5 LIFE LESSONS I WISH I KNEW EARLIER (celebrating 1 year on YouTube)

The one thing in life that is constant
is change. We’re constantly changing, We’re constantly growing, we’re
constantly evolving. In this video I’m going to share five life lessons that have helped me change in the last year, and I wish I’d known these life lessons earlier. But
better late than never, and I’m sharing them in the hopes that they could help
somebody else. If you’re interested keep watching. Hello hello, welcome back to the Whole
Happy Life. My name is Ria. For today’s video we’re gonna talk about life
lessons, and this is not something I would normally talk about in the channel, but today is an apt occasion. Today I’m celebrating one year on YouTube. I posted
my first video last year in July, and it’s already been a year. Time really
does fly and I’ve learned a lot in the last year. A lot of the life lessons I’ve
learned have been from being on YouTube and I think being on YouTube has helped
me grow as a person, and I wanted to share the ways in which that’s helped me
grow, and I really hope that some of these life lessons resonate with you. I
do recognize we’re all different so they may not, but I hope that you can take
something away from this video that’s useful. But before we dive in I wanted to
say a very quick thank you for everybody who supported the channel. When I started
the channel my goal was about 10,000 subscribers for the first year. I wasn’t
planning to do much. I didn’t really know how many hours a week I could commit to
creating videos, but I’m really happy that I stuck by it even though I kind of
fell off the wagon several times in between. But today we have 30,000
subscribers and that is three times what I hoped for, so it’s definitely something
that I’m very grateful for, and thank you for your continued support, and I hope to
see you around again and again on the channel. Anyway let’s dive into the life
lessons. First life lesson is: life is about progress not perfection. if you
happen to be someone who has perfectionistic tendencies or if you’re
perfectionist, this will probably resonate with you. I’ve been a
perfectionist since I was a child, it was just the way it was raised. My parents
had very, very high expectations for me, and I was under a lot of pressure. I
realized that high standards are good in some ways, but having standards that are
perfection is unattainable. It’s stressful, and it’s just not worth it, and
I feel that a lot of times perfection has held me back. Last year there are
many many occasions when I would re-shoot videos because I wasn’t happy with them, and I’ve since realized that no matter what I do I’m not going to be happy with
something on occasion, and that’s okay. The output I put up on
YouTube does not need to be perfect. The things I do in my personal life do not
need to be perfect. Perfection is exhausting. So I’ve started to change my
approach when it comes to perfection, and I think I’ll do a video on perfection
later on. Something more detailed. But the one thing I wanted to share here was – I
started to tell myself 80% is good enough. So if I’m doing any work – I think –
is it 80% there? Is it 80% of what I want it to be? If it is, it’s good enough. Putting in the effort to get it to 100% is it worth it because it’s going to take so
much time, and I’m going to get exhausted, and in the grand scheme of things it
probably doesn’t even matter. The 80% is good enough can be applied to things
beyond your work. So as an example let’s say you’re trying to eat healthy – a lot
of times people start eating healthy, they try to do it so perfectly at the
beginning, and they succeed, but then after a week or two they’re not able to
be as perfect and then they fall off the wagon. When you’re making any sort of
long-term change in life, anything that you want to continue for a while it’s
very difficult to remain perfect. So 80% is good enough. If you eat well 80% of
the time, and 20% of the time you’re not eating as well as you would like, that’s
okay. It’s about finding balance that helps
you actually do something long-term. Number two: comparing yourself to others
takes the joy away from life. I was raised in a way where I was always
compared to other people, especially when it came to academic performance. So
that’s why I put a lot of pressure on myself, and till today I still compare
myself to other people, and I finally recognized that it’s really an unhealthy
mindset, because no matter what I do, I’m never happy with it. If I compare myself
to someone who’s doing better, and here’s the deal: no matter what you do in life
someone else is going to be doing it better than you, and we are all here on a
different path, we all have different skills, and for us to compare ourselves
to someone else, whether it’s a sibling, or a stranger, or a relative, it doesn’t
make sense, because it’s like comparing apples and oranges. You can’t really
compare them. We’re all different. When I started on YouTube I used to compare
myself to other YouTubers and think that my growth wasn’t
as much as their growth. But here’s the thing: we’re all different. we’re all on
different paths, and I’ve finally come to terms with that, and I no longer compare
myself to others. I only compare myself to myself. I was trying to improve myself
and that’s pretty much good enough, and I wanted to say a quote that I found
on Pinterest, and I thought it was very apt. Don’t compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the Sun and the Moon, they both shine when it’s their time. Number three consistency is key,
especially when you’re trying to make long-term change, and this can apply to
everyone. Whether you’re someone who’s on YouTube, or if you’re a writer, if you’re
an artist, if you’re someone trying to lose weight, if you’re someone trying to
form meditation as a habit, all of these things require some consistency, and
consistency is something I am not very good at, but I now recognize how
important it is. If you’ve been following me on a channel you’ll know that I’m not
the most consistent with my posting, and I am sorry for that. I have had several
family issues this year so it has become rather difficult to be consistent with
my posting. But I recognize that no matter what life throws at you, if you
want to make something a long-term change, you have to be consistent. So for
me it’s about my YouTube channel. I have to be consistent no matter what comes my
way. Even if I post once a week that’s good enough. I don’t have to post twice a
week. That was my goal initially. If you’re someone who’s trying to do
healthy eating, there going to be times when things get in the way, but
consistency is still important if you want to make it a long term change.
