75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska & Aleut Evacuation

Unalaska a place of rich beauty Deep Cultural Traditions and A peacefulness often Hidden in The Remote and Rugged Terrain But in June of 1942 the sounds of Crashing waves and rushing Winds, were Replaced by new sounds the sounds of war After Rampaging Across The Pacific for six Months the Japanese, Were Poised for the Killing blow Their Plan, was to Attack Midway Island in The Central Pacific while Simultaneously Striking Alaska? The Japanese Task Force Containing the Japanese Carriers jr.. And ryu jo plowed Through Rough Weather due Northeast Destination Aleutian Islands Members of The American Military Were not the only Ones Facing the brunt of the attack the aleut residents of Unalaska Village Also felt the impact in an Interview 35 Years Ago Philomon to dia coffe recalls his Experience From above The Bomb Shelters We Should have been in I Watched? Japanese Bombers Hina Air Crossing the Skies and also the Zeros as They Scraped the town of Onalaska [I] Could Hear The Machine guns Firing at the Zeros the n aircraft guns Firing at the [Bombers] And We knew that the? Hospital at The end of One last Had Been hit wife and war is determined by inches in Seconds one Survivor Shares his story Ralph Morrison, was Aboard A pby Taking off from Dutch Harbor when the Japanese Planes Attacked, We Take it off the Water as the Japanese Fighters hit as Luckily that, We weren’t off the Water the Knocked out One Engine in The Aircraft and We made a circle in the Bay and made the beach But This, was Still quite Dark and I was Unaware that This was Happening? I, was in The after Station of the Airplane as A Fashion Since I was Misrata I was supposed to go to Cold Bay and So I was backed, over The 50 caliber Machine gun Neither Side of me When They Started Strafing the airplane I wasn’t even aware that, We were being Attacked I thought it was A short in The Airplane and to clinch my Theory of Case Around about A foot in Front of my face and I thought that, was what they Called st.. Elmo’s Fire So i love the way that we were Being Attacked until one of These Victims Came Back Bleeding quite Extensively and Jumped Overboard and at this Time when the PBC Came back for Patrol Planes Commander Came back and said abandon ship 75 Years Later Many of the Voices of This Attack Have Fallen silent Time Has Taken A toll on the soldiers Sailors Pilots and The Civilians who all played a role or bore Witness to the attack The Images of Their Youth the Confidence and Fear are Now for Many only reminders of A war much of the World has Forgotten Today The Grainy Black and White Photos Faded Film Clips Are Replaced by the Vibrant Colors of Unalaska on This 75th Anniversary of the Attack We remember all of the Sacrifices and Honor Those By vowing to never Forget all who Fought or suffered in The Forgotten war

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