5 Unique Ways To Wish Your Bestie Happy Birthday on Instagram Story + Birthday Countdown Ideas 🎂

Instagram Birthday Wish Ideas Wish your bestie/bf/gf a very special birthday with these unique ideas learn how to make an instagram birthday countdown upload a photo to your birthday countdown story and select the countdown sticker you need to add a name to your countdown * click the link in the description box to learn how to get cool fonts like this for your keyboard choose an end date for your birthday countdown tap the colour wheel above the countdown to change the colour of the box so many options! you can design your countdown story if you’d like. here’s an easy idea to try out (: use the brush tool to draw the lines i used the neon brush to get the glow effect and if you’ve been watching my channel, you know i love to decorate with stickers choose some birthday-themed gifs to complete your instagram story happy birthday! now let’s design some unique instagram birthday stories App: Meitu Link for iOS and Android in the description box choose the collage tab choose the photos you want to upload to your instagram story click on “more” there are SO MANY pre-made templates in this app and, some of them are animated click on preview – save & share click on “ig story” to share it directly to your instagram story Tip: personalize your story with a cute message for your loved one Mix fonts with your handwriting for a more unique look create drop shadow/3D text so that your message is easy to read add some stickers that match the theme of your birthday wish story happy b-day here’s a birthday wish idea for your boyfriend/girlfriend feel free to use any template you like add a cute caption to your birthday story adjust the colour, size and position so that it’s easy to read add stickers to complete it keep watching until the end for more unique ideas i love you a lottle. it’s like a little but a lot. example but that’s not all… choose the edit tab on the home page Scroll ->and select “frames” there are even MORE templates to choose from pick a minimal one to decorate on instagram stories use simple stickers and text for an easy birthday wish and lastly, here are two cool ideas using only the instagram app upload any shiny/glitter background that you like and add a solid colour background using the pen tool *click on the link in the description box for an in depth tutorial on how to get a solid background colour use the eraser tool to reveal the glitter background beneath by making small dots decrease the size of the eraser and make smaller dots around the circle to kind of form a flower pattern add your photo as a sticker from your camera roll *click the link in the description box to learn how to add a photo as a sticker from your camera roll center the photo and erase around the sides as if you were making a frame search “frame” and add the one shown in the video add a cute caption to your birthday wish add some stickers to complete it best sister in the world and if you just like to keep things simple, this idea is for you type each letter individually, and place it around the sides of the photo as shown alternate colours for a unique story idea h a p p y b d a y thank you for watching! don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every week

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