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Hey guys!! Ray Pajar from Get Crafty Crafty!! And today I’m going to be doing something a little different! I’ve been running this channel for a little over 2 years now and I figured it was about time for me to get to know you guys and for you guys to get to know me a little bit. So I’m going to be doing something a little old school and I’m going to be doing this 50 Fun Facts video! If you guys are interested in a DIY, check out me last video which were the Bubble Gum Magnets! Let’s go ahead and get started with these 50 fun random facts! 50 facts is a lot of facts! So I wrote it all in my notebook! First thing!! I’m obsessed with notebooks! I even like to make my own notebooks! And occasionally give them out to friends as little gifts! I was born in the Philippines! But I didn’t stay there too long since I moved to California when I was about 2 1/2 to 3 years old! I grew up in San Francisco and spent the majority of my life there. Senior year during high school I got best smile. Which is kinda weird since I didn’t really even acknowledge that I had a good smile up until that moment senior year in high school and since then I’ve just been a little aware of this. So hopefully you guys agree with my senior graduating class of 2006! I moved to LA about three years ago. I come from a huge family. I’m technically 1 out of 9. Really long story, but we all get along! We’re one huge happy family! And whenever we get together, it’s always really loud, really run and just a great time! I don’t know if this is a fact!? But I was really awkward as a kid. I had a hard time trying to take to people! Even to the point where I got nervous for ordering a pizza on the phone. I was probably like that up until the summer after 8th grade! When I took a student ambassador trip to New Zealand and Australia. And thats where I really found my voice and just found a way to talk to people and express my ideas and not feel so awkward. I moved around a lot as a kid. Between kindergarten and high school I went to 7 different schools and lived in 8 different places. When I was in high school I was in JROTC for 4 years. And by my senior year I became the highest ranking cadet in all of San Francisco! I was a very different person back in high school and I wasn’t very crafty! I wasn’t into any types of arts and crafts and I really couldn’t make anything!
I wasn’t into any types of arts and crafts and I really couldn’t make anything! There was even a point in my senior year where one of my friends had to take a hot glue gun away from me because I burnt my fingers probably 4 or 5 times working on this one little piece of a project and I wasn’t even allowed to work with a hot glue gun after that just because they we’re worried I would continue to burn my fingers and… it was just a really bad experience. Now a days if you give me a hot glue gun I could definitely make a lot of different things with it! My 1st job was during the summer between sophomore year and junior year of high school. I took a fellowship through CORO Northern California and I got to be an assistant at Juvenile Hall. Which was really cool at the time and looking back at it, I definitely did enjoy it. but again, I was a completely different person back in high school. I don’t have any tattoos but I do want one one day. I have this eyebrow piercing which I’ve had for about 7 to 8 years now! I don’t have any other piercings nor do I really plan to get anymore! Senior year of high school I got crowned Autumn Ball King!! 2 of my favorite bands are: Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy! The first concert that I ever went to was Linkin Park’s “Projekt Revolution”. Which was almost a 12 hour long day concert. I was really fun but at the end of the day I did get sun burned! 2 of my favorite foods are nachos and sushi. But I wouldn’t eat them together because I’ve actually had nacho sushi and it didn’t really taste that good! 2 of my favorite all time songs: Wonder Wall by Oasis and Don’t You Forget About Me, the original version and the Yellow Card version! Bonus points to you if you know the Yellow Card version I’m talking about! My favorite color is red. I have a really strong dislike toward pickles. This is a cucumber, it turns into a pickle. But I really love pickled food like kim chi! It’s a little confusing and it’s a little weird but if you eat with me you know what I’m talking about! I like my coffee black! Hot or iced, no cream, no sugar. Pat’s verses Geno’s Definitely a Pat’s person for the cheese steak and Geno’s for the fries. I really love donuts!! Currently my favorite cartoon, if you don’t already know from all my projects Steven Universe!! When I get into a TV show I usually end up binge watching it. I got through Breaking Bad in probably about a week! Current favorite TV show: Game of Thrones. Something that I love to do ever since I was a kid, I love to go get dim sum! Whether is the $1.50 stuff at the corner, or if it’s like an expensive Big group kind of thing! Since discovering it in middle school I’m a huge fan of Korean BBQ! I pretty much love eating in a big group! Just because I feel like you enjoy your food more. There was a certain point in my life where I was allergic to squid. But one of my best friends actually tricked me to eating squid! Luckily enough I found out I had gotten over that allergy and I was able to eat squid again! Very risky move! I trust my best friends with my life but that was a very risky move! Don’t do that!! If you follow me on instagram most of my post are usually about food! Ever since I was a kid I loved to cook! Especially cooking food from scratch! I feel like it just taste better when you know you’ve put so much work into it! Since I’m a YouTuber I end up watching a lot of YouTube! And I randomly comment of different videos. So if you guys do find me in the comments section of a random video feel free to say hi! I was in a Buzzfeed Taste Test video! And that was the first time that I got to eat Cuban food! I currently don’t work for Buzzfeed but if you guys work at Buzzfeed and you’re hiring, let me know! I can wiggle my ears. Do you guys see it? Is it moving? Haha… yeah… haha. I’ve been skydiving once and I definitely would love to do it again! Outside of my YouTube channel I own and run an accessory line called Crystal Warfare! You guys should definitely check them out! I’ll have links to them in the description below. My favorite Ninja Turtle is Rafael! Back when I was teaching I set the fire alarm off at the school off twice! And the school had to get evacuated! Once was because I was cooking and the other time was when I was building a haunted house and I didn’t realize that the fog machine would trigger the fire alarm. Back in high school I made 32 vlog videos that were poorly lit, I didn’t know what I was talking about, I was super awkward, and you’ll probably never find it online. But after that I stopped making vlogs and I kinda wish I continued to do it just because I would have started my YouTube channel way earlier!! Out of all the Harry Potter books I’ve only read The Goblet of Fire but I’ve seen all of the movies! My favorite condiment is Sriracha! I even have a little pin that my friend made. Last time that I went top the Philippines was in 2008. And I got really bad food poisoning and I was in the hospital for 3 days! And I had to cut my trip a week short Even though that was a traumatic experience I definitely do want to go back someday and hopefully not get food poisoning! And the last fun fact is I’m a cyclist! Hopefully thats something that you guys know since This summer I’m hoping to do the AIDS LifeCycle! I did it for the first time last year and I was able to do that by raising $3,500 through all of your guys donations! Last year I did chalk wall shoutout!! And this year I’m going to continue the same thing If you guys donate $30 or more I’ll give you guys a cool custom chalk wall shoutout! That I’ll post on my instagram and on my facebook page. and I’ll have the link to that in the description below! The Lego Yoda that I have in the background that is my 1st shoutout for this year! So hopefully you guys can help me out! I’m hoping to do the ride again this year which is a 7 day, 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to LA and I definitely do need your guys help to help me reach my $3,000 goal! So make sure to click that in the description below!! If you guys like this video make sure you click that like button and in the comments section below let me know if you guys learned something new! Or if you guys want to share something new about yourself to me! I do try to respond to comments whenever I can, so hopefully.. yeah!! You guys can enjoy this fun facts video hopefully it wasn’t too long or too awkward. Check out my last two videos! And yeah!! I’ll see you guys next time!! Take care and stay crafty!!

