7 Things I Never Tried Before | #fun #Challenge #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

you’ll see first time this type of video on my channel so easy to drink water with hands but its quite difficult doing it with legs So hit Like to this video and get this video to 1,50,000 Likes In this I am being blindfolded and will make portrait of myself I made portraits before but never tried of mine… now I can’t see anything its done and its gonna to be Moment of Truth now its time to take off my blind fold I think Anaya will make better than this now lets move on to our next challenge in this I am gonna to change 3 outfits in one minute I think I took more time as I’ve to wear this saree Now I’ll kneed Flour for the first time so Pour flour into this big bowl so that it can’t get spell out it looks like slime but its not sticky don’t know how Mumma used to do it I think I added much water but really have fun doing it Now I have to clean Toilet This is not an sponsored video :-)) have to put it in it and I don’t even know how to pour it this brush is my second tool now need to rub with it and then wait for about 20 minutes no its not complete now you’ve clean yourself go to take shower I thinks its gonna be quite difficult

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