Today we’re going on
a little excursion. I’m bringing you guys down
to a south Melbourne market. I wanted to come
down here to pick up some fresh produce
for a few recipes that we’ll be
whipping up together. If you find that putting
together dinner on weeknights can be a hassle– it takes too long and you’d
rather order in, or just grab a bag of chips– keep
watching, because I’ve got a bunch of quick
and tasty recipes that you can include
in your repertoire. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, so I’m back home
now, got some fresh ingredients from the market, got some other
ingredients in the fridge, and I’m about to get
changed into a hoodie. Because, let’s be real, I make
a mess when I’m in the kitchen, and there’s no way that
I’m going to be cooking all these recipes in linen. Now if you want
a written version of any of these recipes,
check out the description box. I’ve linked them all for you. That way you can bookmark
them, you can print them, you could save them
to your device– whatever you want to do. And it’ll just make it really
easy for you to refer back to. Now if you’re new
around here, welcome. My name is Rachel. I’m a personal trainer,
I’m a nutritionist, and I’m a wellness coach. And I love sharing
recipes with you guys. All right, first up on the menu,
we have a low-carb beef bowl. [MUSIC PLAYING] You can, of course, swap
out the low-carb noodles. But this is what we’re
doing for this recipe. So, what you will need– 400 grams of extra
lean beef mince– the reason that we’re
going for extra lean is because we’re already getting
our fats from other sources in this meal– 1 tablespoon of your
preferred cooking oil, 4 tablespoons of hoisin sauce,
a small bag of pre-chopped coleslaw mix, 2 whole eggs,
some low-calorie noodles– I like to use these lo-cal,
low-carb Chang’s konjac noodles– green onions–
which we’re going to slice up thinly–
broccolini, bok choy, and some almond flakes. So you’re going to need
two pans for this one, and you may want to enlist
your microwave’s help as well. So we’re starting
off with a large pan, and I’m adding the
oil to the pan. And I’m going to place
the beef mince on the pan and let it start cooking. While the beef mince
is cooking, I’m going to chop up my
broccolini and my bok choy. I’m just going use the
scissors and chop them up into some microwave-safe
containers. You can cook them in a
steamer if you like, but I find that putting
them in the microwave is just so much faster
for this process– and we’re trying to get dinner
made as quick as we can. So, what I’m going to do
is place the broccolini and the bok choy
into the microwave, with a small amount
of water, and I’m going to cook each of
those for a few minutes. The bok choy doesn’t
take very long. Your broccolini, you’re going
to maybe need like three or four minutes, if not a
little bit more– that’s going to depend on the
strength of your microwave. Now once the mince has been
cooking for about five minutes and it’s reasonably
browned, we’re going to add in the hoisin
sauce and the coleslaw mix. And while that’s
cooking away, I’m going to take out another pan. I’m using a nonstick
pan for this so that I don’t have to use
any cooking oils or anything. And I’m going to cook
two eggs sunny-side-up. While the eggs are
cooking, I’m jumping back to that pan that has
the beef mince in it. And I’m going to cut up some
konjac noodles and put them in. You don’t have to
cut them, of course. That’s optional. But these noodles have
already been rinsed, and now I’m going to
add them into the pan, along with some
chopped up spring onion and some almond flakes. Stir that around regularly. Your ends are only going to take
like a minute or two to cook, and by now your broccolini and
your bok choy should be done. So what you can do is take
them out of the microwave, serve everything up in a
bowl, place the egg on top, and there you have it. Now we are going to make
a falafel meal prep. [MUSIC PLAYING] So you can have this one
for dinner, cook extra, and then you can take it
for leftovers the next day. So, if you want to, you can make
your own falafel from scratch, or I have bought these
store-bought ones. You’re just going to want to
look out for lower sodium. So I’ve got falafel. I’ve got hummus. I have red onion, cucumber,
tomato, feta cheese, baby spinach leaves,
and whole wheat pita, which I’m actually
going to bake and turn into more like, sort of,
tortilla-chip-style things to put with the meal. So what we’re doing is
we’re pre-heating our oven, and I’m going to place
the pita breads in there. And we’re just going to
toast them, essentially. So cut them up first, put
them in, and then toast them so that they’re more
chip like, and we’re going to serve this as
our carbs with the dish. While that’s happening,
I’m also going to make sure to
cook up the falafel. You can cook this whichever
method you prefer. I find it’s easy just to
throw it on a skillet, and I’m also going to
assemble the salad. So the way that I’m
going to do that is, I’m going to just
grab out a container, I’m going to put in my
baby spinach leaves. Chop up a red onion
and put that in there. Then I’m adding my cucumber,
my tomato, and my feta. If you are a dressing
kind of person, you can put the dressing on,
but I don’t put dressing on and that reflects in the macros. Because what I’m
going to do is, I’m going to make a
container, which is going to have the falafel in it. We’re going to put our
little pita bread chip sort of things in there
with it, the salad, and then some hummus as well. If you’re not a
big fan of hummus, you could always swap it out–
