5 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday With No Money

hello friends! In today’s video I have
five ways to celebrate your birthday with zero dollars. If we are meeting for the first time, hi my name is Shawn. Welcome! On this channel, I provide party
ideas like this video as well as lots of fun games to help take the stress out of your party planning. But oftentimes we don’t have any money. As parents, we spend all our money on our kids. We don’t have any money left for our birthday. But that’s okay because I have five ideas to inspire you to still have fun and celebrate and make the day feel extra special for your birthday. If this sounds like a video that interests you, keep watching. The first way to celebrate your
birthday with zero money, is to do your favorite free activity. It could be like hiking, going on a picnic, gardening . Not my favorite activity. I hate gardening but that’s somebody else’s favorite activity. Knitting, playing video games,
watching your favorite movie. So do whatever that extra special thing that you just love. That activity you love to do, do that thing on your birthday. The second way to celebrate your birthday with zero money, is to pamper yourself. Fill up that bathtub with some bubble bath. In my house we have children’s strawberry
smelling bubble bath. Light yourself a candle. Turn down the lights. Put on some calming music. Read a book. Do some sort of pampering activity that’s different from your normal routine that’s going to make the day feel extra special and all about you. The third way to celebrate your birthday
with zero money, is to hang out with your family. If you like your family do this. If you don’t like your family that’s not a great celebration. Play some board games. Play some DIY party games. You know I have lots of those on this
channel. Go ahead and fix like your favorite meal. Watch your favorite family movie together. Go for a walk as a family. Visit your favorite park with your
family to make it feel extra special surround yourself with those who love you and with those whom you love. The fourth way to celebrate your birthday
with zero money, and I know you’re thinking what am I gonna eat? I gotta have some sort of celebratory food for my birthday. Krispy Kreme. I know not everybody has one of these but here in the South, Krispy Kreme is a
very popular donut place. And they will give you a free sample of their original glazed doughnuts if you just ask. If you’re like me, you don’t get donuts
very much. You love them but you, I try and stay away from them because they put the pounds on me. Go and celebrate with a Krispy Kreme donut. The fifth way to celebrate your birthday with no money, is to invite your friends over. Tell them you’ll provide the fun and ask them to bring like their favorite dish or their
drink that serves X amount of people. So if you invite 10 people over, bring your
favorite food that 11 people can share and I will provide all the fun. And then for the fun, play DIY party games like minute to win it games. Bring out those old board games. Bring out that dartboard or that hooky board that you have been saving for friends to come over. It shouldn’t cost you anything or
very little to throw a party surrounded by your friends. Now you may or may not have liked my ideas. If you have a better one then please share that with the rest of the community. What are your favorite ways to celebrate your birthday that don’t require any money ? Please let me know in the comment section down below. I will read them and respond and I know others who watch this video will want to have some more ideas. A thumbs up is the best compliment you can get me. Subscribe if you want to see more content about party ideas. Thanks for hanging out with me by the fireplace. I’ll see you in my next video. Thanks for watching.
ohh You did so well! thank you for listening
and letting me film a video. good job! bye.

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    And a great video! Self care is one of those things many of us need to focus on more.

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