6 Stylish New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas | NYE Party Lookbook

BRIAN: I’ll kick things off here with the first
of two looks that I’ll be showing you guys. So, I am a firm believer, especially
on New Year’s Eve, that you can make the occasion whatever you want it to be. You
don’t have to dress up, but if you’re feeling, it by all means do so, Personally,
I always like to do something elegant for New Year’s Eve and that’s what this
look is all about. Starting things off with the undisputed centerpiece here, my
burgundy dinner jacket from our upcoming collection with Michael Andrews.
Beautiful VBC fabric with a satin shawl lapel. Super classic, sophisticated, and
fun at the same time. Underneath, also from the collection, we have a dinner
shirt with three-quarter inch pleats. Bow tie is velvet. Perfect option for New
Year’s Eve. This one is by Le Noeud Papillon.
Cummerbund and tuxedo trousers are both by Polo Ralph Lauren. And then
finishing things off with the perfect velvet slippers for New Year’s Eve. These
are by Stubbs and Wootton. STEVEN: Hi, guys. I’m Stephen Elliott, Managing
Editor here at He Spoke Style. Obviously, lots of different ways to approach
dressing for New Year’s Eve. For my first look, it’s all about keeping it elegant
and casually sophisticated. Here, I’m wearing a six-button double-breasted suit
from Club Monaco. I love the subtle herringbone pattern in the fabric. The
jacket is unlined. It also has patch pockets, which give it a more casual
overall feel. Underneath, I paired it with a cream merino wool turtleneck from
Uniqlo. Turtlenecks are a great way to sort of take a little bit of a formality
out of a double-breasted suit and also protect this kind of stylish ease and
casual sophistication. On my wrist, just a very simple dress watch. And then, finally,
finished off with a classic pair of tassel loafers. These are the Deerfield
by Johnston and Murphy. CORY: Hello, everyone. I’m Cory Sylvester, Chief Operating Officer
and Partner for Michael Andrews Bespoke. I like to think of my style as something
of a rockabilly version of Ralph Lauren. Basically, I like the idea of combining
elegant and casual elements. And, for me, New Year’s Eve is a great time to do
just that. For my first look here, I’m wearing a dinner jacket from Michael
Andrews Bespoke made with Dormeuil Tonik. Absolutely legendary cloth in terms of
formalwear. Instead of the matching trousers, I went with my trusty jeans, also bespoke, which
is a very Ralph movem some might say. Here, with the raw hem in the jeans and pointed
toe of the boots, I tried to take part of Ralph’s iconic style and make it my own.
Speaking of the boots, they’re from Heritage Boot Co. from Austin, Texas.
And on my wrist is a vintage Cartier Tank given to me by my wife on our
wedding day. A great everyday watch that’s perfect for a look like this.
BRIAN: Alright, so my second look is admittedly not that quote-unquote
festive, but again, as Steven said, there are lots of different approaches to
dressing for New Year’s Eve. This is definitely an evening look and
it’s all about elegant sophistication and casual confidence. Both those things
are really easy to capture when you keep things simple.
Now, the suit and I’m wearing, a medium grey flannel, is an absolute must-have
for your winter wardrobe. This is another piece in our collection with Michael
Andrews. Very classic styling here with notch lapel and two flap pockets. Super
versatile. Underneath, a simple black merino wool turtleneck from Uniqlo. I’ve
tucked it into the trousers here to both show off the pleats and for a little
sartorial touch. You’ll notice that I’m not wearing a pocket square.
Totally intentional. And meant to sort of double down on the minimalist
approach to this look. Decided to add a little bit of intensity here with the
glasses. They are by Persol. Now speaking of intense, on the wrist, we
have a pretty intense watch. The Datograph by A. Lange and Söhne. And then
simple and classic black Oxfords by Cole Haan to finish things
off. STEVEN: So my second look is for everyone who doesn’t intend to leave the house to
ring in the New Year but still wants to do it in style. Throwing a New Year’s Eve
party can be stressful, so keeping your outfit simple and laid-back is always a
good idea. Here, I’m keeping it seasonal and festive with a casual plaid
button-down shirt. It’s by Land’s End. Then over that, I’ve got a green merino wool
cardigan, which is a great cozy, casual, and stylish substitute for a blazer.
The one I’m wearing is by Uniqlo. I’m pairing those items with some dark grey
flannel trousers. A winter staple if there ever was one.
Now, you can definitely go a little more casual and swap out the grey flannel for
a pair of corduroys or dark denim, but for New Year’s Eve at home, I like the
casual elegance of the flannel. And then I’m anchoring the look with a classic
penny loafer from G.H. Bass. CORY: My second look here is all about making a
monolithic statement. Honestly, I feel my best in all black. For me, nothing says
more without saying anything at all than walking into a room in a sharply tailored
all-black ensemble. When wearing tonal looks like this, I like to play around
with different textures and accessories. My jacket is made with the black velvet
from Ariston. Underneath, I’m wearing a sample from our upcoming custom knitwear
collection with the vintage Celine scarf I picked up on a recent trip to
Paris. My trousers are made from black corduroy, also by Ariston. And I mention
Ariston again simply because I find their cloth to be absolutely exceptional
and extremely comfortable. And, you know, if your clothes aren’t comfortable, then
what’s the point? Finally, a badass pair of Python zipper
boots by Saint Laurent. These were my 30th birthday present to myself. And not a bad
way to leave my 20s behind.

