50 Fun Things to do in Vancouver (Vancouver, Canada Travel Guide)

So I’m down here with my friends Mel and
Jona, who just arrived from England. “Hello!” “We’ve got a couple of days in Vancouver,
Dan, what do you recommend we do?” “What do I recommend you do?!?” Well you have come to the right place. Do you like beaches? We’ve got a few of those. The best beach for sunsets is English Bay,
in the West End of downtown. While you’re there, check out the laughing
statues. A good spot for the family is Kitsilano Beach. You could even try the awesome Outdoor Pool. Once you’ve dried off, spend some time exploring
Kitsilano. It’s an old hippie neighborhood with its
own unique vibe. Head on up to West 4th for a laid-back street
with some great restaurants and local shops. Or are you feeling a bit adventurous? There’s always Wreck Beach. Wreck Beach is the largest nude beach in Canada. Just watch out for the stairs… they’ll
get you! If you’re visiting in summertime, you are
in luck. There are a ton of street festivals happening
this time of year! Engage in local Vancouver customs such as: Taking a wing selfie. Eating one of these things. Pretending Kambucha tastes good… (oh god,
it’s worse than vinegar!) And of course, listening to live music. Hey,do you like parks? Take a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park, and
if the season’s right check out the cherry blossoms! Or if you want something bigger, check out
Stanley Park, where you can find 500-year-old trees! While you’re there, bike the sea-wall for
beautiful ocean views. Do you have rainy days in the schedule? Yeah, we get a few of those. That’s why we have so many coffee shops! Check one out. Seriously, this city has more than just Starbucks. While you’re at it, try one of our delicious
sushi restaurants. They are literally everywhere. Want to get more into nature? I got you covered. Go into the wild at the Capilano Suspension
Bridge, or Lynn Canyon Park or Deep Cove or Cypress! There are an endless number of hikes around
Vancouver. I don’t have time to list them. Just watch out for wildlife. Damn nature, you scary! Or maybe you want some more local activities. Engage in some favourite Vancouver pastimes
such as: Complaining about the rain. Complaining about the sun. Jumping on the Canucks bandwagon. “I think this could be the year!” – Jumping off the Canucks bandwagon. “Hey guys, uh… you have a return policy
on this thing?” Or choosing from ridiculously large selections
of craft beer! Seriously though, the beer’s great. Speaking of beer, maybe you’re looking for
some nightlife? You could party on Granville Street. On second thought, let’s not party on Granville
Street. But there’s always Gastown, or Davie Street
or Commercial Drive. While you’re downtown, be sure to check
out Canada’s oldest Chinatown. There’s a nice little Chinese Garden that’s
well worth a visit. Or stop by the sports stadium to see the BC
Lions or the Vancouver Whitecaps. If you want to get above it all, you could
take the Vancouver Lookout. Wait, it costs how much? Okay, scratch that. You know what, just take a walk by downtown’s
beautiful Waterfront. Just know that the waterfront is pretty touristic. If you want a see a more local side of Vancouver,
you could try walking around False Creek. I live right by there, and I love this place. For only a few dollars you can take a ride
down False Creek on the False Creek Ferry. This little guy can take you to Granville
Island, an artsy place with lots of local shops. Be sure to stop by Granville Island’s Public
Market, and bring an appetite. Wondering how to get around the city? Have no fear, there are plenty of options! You could ride the Skytrain
Or you could take one of these (Mobi). Or one of these (Evo). Or one of these (Car2Go). Or one of these! (Uber) Haha, just kidding. Uh oh, I’m making Uber jokes… time to
wrap this video. So here’s a few final thoughts…. The Vancouver Aquarium and the Science Museum
are two great places for kids. The Rio Theatre is a hipster cinema that plays
cool old movies. If you want to see a bunch of new street art,
take a walk down Main Street. If you like Asian food, you MUST visit Richmond
Night Market. And if you’ve visiting from outside of Canada,
don’t worry, I’m about to answer the only real question you have: the best Poutine I’ve
had is at La Belle Patate. And finally, if you love Vancouver as much
as I do, you could… buy a condo. Haha, just kidding. But you could at least rent an apartment? Unless you have a dog… Okay, so maybe life in Vancouver’s not perfect. We’ve got problems like everywhere else. But you know what, I am proud of this city. And I want you to make every moment count. So go out there and do as much as you can
— try to do everything on this list! “Ah, but we’ve only got one more day…” “Oh. Well, you can always take a selfie with the
clock…” Thanks for watching, guys. See you next time! So here’s the deal guys: I don’t have
a drone, I’m not that good at editing, and I don’t have sexy bikinis in my thumbnails. But I love making travel videos, and I work
hard to make every video better than the one before. So if that sounds good to you, I invite you
to join the jouney, subscribe, and I will see you next week!

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  1. you can get those tornado potatoes pretty much at any county fairs in SoCal. We've been to Queen Elisabeth and Stanley Parks. Capilano was pretty cool. I like comedy in this episode. I like the shot up (and down) the look out. We only had 15 min at Granville Island, need to go back next time. Didn't get to go on the light rails. We also missed the aquarium and the science museum. we had poutine there!!!!

  2. I am so happy that you mentionned POUTINE! By the way! To anybody that reads this comment, VANCOUVER have the BEST poutines outside of Québec (the province). I've travelled around Canada a few times and VanCity have all my top 5 places in Canada! Nice vidéo by the way!

