50 Fun Things to do in Mexico City

What’s up guys! My name is Dan. And as many of you already know,
I recently spent one whole year living in Mexico City. I always wanted to make one super video,
that looks at all the reasons I love this place. And that’s what today’s video is. So sit back,
and I hope you enjoy, “50 Fun Things to do in Mexico City”. Today’s video is brought to you by Squarespace. If you need a new website, check out Squarespace.com/thenewtravel (1) Eat some tacos. Seriously, I know it’s obvious. But the first thing you do in Mexico City
has to be eating tacos. I recommend “Tacos al Pastor”. They are a Mexico City speciality. (2) Visit el Centro Historico. Give yourself at least a day for this,
because the historic centre is packed with things to do. (3) You can visit Palacio Bellas Artes. (4) You can climb the Torre Latinoamericano. (5) You can check out some street performers,
(6) visit Mexico City’s Cathedral, (7) or just walk around the Zocalo. It’s Mexico City’s famous meeting place,
where there is always something going on. And if you’re into history,
be sure to visit (8) Templo Mayor. These are ancient Aztec ruins that are built
right underneath the city. It’s crazy. Starting to get hungry? I recommend trying (9) Pozole, at Casa de
Tono. And while you’re there, try a (10) Michelada. It’s a beer mixed with salt, lime, spices,
and… I don’t know exactly what else, but it’s
amazing. For dessert, eat some (11) churros at El Moro. This place has been making churros since 1935. If you want to get away from the craziness
of the city, visit (12) Chapultepec Park. This is another place where you could literally
spend all day. Inside the park is a real castle, where European
royalty used to live. And my vote for the best museum in the city,
(14) the Museum of Anthropology. The museum is one of many places in Mexico
City, where you can learn about (15) the Indigenous
cultures of Mexico. After the park, take a walk down (16) the
beautiful “Paseo de la Reforma”. Where you can visit (17) El Angel de Independencia. Also known as “the angel of independence”. Especially at night, it looks really cool. But let’s keep things moving, because there’s
a lot more to see. Like (18) Coyoacan! A unique old neighbourhood that used to be
its own city. While you’re there, take a walk through (19)
Coyoacan Market. And if you like seafood, stop inside for some
(20) tostadas. I recommend the shrimp and avocado. Nearby, you can visit (21) Frida Khalo’s House. Or if you’re into film,
you can see a movie at (22) the stunning Cineteca Nacional. Another nice neighbourhood is (23) Polanco. It’s a pricier part of town, popular for upscale
shopping. But, it also has (24) Museo Soumaya. A beautiful museum that’s free to visit. So that’s cool. Speaking of free, did you know Mexico City
is home to (25) UNAM? One of the world’s largest universities – where
tuition is free! Also cool to visit is (26) Biblioteca Vasconcelos. This is by far the coolest library I have
ever seen. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, Mexico
City is huge. And there’s a lot of traffic. One way to avoid traffic jams is by (27) taking
the metro. The metro system in Mexico City is great,
and it only costs 5 pesos. Just be careful of pickpockets, especially
when it gets busy. Okay, you must be getting hungry, right? This is Mexico City, after all. I recommend you to (28) visit a Fonda Restaurant
and try the Menu del Dia. This is like the opposite of Taco Bell,
This is the real Mexican experience. Good, freshly cooked food, at affordable prices. To drink, I recommend (29) trying some “Agua
de Sabor”. These sweet drinks are great on a hot day. Our favourites are tamarindo juice and horchata. Speaking of sweet, (30) try a Mazapan. These little guys are delicious, they are
my favourite Mexican sweets. Oh, and (31) visit a Pasteleria! Because Mexico has some amazing bakeries. Okay, come to think of it… Mexico has a lot of sweets. So if you want to burn off the extra calories,
go for a (32) Sunday Bike Ride. Every Sunday, Mexico City closes some major
roads to cars, and leaves them open just to bikes. It’s a great idea. I wish more cities would do this. But let’s keep moving — there’s more to
see! Like (33) Monument to the Revolution. Or, (34) San Angel. Another cool neighbourhood to visit on Saturdays,
when there’s a big arts and crafts market. Or a place that’s fun to visit but hard to
pronounce… (35) Xochimilco! Get some friends together and rent a boat,
which you can ride through ancient canals. While you’re there, (36) try some Pulque. It’s a lightly alcoholic drink made from cactus. To be honest, I didn’t like it that much. But it’s worth a try. “Have some more Pulque, bro!” Speaking of worth a try, if you’re feeling
adventurous, (37) try some chapulines. They are roasted grasshoppers, and they’ve
been a speciality in Mexico City, going back to prehispanic
times. If you want nightlife, (38) visit Zona Rosa. There are tons of bars, clubs…
and it’s the centre of the LGBT community. If you want a nice neighbourhood to hang out
in, try (39) La Condesa. It’s got lots of trees, and chill cafes to
hang out in. Oh and there’s a beautiful park nearby called
(40) Parque Mexico. If you want to see dogs, this is the place
to go. Also nearby is my favourite neighbourhood
in the city — (41) Roma Norte. The architecture here is amazing, it’s full
of cool restaurants, and street art, and — seriously, just check
it out. Okay, we’re running out of time, what else,
what else… Well, you could (42) try esquites,
a classic Mexican treat made from sweet corn. Oh and you have to visit (43) El Pescadito. Seriously, best fish tacos I have ever had. And if you like to drink you have to (44)
try mezcal. It’s like tequila, but stronger. And if you like music, you have to (45) listen
to mariachi of course. And then there’s (46) Basilica de Guadalupe. A famous church visited by millions of Catholics
every year! And if you like soccer, try to see a game
at (47) the famous Estadio Azteca. Okay, okay, I know it’s “football” not “soccer”,
right? Ah, let’s move on. Anyway, Mexicans are very proud of their country,
so if you’re here on September 16th, be sure to check out (48) the Independence
Day celebrations. Remember guys, that’s September… not Cinco
de Mayo… September. Or if you’re here at the end of October,
check out (49) the world-famous Dia de Muertos parade. Also known as “Day of the Dead”. There’s nothing else like it. And, umm… Oh wait, are we on Number 50 already? How did we get here so fast? Ah, there’s so much more I could say,
I’m telling you, this city takes a lifetime to explore. But since there’s only one more thing left
to say, let it be this: (50) Make Mexican friends. Because as many things as there are to do
in this city… It’s the people you will remember the most. So what’d you guys think? I spent more time than I would love to admit,
getting all those clips and putting this video together. So if you enjoyed it, please consider leaving
a like, and sharing it with a friend. And thank you to all the wonderful people
of Mexico City, who welcomed me from my first day in that
city. And also to all the people across Mexico,
I know this is just about Mexico City, but really it’s the culture of Mexico and
the people of Mexico, who make that city what it is. Thank you to Squarespace. They are the sponsor of today’s video. If you need an online portfolio,
if you need a place to host your photos, if you need a place to start blogging… basically,
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and get a free trial, or 10% off your first purchase. As always guys, I’m Dan from The New Travel. I’ll see you next time. 😉

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