-side out now we need to make holes for the string fold the top section over halfway take the scissors and cut a small slit in the fold then cut a small slit at the top of the pocket to cover both holes with clear nail polish and let dry grab some string look the string through the holes and tie it closed now you can pack your lunch can save the planet did you finish wrapping all those sandwiches just one sec mom rainbow unicorn ice pops are my favourite food group plastic wrappers like the kind used on candy and ice pops look like a meal to lots of different animals gross not on my watch I’m the plastic blaster and where I roam conservation goes huh I’m making my own to make your homemade super special unicorn ice pops you’ll need two cups of fresh fruit and a quarter cup of juice or water you’ll also need a blender small paper cups aluminum foil and wooden craft sticks ask for help with a blender put the first batch of fruit into the blender add water blend until smooth or until you like the color pour the mixture in the cup cover the cup with foil and poke a wooden stick in [Music] it’s ready put the cup in the freezer hmm exercise you I’m exhausted it’s ready check to make sure the layer is completely frozen time for the next layer repeat but with a different fruit pour a new layer in the cup and then back to the freezer a dance party always helps pass the time [Music] [Music] yes repeat with the third fruit add the last layer and place back into the freezer book time is it ready [Music] Oh ill it’s so pretty and tastes like a rainbow now it’s time to go from dancing star [Applause] at least until it’s time to make more ice pops join the plastic blaster and take the kids versus plastic pledge learn more at NatGeo kids.com slash plastic you

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