use something like tahini as well. That would be delicious. This is a very convenient
lunchbox option. Now we have tuna pasta. [MUSIC PLAYING] I have shown you guys this
one before, in another video. Although I don’t remember what
the video was, so there we go. But it is a very fast option
that you can have for dinner. And if you are someone
who is eating your higher protein, and higher
carbohydrates, and slightly lower fat, this
option will suit you well. For each serving
of the pasta, we’re using 2 small tins of tuna,
a handful of spinach, roughly a 1/4 to 1/2 a punnet
of cherry tomatoes, 1/2 a tablespoon of olive
oil, some Himalayan salt, and about 60 grams
of pasta per serve. Now, the weight of the pasta– It is measured before we cook
it and not after, because cooked and raw pasta do weigh
different amounts, and I calculate the
macros off the raw weight. This whole recipe will only
take you about 15 minutes, and it does pack a
great punch of protein. So I’m going to bring some
water to the boil in a saucepan, and then I’m going
to add the pasta in. In a separate skillet, once that
pasta has been cooking for like five or so minutes– you don’t
want to put this on too early, because we don’t
want it to burn– in a pan, I am placing tuna,
cherry tomatoes, and spinach. We’re just going to lightly
cook through that tuna until it is hot the way through,
and the spinach is wilted, and the cherry
tomatoes are soft. Now we’ll be draining the pasta,
serving with the tuna on top, and you can add a little
bit of Himalayan salt, and a tiny bit of olive oil. If you want to, not
included in the macros, but you can also serve
it with some Parmesan. It is delish. Now we have a lamb
and bean salad. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is the kind
of salad which you could prep a bunch in advance,
and leave it in the fridge as well, and again,
just like take out a serving for lunch tomorrow
if that’s easier for you. So what you will need for
this meal is 200 grams– which is like 1/2 a can– of four bean mix,
probably 50 grams– so like two small handfuls–
of frozen green beans, pre-diced pumpkin– the
reason that I’m doing this is because it saves time. If you have extra time,
just cut up your pumpkin. Easy. Roast capsicum,
rocket and spinach, a few tablespoons of balsamic
dressing, 4 lamb chops– so that’s 2 per person. If you are someone who has
less calories around in a time, then, you know, you can
pull that back down to one chop and make the salad
a little bit smaller. This is a pretty dense meal. And some pumpkin seeds as well. So what we doing to this one
is, we’re heating up a nonstick pan, and we’re just
going to place the lamb chops into the pan. These don’t take
too long to cook. The reason I’m
using a nonstick pan is because I don’t want to
add the extra oil– they will cook in their own fat. And you can add rosemary
to it as well If you like, which is something
that I added into mine. Now to speed up the
cooking process, you could do this part in the
oven if you have more time, but to make it
quicker, we’re just going to use the microwave. So I’m taking two
microwave-safe containers. In one I’m putting the diced
pumpkin, and in the other, I’m putting the four bean
mix and the green beans. And, separately, I’m
going to heat those up. Put the pumpkin on first,
that’ll take the longest. You may even wish to start
that before you start the lamb. I had to cook my pumpkin for
around five or six minutes, and the beans only
took like two. While you’ve got the other
veggies rotating along in the microwave, go ahead
and flip over the lamb. And now we’re going to start
constructing our salad. So I’m taking my spinach, my
rocket, my cooked pumpkin, my roast capsicum, the green
beans, the pumpkin seeds– pretty much just everything
and mixing that all together and adding the balsamic
vinegar on top. And then when the
lamb is finished, I’m going to set
that over the salad. Super easy. I love this lazy option. I feel like this is also a
really good afternoon snack. [MUSIC PLAYING] So what we will need for
this is, whole wheat wraps, turkey, a cranberry spread,
a whole heap of spinach, low-fat cream cheese,
and, optionally– which I haven’t
included in the macros, but if you want to
add them on, you can alter it– you could also
include tomato and or avocado. Now to boil the turkey,
what we’re doing is taking a saucepan, and
putting a small amount of water in. You can also use stock,
and you are, literally, just going to boil the
turkey for a few minutes. Once that’s done, let it
cool, and then you’re just going to assemble the wrap. I just start with a whole wheat. And then I’ll put some
low-fat cream cheese and some of the cranberry spread
on that– not too much, it’s pretty sugary. And then add my other
toppings and my turkey. This option does not
take long at all, and it’s such a good
source of protein. And having a whole
wheat wrap there is really great for our
fiber intake as well. I completely understand
what it feels like to want to be
absorbed by your couch at the end of the
day, and, you know, if you don’t have
meal prep around, or if you don’t have something
already there to eat, like it can be a
little demotivating. So give some of
these options a go if you want to be
able to implement some meals that
are really quick, and they don’t take
too much effort. Feel free to let me
know what you want next. We’re doing packable lunches,
or are we doing snacks. Leave me a comment. I’ll catch you guys
in my next upload. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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