6 Fun Kitchen Gadgets

1: Apple Peeler
Alright, so this fun device, you just take your apple and you press it down onto the
spiky bits and then you just start turning the level and the knife will auto-adjust and
cut the peel away from the apple just like this, or if you happen to have a round potato
it can do that, too. Just keep turning and you take your apple that will be peeled off
of it, and now you can slice it up but it would be too difficult to slice this with
a knife so I got this funny little device that you just press down and it separates
the slices of apple from the core directly so you can just pop them out just like this
and there’s no hassle. I’m just going to remove all these now. I happen to also
know that they make one of these for melon, and I have that so I’m going to show you
that next. 2: Melon Cutter
Okay Take -2. How much force does this thing need?
Nope, that didn’t work. This is not sharp enough.
Maybe it just doesn’t work on this kind of melon.
Crap! Oh Crap!
Forget that—this is important consumer information, sometimes gadgets just don’t work – Busted!
3: Apple Spiral Cutter Alright so this is a great device, you just
put it down on the table and turn the lever and it creates a suction onto the table that
holds it in place. Then you place your apple into it sideways just like this and start
turning the lever, then as it gets close to the blade the blade will move back and peel
off only the skin and at the same time it will slice through the apple. As you can see
there’s a little gap there on the apple and when you go through it, it slices the
entire apple. You go all the way through and then you just pull off the apple at the end
and you can just spread it out, it’s peeled and cut into a spiral. You can do this with
potatoes, too. Awesome machine! 4: Egg Suction Cup
Alright this is an awesome little device. It’s great fun, you just take an egg, crack
it open and as you do and then you take your suction cup and you press it in and get it
close to the egg yolk and suck it up just like this, and it leaves behind the egg white.
Then you depress it and the egg yolk falls out. You can also do this with many egg yolks
but it take a little more skill, you just press it in and just capture all of them just
like this. You just suck them up and leave the egg whites behind. Then you can just depress
it and pop them out just like this. Awesome! 5: Egg Skull and Bones
Alright so you just take a nonstick pan with some butter, heated up, and put your skull
mold into it and then you crack open some eggs and you want to pop the yolk into the
little eye socket. The eye socket is designed so it has gaps on the bottom so the white
flows underneath it but keeps the egg yolk in place. It just covers all the other surface
area with the egg white. Then you just simply cook it like you would normally with your
eggs and it just keeps your eggs into this skull shape. The only thing you have to watch
out for is bubbles that might pop up; you might have to pop them away like that. Once
it’s fully cooked then you just remove the mold just like this and then you’ve got
leftover your egg shaped as a skull, which I think is a very fun way to present your
breakfast. Place it onto a plate and I like to add some bacon in the shape of crossbones
so you have egg skull with crossbones. Awesome! 6: Egg Scrambler
Alright now this is a crazy device, you put it into the socket and close it shut and then
you hold onto the handles and spin it round and then pull and release, pull and release,
continuously. What happens is the pull will spin it at tremendous speed and inside the
egg yolk is combining with the egg white and it’s becoming scrambled. Once you’ve spun
it a couple of times you just release it and then you pull it out and now you can crack
it open and you have scrambled eggs inside. Look at that, insane!
But wait, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be used. You spin it and then you place
it inside some boiling water and you boil it until its hardboiled and then you de-shell
it just like this. I must warn you it’s really, really difficult to de-shell this
egg, I don’t know why but when you scramble the egg inside the shell the shell does not
want to come off. Now that you’ve de-shelled it you can cut it open and it’s a pale yellow
all the way through, there is no yolk, its scrambled egg inside the shell—how mad is
that? There we go that’s the six tricks. Now please
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  1. I love your channel so much. Your voice is very relaxing to me, your sense of humor is very funny I've watched all your gadget videos just to listen to you explain things. I always listen to at least 3 of your vids before bed, to learn some cool shit, and be relaxed. I'm super jealous of all your gadgets. It's definitely a dream of mine to have a badass kitchen someday. Cheers.

  2. on the melon cutter you cut the top off ding dong😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲dur 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😰😰😰😰😰😰oh did you not think about that

  3. 4:45 Orr u could just use a sock life hacks as long as u don't hit it on a table or something hard or soft lol

  4. before you kill someone bring them breakfast first a death breakfast a skull egg and bacon crossbones

  5. very bad video esko karna hi nahi aata aur video banane aya hai watermelon katne beri ha ha hapa ja raha faltu video jo chiz karna nahi aata uo pahele sikho jab aache shikh jaoge tab video banana faltu faltu faltu video

  6. It seems that people will find hacks to cooking. For example people will use a water bottle to remove yolks. Then we have people who will try to make money with that hack by making an egg suction. People just got to have money don't they?

  7. The reason the egg is difficult to peel after making it scrambled is because once the egg yolk is boiled, it doesn't come out as soft and smooth as the egg white (as with normal boiled eggs), but more "drier" and with a matt texture. Therefore, once mixed with the egg white (scrambled), the egg won't be as "smooth and easy" to peel as originally.
    Also the egg white has the majority of the protein in eggs (albumin), so after denaturation it gets its classic soft and smooth texture. But not in a scrambled egg.

  8. Scrambled eggs in shell mixes up the membrane making it harder to remove shell unlike a regular hard boiled egg

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