5 UNICORN BIRTHDAY Ideas on a Budget – Tips for Kids Theme Parties (minimalist friendly!)

hey guys it’s Melissa here and I wanted
to talk to you today about unicorn birthday parties before you change the
channel let me say that these birthday party ideas are for anyone who is
operating on a budget with a theme that your child has chosen so this year my
daughter turned five and all she wanted was unicorns where does this come from
this desire to have unicorns I am NOT driving it but somehow the unicorn has
entered the psyche of my preschooler and so unicorns it had to be I wanted to
share my five tips with you today in case you are also a parent on a budget
but trying to satisfy the unicorn tooth of your child or some other theme that
they’re after and so here today I’ve gotten out some of my props and I wanted
to share with you what I did this year now I am a huge fan of doing the
birthday breakfast for my children we did a birthday breakfast this year with
the theme of unicorns and in past years I’ve been able to pull off any theme I
wanted this year I wanted to tell you that one unicorn goes a long way
a little unicorn goes a really long way so I ran out to our craft store this
came this came from Michael’s and I found Christmas unicorns on clearance on the
Christmas rack I had to do unicorn surgery on it it had a holly berry
attached to it which made it Christmas and I replaced it with a little
rhinestone this used to cost $14 and I got it for under $3 this went on my
breakfast table here and then everything else I did was sort of unicorn flavored
but mostly I had one unicorn mascot so that’s my tip one pick one mascot for
your child in the theme that they want tip number two is extend your theme
through color so I went with the pinks and the purples and the white I dressed in
that color for her birthday I got paper goods in that color and I
decorated with streamers up here so a roll of pink streamers is 99
it was on the chandelier it was on her party table and then just simple dollar
store items like pink napkins plain white paper plates I already had and
then I did pick up two $0.99 bags of plastic unicorns anyway extend with
color whatever it is you need to do you don’t need to buy customized everything
tip number three what is tip number three tip number three is put the theme
in your lunch box if you follow me as little kosher lunch you know that I love
to get a theme or a holiday or even a birthday into a lunch box so this year
I did that by sculpting a unicorn out of cream cheese it worked so well you guys
went crazy over that on the internet so my unicorn I put it on a bagel just a
little cream cheese in the shape of that little horse’s head a little unicorn horn
made out of carrot with my veggie peeler I just peeled some carrot made
some hair for that horse stuck it in my lunchbox
a few cookie cutters could work for whatever theme you’re doing so just
think is there a creative way to get it in a lunchbox it’s not gonna cost you any
additional money you still have to feed your child lunch tip number four avoid
plastic tchotchkes I just I’ve had enough of the plastic junk of the made
in China stuff I know it’s really easy to go to those websites like Oriental
Trading or the crafts store or order things on Amazon but I decided that we
were gonna go with a beautiful useful or consumable party favor like we always do
whether its neighbor kids coming over or a whole classroom party if you’re on a
budget you can find a useful consumable or beautiful object we’ve done cookies
in the past in a cutout this year I bought these beauties this is a hyacinth
bulb in a forcer and since it is I don’t know it’s still winter really this
is kind of jumping the gun for springtime but these were both a
decoration and our party favors and these I got for $2.50 each at our local
grocery store and I bought a case of them for the day of our little
children’s party these were really beautiful natural
gift that people were not used to getting at a child’s birthday party a
hyacinth bulb and a hyacinth forcer my last tip for you is also really breaking
away from a lot of the norms at children’s birthday parties and I would
say customize the theme to suit your child so I could have gone bonkers with
this unicorn theme you guys I know everyone is on Pinterest there’s a
million ideas tons of foods things with ice cream cones sticking out of them we
did order a unicorn cake but beyond that we tried to do things for my daughter
that really suited her so her unicorn party is probably gonna look different
from your unicorn birthday party we got our daughter a fish for her birthday I
actually got her a $1 fishbowl here is bubbles I know a lot of you on Instagram
have wondered who is the fish this is bubbles she’s a little female betta fish
you know we didn’t get her a unicorn for her birthday she she has this little she
is this tchotchke one for $3 and she got a betta fish the other thing that we did
differently is I got all foods or made foods that my daughter really loves
so we served sushi at her unicorn party and people loved it we got a sandwich
platter with tuna sandwiches that she loves I did a homemade veggie tray and a
homemade fruit platter with some exotic fruits so it was very rainbow-y but it
was also really healthy and broke from the norm of what children’s parties
usually involve which is like pizza and chips which would have been budget but
we spent our money differently this year anyway I would love to hear from you
about what your theme parties are like what are your kids after and what budget
birthday party tips do you have I know there’s a lot of unicorn lovers out
there so let me know what I missed because this is my first unicorn rodeo
I’m not super entrenched in unicorns yet but I gave it my best this year and it
was a real hit with my daughter give this a thumbs up if it was helpful for
you and I’d love to hear from you in the comments below
take care

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  1. Melissa, I love everything you said and showed here. I feel likewe could be real life friends lol
    I am the same way-ai make almost everything myself, I stretch my budget and decor in a ways many people wouldnMt think. Our kids have cakes that I make and they donMt lack any style or theme that we do! I also never gave away those party bags full of dollar tree items that we usually throw away. I always find something that is gonna last and that kids/parents will use!

  2. Awesome job, Melissa!! You are so creative!!! I wonder where this unicorn came from. I see little children loving it, like your daughter and im afraid i dont understand it or where it comes from. Looooove the food. Looks amazing with all the colors!!!

  3. The Unicorn is on trend and so cute. The only reason I know is b/c I'm a paper crafter. (Mermaids have been popular too.)…..Your little girls are darling! Isn't planning their parties so much fun?! It can get expensive b/c there are so many cute things out there. Your tips are great for saving money, and also b/c it's great fun to make things with your own hands that will make their day special.

  4. Melissa, I love the hyacinth party favors!! And changing up the clearance Christmas unicorn! I found a small paper mache-type, plain unicorn on my daughter’s birthday. She and her big brother had a lot of fun painting it w water colors and then it served as our centerpiece for dinner and cake. Nice activity for them during the day while they waited for the cake (the ultimate birthday desire).

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