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!! I am filipino and I love to do arts and crafts….. Now I have found a person just like me!!!!! Ray…. It would mean the workd if you replied on this comment and subscribed to me!!!

    -David ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. +Get Crafty Crafty I love Linkin Park, I also have anxiety when speaking to others and I took JROTC for 4 years in high school and was on the Armed Drill Team with the rank of Major. I love all of your videos and you should have way more subscribers because your projects are flawless!

  3. You said Ray and yoda's in the background. I thought you were talking about the character in the new Star Wars movie!

  4. My favorite food is ice cream and I love Star Wars. Ray Pajar who is your favorite Star Wars character? Mine is R2-D2

  5. Hey Ray can you speak tagalog? I'm trying to learn, i've grown up hearing it, i can understand but not speak ._.

  6. Have you watched Gravity Falls its like the same thing. BUUUT Steven Universe still comes in first place( even though they havent posted an episode for like a million years)

  7. i can wiggle my ears too. i learned how to do it since i was 5. plus i can do these weird things with all 10 of my toes

  8. a subscriber from S.Korea! happy to hear you enjoy kimchi and Korean barbecue! If you are going to come to Korea, I think Youth Goodwill Guide, a volunteer group of Korean students will help you through! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi Ray! I love your channel! I found it from a comment in a threadbanger video…. I will check out your accessory line! I can say that your shoes stink in Tagalog…. Ung ba ho, un sapato smo!!!! I learned from my friend in elementary school. My channel has some crafts on it, if you want to check it out; it may inspire you to make something! I want to go to the Philippines one day, if my friend Sahlee goes soon I think I will tag along with her… You are a very handsome young man with an awesome smile, good luck with your channel! Also great work on your AIDS fund raiser!

  10. So I found out that we have some of the same bands in common ^_^
    What are your favorite songs from them?
    And the notebooks thing is sooooo me. I have probablyโ€ฆ 23 unique notebooks. Some of witch I trade back and forth with friends and we right our favorite poems in them.

  11. Ray, you must try reading the other Harry Potter books, there are many things the movies didn't show. And I'm in Gryffindor, which house are you in?

  12. Hello Kuya Ray, this is your cousin from the Philippines. Believe me, I know who your current family is. I even know your lolo and lola from my family since your mother and my father are brothers. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I hope to see you soon. When you come back and visit us. That's all. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜œ

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