  3. Hehehe! Hi there Mel & Jona!! L'ami! We need to visit the richmond night market! It looks like in the anime!! Hopefully we are there! I had never heard of the market before listening to your awesome channel! We want more of Vancouver!

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  5. Woohoo Wreck beach lol. Wow 5 things, now all I need is a free lodging and a free plane ticket. Hey I used to make kombucha from scratch! Cypress mountains looks so pretty. OMG La belle Patate.

  6. Wow!!! Such a great video covering Vancouver so well. I have visited Vancouver many times and explored this wonderful city pretty well but while watching this video I have realized that there are so many things and places in this video that I have not done. Thanks for these tips.

  7. I think you need a 100 list to include every funny thing. I m from France and I ll be there the 4th September ia, thank you for your videos. =)

  8. Haha #11! Haven't tried it, but definitely won't be now!
    #23 & #24 too! Nailed it.
    #36 couldn't agree with more, the sights are surprisingly good!
    Loved this video Dan, if only you'd made it before we came out… though then we wouldn't be guest appearing! 😜

    Btw the outro about no drones or bikinis…. loved it!

  9. You said you aren't good at editing. Are you kidding man! This was great. The video was super entertaining to watch. Loved the way you gave us a tour of your city. This seriously made me want to go to Vancouver now haha. So many beautiful hiking spots. I didn't realize how cool that city is. You got a new sub right here man. Great video. 😀 By the way I've heard of poutine but I still don't get what is is. I'm vegetarian but I think if I go I may make an exception to try it haha. See you around man.

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  13. Lynn Canyon bridge is shorter but FREE. Also recommend Cleveland Dam for a visit, plus check out the hatchery. (also FREE)

  14. 500 trees = AWESOME! We get enough rain maybe we shouldn't visit Vancouver haha, but apparently there is enough coffee and beer for those rainy days 😉 Amy & Yas

  15. Really like the way you narrated this list and love the hand written copy appearing. So, sushi is popular then! Really good to know when the festivals are on.

  16. We like Vancouver a lot. We've been there many times since it is only a ferry ride away from Vancouver Island. We haven't done all the things on the list. I like how you mentioned Canucks fans and the whole bandwagon jumping and then abandonment that seems to happen a lot. Are Canucks fans the worst?

  17. Wow so many hikes! I'm dying to go to the suspension bridge. Your commentary editing is so funny, I love it! "so gloomy" haha. Of the 50 which is your favorite?

  18. Thanks for the vid! I'm currently applying for jobs in Van and enjoy learning more about the city! You're making me really want these job so I can move! Cheers!

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  20. Interesting ! I used to live in the West End myself as a kid growing up. Because of an unpleasant experience way back years ago. I don't want anymore bad memories that occurred many years ago.

  21. I love how chilled and humorous this video is. I am a new subscriber. Thanks for your tips. I plan to visit Vancouver later this year.

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  23. Check out weed-tours.ca for guided tours of the best Marijuana dispensaries, lounges and production facilities in Vancouver and the surrounding area

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  25. I usually only watch travel videos with sexy bikini girls in the thumbnails… Not sure how I got here.

  26. Hahahahaha I Love your video was perfect I was just wondering if it’s OK to feature it on Instagram which would credit back to how to get to your thing I think you do great reviews and you summed up Vancouver in a Q and a good way I really like how you direct people away from Granville Street (atrocious night spots there) & your Canucks thing was hilariously true. All in all very accurate
    ( coming from a born and raised longterm vancouverite)..

  27. Just an FYI the laughing statues are called “A-Mazing Laughter” … in case people are trying to google it or whatever

  28. Hey Dan, I just found one of your "oldies" and it's awesome!!! So much to do and see in Vancouver and you made a great fun video! Love it!

  29. Great vlog this is my city you blogging, you just visited the most beautiful city.
    Hey bro check out my channel,
    I watch you r videos I’m sub for Life hope you do the same for me in advance try for your support.

  30. There is also the Fairs like Playland and the Peoni(I don’t know if I spelled it right)I don’t live in Vancouver I live on Vancouver island but we visit quite a bit to see friends(oh wait is the fairs in Burnaby? That’s where our friends are)

  31. 51. Pacific spirit park North side
    52. Food in kerrisdale
    53. Salsa at Robson Square in the summer and skating in winter
    54. MOA in UBC
    55. UBC farm
    56. Jericho beach /Spanish sand
    57. Light show at botanical garden
    58. Vancouver Public Library
    59. Vancouver Baha'i Learning Center on Main Street
    60. Cultch theatre

  32. excited to go out there in two weeks hoping I have good luck using the transportation and would it be best to purchase currency before hand or while there in bc?

  33. @The New Travel
    we are visiting BC for the first time; saw your on Panaroma Ridge and this one

    Excellent content, please keep it up ! 🌟

  34. hahahahahahahahaha 11 – Pretend Kombucha tastes good!! Man, I feel you.. I bought a bottle for like $15 here in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) where I live.. and the taste is so strange.. and you remember there's good bacterias living in Kombucha it makes it worse lol.. P.S.: Subscribed at the end of this video, when you said you don't have bikini thumbnails.. Fuck those attention whores.

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