6 Confusing Words: fun & funny, famous & popular, surprise & shock

Commonly confused words! You will maybe
mix up words. These words are very close in meaning, but they’re actually different.
My name’s Ronnie. I’m going to help you figure out some… six
words that are confusing in English, and you think maybe they’re even the same word.
They are not the same word. They are different. They have
different meanings. Don’t ever get them wrong again. Okay, so: commonly confused words. The
first one is “fun”, and you confuse this with “funny”. I say, what’s the
difference between “fun” and “funny”? And you say, “Oh, I know… ‘fun’ is an
adjective.” It’s the police again. They’ve come to get me.
We’re having too much fun. And I say, “Well, if ‘fun’ is an adjective
what kind of word is ‘funny’ then, hmm?” And you go, “Oh, it’s an adjective,
too.” So what’s the difference? The difference is “fun” means you are — woohoo —
having a great, great time doing something. You are having fun. It’s great. Maybe you are drinking. Maybe you are
watching English videos. Maybe you are studying. I really wouldn’t think
that studying would be fun, but learning on the internet is fun.
Then we have “funny.” “Funny” means it makes you laugh. If
something is funny, you will laugh. A lot of people say “I went to
Disneyland and it was funny.” Why, what happened? “We went on a roller coaster.”
Uhhh, okay, but a roller coaster’s not “funny”. If I went to an amusement
park, I wouldn’t look at a roller coaster and go… “Hahaha… look at it, it’s a roller coaster.
It’s funny.” No, you would go on the roller coaster
and go “Woo hoo!” — it is fun. So: difference, “fun” means, basically,
a good time — “I’m having a good time.” — versus “funny” — it makes you laugh.
This word looks like “la ha uhghhjg” but the pronunciation is actually
“laugh”. “Fun” means it’s a good time, like at a party. “Funny” means it
makes you laugh. You can have both together. You can go to a party. The
party can be super-fun, and someone at the party could be funny, maybe
there’s a clown, clowns can be funny. The next one is “surprise” versus
“shock.” I hear a lot of people say, for example, “I went home last night, and
I saw my mom and my dad naked. I was surprised.” Were you having a party?
Are you getting out a camera? “Hi Mom, hi Dad, what’s up?” No, no, no,
no, you were not “surprised”. You were scarred for life. You were in
“shock” or, in the past tense, you were “shocked”. You weren’t happy about something. You
were “shocked”. So, “surprise” we always use for a positive event. For
example, if you bought a lottery ticket and you won, “Surprise! You have
a million dollars!” Cool! Compared to “shocking” news. Let’s say that you just got a phone
call that your friend is in the hospital, because they got hit by a donkey.
“Surprise! Your friend got hit by a donkey”. No… “I’m shocked! My
friend got hit by a donkey.” “Surprise” is always positive. “Shocked” is always a bad thing, or a
negative situation. On to the last one. “Famous” versus “popular”. These
are very similar in meaning, but again, different. “Famous” means many
people know you or know someone. So if you look at an example, you can take
any president of the United States of America. I would wager a bet, any president,
or prime minister in the world most people would know their name. So if
I took the President of Canada… we don’t have a President of Canada. If
I took the Prime Minister of Canada… Nah, I don’t want to take him. If we took the President of America,
if we took George W. Bush, the past president of America, most people
have heard of the word “bush” before, mmm-hmm… George W. Bush. But, many people know
this name; many people know the name “Bush”. Popular: do you like George
Bush, George W. Bush? I’m sorry. George W. Bush was very, very famous,
but he was not popular. “Popular” means many people actually like someone. So people who are popular… they don’t
have to have a lot of people that know who they are, but they have to
have a couple people who actually like them. Another example of someone who
is “famous”, but not “popular” — again, it’s all about the government isn’t it —
would be the famous, but much hated, Hitler. Everyone knows who Hitler is.
I hope people don’t like Hitler. Come on, really? This guy’s terrible!
So Hitler is famous but not popular. Maybe when you were in high school,
there was the “popular” boy… who talked like this, and was so popular, okay? Or
there was the “popular” girl. People liked the popular boy
or the popular girl. But if you went to a different school
and you said, “Hey, do you know Benny, the guy that talks like this?” They’d
go, “No, I don’t know Benny.” Benny is well-liked or popular at your school,
but many people don’t know who he is. Famous — popular. Surprise — shock.
Fun — funny. That’s all for now!
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  1. ike Ronnie said studying may not be a fun but learning things on the internet is fun so is her videos, on never get bored with learning things with Ronnie..

  2. Love you,Ronnie! Your style of teaching,your examples,your smile and emotions make your videos so popular and make us have fun!!!

  3. I love your english!! I have been study English for five months, and I have any dificultes to speak and understand native speakers, but when you speak i can understand 95%, this is the reason I love your channel. I hope to continue learn with you 💋💋

    From Angola

  4. Hello Ronnie; i realy like you so much… you are so funny. realy it is i plaisir to learn english with you because you make it so easy and atractive. 🙂

  5. I seriously didn’t know the differences between popular and famous thanks for that Ronnie🙏🏽👍🏻
    We gotta be careful with the words we’re choosing if both of them were meant to have the same meaning,there would only be one word used instead of 2😂👌❤️love you Ronnie thanks again

  6. Ronnie, you're always a funny teacher! I like you, you're so great! Thanks a lot for today's video, it's cool!

  7. 😊 My best teacher 💚🙏, you have made my learning easy and fun, and funny 😂… hope to meet you in person one day 🎁… Thank you so much Ronnie , grateful 🙌

  8. i am watching right now it is fun to learn new words from her. Her teaching technique is really funny at the same time. I do not think whether she is famous or not but for me she is popular. i have been always surprised for the moment she appears on the screen her aura is something very positive and happy. while i am watching you on youtube my brother suddenly disturb me and i was shocked and shouted at the same time

  9. I was having FUN at my friends birthday party,we SURPRISED him with gifts he wanted from us on his birthday,and then I received a call from someone telling me my cousin got hit by a donkey ,,I was SHOCKED of the news but it was FUNNY that how he got hit by a donkey,well he is very famous among my friends after donkey accident but I am
    More popular .(((lol I tried to put these words in a paragraph only for understanding purposes ,,,) Ronnie ,it’s Ghulam your student from
    The other part of the world ,,far far away kingdom of Pakistan 🇵🇰 lol love you

  10. I tought, the words fun, surprise and schock are nouns and not adjectivs. The words funny, surprised, shocked, famous and popular are adjectivs. Aren´t?

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