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  1. 2 then 4 and then 5 for me, thanks for the lookbook for this time of year, talking about year have a great new one buddy, just bought a pair of brown houndstooth check trousers that I have seen you wearing in the past if you get a change could you show some ideas on this, as they're a statement piece would like to see you covering a winter collection cheers lad

  2. Definitely your first look, looks appropriate for new years eve.BUT….velvet slippers?????????? I mean if the temperature is below zero(even on farenheit temperature scale) in which way you will prevent the cold on your feet(even inside the ballroom)……i don't know….🤔 🥿🥿❄️🌨️🥶

  3. I really like how you effortless combine bespoke with RTW not just in this video but in many others. 2020 is going to be a great year

  4. Thank you for the video. All the looks are great and it is difficult to make a choice. The definitive take home message is I need to go shopping at Uniqlo. Wishing you a safe and happy 2020.

  5. Hands down first look! You’ll be the star of the room no matter where you go when you look on point like that!

  6. Super duper dope. Love the first look and the last look. Very nice. I am near 30 now so I might need to figure out a good gift for myself as well.

  7. I think it's safe to say that this shoot was a cool one!;)
    I dearly appreciate your efforts in creating this lookbook. Especially your first look speaks to me, Brian.
    Though I'll have to give my two cents about Cory's first outfit. If you're gonna wear a tux with jeans, have those items compliment each other. The formality of that DB Dormeuil tux jacket clashes too harshly with jeans in my eyes (2:22). I'd bring in other items to help converge those two very different styles.
    As an example, I'll actually be wearing a similar outfit for this year's fade-out: Leather loafers, black dressy jeans, black merino turtleneck and a very midnight blue tux blazer in velvet. Spending the night at a friend's place and don't want to get too formal, but still bring in that little sparkle with a tux!
    Anyways, have a nice and stylish New Year's Eve, everyone!

  8. I enjoyed last year velvet dinner jacket that I cop one myself because I thought it was a little playful compared to my all black tuxedo. Channels like yours have elevated my game to high levels. Is there a Woman's version to your channel? I would like to get my lady up to par.

  9. In Brazil it is very hot! I chose to wear linen clothes at the holidays! Brown t-shirt, jacket and linen pants with earth tones. I'll send you a picture on instagram later

  10. I like all the looks, except the casual one. I think, for myself, it is a time to dress up and have some fun. I have an opem house event on New Years Day and again that is a time to show style and flare.

  11. Wow, I really like Cory’s approach! Stuff I’m trying to pull off but can’t quite yet. I’m trying to move a little more towards grey/black in my wardrobe at the moment with different fabrics and textures or at least that’s the idea in my head. It was great to visualise a couple of outfits in motion

  12. Brian always a great episode.  This was great to see all the looks on two other body styles.  I liked the minimalist look (sans pocket square) more than expected.  AND those python boots are a real statement.  Very cool.  The walking/action filming was really great to see what the clothes do when in motion.  Great show.

  13. My favourite outfits:
    Outfit #1
    Outfit #2
    Outfit #4
    Let me elaborate..
    Outfit #1: Definitely the best outfit by a country mile, a very classic outfit perfect for a new year's eve. The burgundy dinner jacket was magnificent and the pleated shirt just adds to elegance of the entire look; loved the slippers too.

    Outfit #2: That houndstooth overcoat over the double-breasted suit and a turtleneck is a sublime look. Sheer casual elegance!

    Outfit #5: The perfect example of badass and elegance all paired in one. The medium grey double-breasted suit and a black turtleneck to play down the formality of the outfit is a very Brian Sacawa combo. Very similar to outfit #2, but better suited to countries that have a hotter climate.

  14. "Not a bad way to leave my 20s behind" – very well said and it's also kind of sad! I remember I kissed my 20s goodbye in Mykonos Greece when I was 29. Mykonos because I had beautiful times there in my younger days. Now I am turning 54 and time does fly! Enjoy life while you can! Have a great New Year to everyone here!

  15. Great looks all three of you! Hope to see more of Steven on the show if you are all up for it. Also lovely to see Manhattan 🙂

  16. Thought that was Lord Blackwood for a second ! @1:19 That overcoat is gorgeous, I need to know the brand Ahhhhh!!!!!

  17. For me new year's is a unique chance to wear my 3 piece without looking overdressed and still remain warm (plus overcoat). Realistically I'll be outside for some time…

  18. The sharp, sweeped curved points of the cowboy boots actually matched the tuxedo's wide, pointy lapel. Never thought a tux and boots could match (let alone jeans), but there ya go.
    Imo, 1st look is def the best. Love the shoes

  19. Good morning Brian. I'm a new fan just within the last week but I'm looking forward to becoming a Super fan over time. I'm a novice fashionista. In other words I have an appreciation for quality fashion which developed in my late teens early 20's when I worked in retail. I'm reconnecting with that now and am beginning my journey. I've been researching custom made clothiers. I found one locally here in Atlanta that I'm curious about. However, I have a question about some of the fabrics they mention on their website. Can you tell me what your thoughts are on a P.I.S-2000 fabric?(Suit Priced at $390) Member ship fine Australian wool? (Suit Priced at $490) Temptation Wool which appears to be a Wool/Cashmere blend? (Suit priced at $590) First Pigeon Super 180 Wool/Cashmere? (Suit priced at $690) Lastly Vitale Barberis Perenial Collection? (Suit priced at $990). Are these quality products? The Tailor claims a custom made suit.

  20. I've got to be honest, the tuxedo and jeans combination doesn't work in my opinion. The very formal tuxedo with the very informal jeans clash way too much, and the fact that the jeans are black makes it look like the wearer just didn't have any tuxedo trousers and tried to cover it up with black jeans.

  21. I was thinking about going with some very similar looks, but I want to take advantage of the 20s theme. I don't know when the next time it'll be appropriate to wear a fedora with a complete or separated three piece suit.

  22. Love all the looks guys. On the first look some ankle high boots or dress boots. Loafers dominated surprisingly but those Python 🐍 Laurent boots are a real nice touch.

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