$500 vs $16 Steak Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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  1. Normally these videos are pretty boring. This is so much better. SO much more informative, so much more feedback, etc. If you want to compete with BA, more of this.

  2. Comment section is what usually I look for when such videos come up, it's generally comment Section which more interesting than video…


  4. oh i love this content. look how lorenzo having fun with the expensive ingredient while frank lecture us to makes richer steak.

  5. Level 2 calls level 4 for help my internets just broke and I have no regrets or issues because deep down inside I wanted that and didn't know I wanted that until it happened…

  6. I like how they’re new to the the side dish and sauce they use but when they’re both cooking the steak it’s like their minds connect

  7. I just realized that my father is a cook himself for almost two decades and work on high end hotels. so the ingredients he uses prolly cost more than my 6 year tuition fee.

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