Number four: you can’t please everyone and no matter what you do you’re going to
face some criticism, and this is something I’ve always known that I can’t
please everyone, but because I have that people pleaser personality, I’ve always
tried to keep everybody happy, and being on YouTube that’s impossible. You’re
going to have people who really like what you put out, and then you’re gonna
have people who don’t like what you’re going to put out, and it’s not just about
being on YouTube. You could be whoever. There will always be someone who will
criticize you for the way you are, they criticize you for the way you dress,
criticize you for things like the way you raise your child. There are just people out there who will criticize you. When I
received my first hate comment, not constructive criticism, I actually like
constructive criticism. When I got my first hate comment, I think I retreated
into my shell for a week, and it hurt me quite a bit because I put a lot of
effort in the channel. But I recognize no matter what I do I can’t keep everybody
happy. It’s small things, sometimes it’s stuff like the cats. Not everyone likes
the cats on the channel, and I can’t please everybody, because for every
person that doesn’t like cats on the channel, I have a hundred people who do
like the cats. So it really is about being authentic to myself and doing
whatever I want to do, and not worrying about what other people think, because if
I continue to think about others and I continue to try to please everybody it’s
just going to be mentally exhausting and it’s just impossible. Number five: having a clear vision and setting goals can really help with the things that you struggle with. I do recognize goal-setting is not for
everybody. I think it’s for certain personality types. If you don’t have that
personality type, it might not be for you. I’m an INTJ personality by the MBTI personality type and for me writing
lists, writing things down, having strategies is very important, and I think
in that sense goal-setting really works with my personality. I’ve been doing
goal-setting for a few years now with a friend of mine, but most of my goals were
personal goals, they weren’t professional goals. I don’t think I’ve ever done
professional goal-setting properly. I didn’t have proper structure to my
professional goals, but this year I decided that for both my personal and
professional goals, I wanted to have a little bit more structure, and I wanted
to have a clear vision. So I created a goal-setting workbook
earlier this year, I will put the link in the description box below, and that
goal-setting workbook has really helped me quite a bit, because it helped me
figure out where I was struggling, it helped me figure out what it is I want to
focus on this year, and it helped me figure out strategies. I think strategies
to do your goals to get to where you want to get are very very important. I’ve
been using the workbook since January, and I have seen a lot of growth compared
to previous years. I’ve seen growth professionally, and I’ve also seen growth
on a personal level, and I think it’s really helped me when it comes to my
YouTube channel. It’s helped me figure out where I want to go. When I was starting out I had no plans for the YouTube
channel, no clear vision. I think I had maybe 300 subscribers in January. Not
that many. Now six months later I have 30,000 and I think that has been as a
result of setting goals, having strategies, and really remaining on the
path as opposed to just kind of trying stuff out. I think trying stuff out is a
good way to start something, but if you want to do something long-term and make
it a change, goal setting can be very helpful, and it’s not just for
professional things, so for personal things too. So let’s say you’re trying to
eat healthier or you’re trying a new exercise regimen, having set goals can
really help you. Besides creating goals I think it’s really important to review
the goals regularly. I try to review all my goals, professional and personal, with
a friend every month, and I think that’s really helped. I hope you enjoyed this
video, it is a very personal video to create because a lot of these are life lessons
that apply to me, and I do hope that some of them have resonated with you. If you
have any life lessons that you’d like to share with the YouTube community, please
let me know in the comment box below. Anyway if you liked the video give it a
thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. I will see you in the next video!

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