Finally! Arrived at I’m Fine Cafe in Seoul Let’s take a look! OMG! So cute! Let’s come in There are many photos and some figures of BTS Especially Jin’s photos I will show you what’s in here. Inside this cafe Koya and RJ!!! If you want to know the location of this cafe You can see in the description box We can also watch MMA from here But unfortunately the cafe was closed at 8 pm I came here around 7.40 pm So, I just had a little time spent at there BTS got many awards from MMA! SO PROUD! So, now I’m in I’m Fine Cafe This is one of the cafe which celebrated Jin’s Birthday BTS fan site made this event for ARMY!! I’m so impressed! If one of BTS member got birthday, this place will held the event Because of Jin’s birthday on 4th December So, the event was held on 30th November – 4th December 2019 Hai!! Hai guys! Today is my second day in Seoul and now we want to go to Hongdae Street we want to find many cafes which celebrate Jin’s birthday while waiting the bus today’s weather is cold and cool Actually, the weather in Seoul is not too cold if compare with Ulsan Even though the temperature in Seoul a little bit lower than in Ulsan But, in here is not too windy than in Ulsan We are walking to Hongdae unfortunately, we came here is too early The places are open at 11 am But, we arrived here at 10 am. 1 hour early So, we are just strolling around Hongdae I went to Hongdae Station first I want to find some advertisements around there THIS! If you live in Seoul and you can use subway/metro we can see the advertisement like this not only BTS member I can also find other kpop idols and there will be a lot of the ads about Jin’s day! Like this! aaaa so handsome!! Now I’m in the front of Line Friends in Hongdae and it’s around 10.55 am The place is open at 11 am So, I will wait for 5 minute until it open and there a lot of people are waiting in front of the shop I go to here just looking for some merchants of BT21 Yes the door is open! You can find and buy any stuffs of BT21 or Line Friends here!! Accessories handphone, power bank iPhone case or Samsung case Let’s see the 2nd floor I was confused which stuff should I bought so many cutest stuffs and so many sale at that day pillows, blanket, cup and tumbler so, I decided to buy this RJ cup I’m walking to a cafe that provides cup holders, photo cards or anything else Hi! I don’t remember this gonna be 4th or 5th cafe that I’ve visited

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