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  1. Большое спасибо за подробный и красочный рассказ о Шостаковиче, 7-й симфонии и Самаре!!! Съемки с коптера позволяют посмотреть на родной город другими глазами!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. The city and buildings are so well maintained and gorgeous. Thanks for another GREAT video ❤️

  3. Teaching, and tour-guiding are just two of the efforts you do so well, Sergey. Not many can do it with the historical-style you have. Wonderful editing. Perhaps someday, you may write a book, based on all your travels you do with your channel. Health and prosperity! 👍

  4. You are doing the world a great service by promoting Russia's great culture. Thank you!

    A request, if I may. Your explanations of the symphony – could you put them in the introduction here and remove the voiceover. No offence – then we could hear the music even better.

  5. Wow thank you so much Sergey. that was stunning, Dimitry Shostokovich was a genius and a great Russian and the film showed the true and brave people that stuck up to the cruel and heartless nazis, loveved this and see you soon take care.

  6. Well you know whats wrong with this video is the constant ads. I watched a videos worth of ad because you cant shut it off and then it was another ad directly after it.

  7. This is a fine video! The psychological impact of such beauty, being created in a horrific setting, is simply amazing!! Excellent production Sergey!!

  8. Because you explained the deeper meaning of this Symphony very well, I get it and hear it. But if I had listened to the music without reference, I wouldn't have thought of anything like that. Only the drums would have reminded me of soldiers marching.

  9. Thank you , thank you , thank you for this glorious video. Definitely professional quality. I knew nothing about this wonderful composer. I saw you were disappointed on the views on today's live video so I went back and watched and listened to this one. I had missed it due to spending the day watching my retirement account dive yesterday with the stockmarket here in USA. I'm so glad I went back and watched it. Your video and Shostakovich's music brought tears to my eyes. I love learning about Russia from your channel and the Different Russia channel. Growing up in USA during the cold war, I was totally in ignorance about your great Country. Thanks again. I have watched you from the beginning and feel like I have watched you grow up. It's like you are part of my family.

  10. I watched this yesterday, and then some of your livestream today. Sounds like you know that you're in a transition, but you have to accept that this might mean losing some of your current audience and maybe gaining a new one. Advice: many Americans don't know what WW 2 was like in the USSR, so didn't understand what you were trying to say about Shostakovich. Maybe offer some background about the history. I liked learning about Shostakovich, and listening to the music.

  11. I got part the way through the live stream before it disappeared and I agree that this video is world class and deserves the biggest of audiences. There is no justice in this world Sergey, only in the next. In the mean time, keep doing your best, it is truly excellent.

  12. I think it was one of your best videos. You could tell you put a lot of work into editing it and presenting it. I enjoyed it very well.

  13. Thank you very much for all your work putting up this video. Thanks for all the information and all the awesome video scenes. I want even more to visit Russia after watching all this. Cheers from 🇨🇦

  14. I think YouTube has done something to you. I never got a notification for this video. I'm only watching it now because I did get a notification of your worse day ever video. Something is not right. You've got more views on your whining video than this one? Why? Do you think your fans decided to not watch your video based on the title or something? That doesn't make any sense.

  15. Excellent! Thank you for the explanation at the beginning of the video, a beautiful city and a breathtaking river. Thanks also for the short narration at the start of the concert it made the difference between hearing the music and actually being moved by it.

  16. WOW!

    Sergei, thank you for this! This morning, I viewed and commented on your live video regarding the disappointing statistics of this video on Samara and Shostakovich’s 7th Symphony. I was not aware of this video posted on March 9, and would have been unable to watch it until today anyway.

    Thank you for providing an experience I otherwise never would have had!

    As I mentioned in my comment on your live video, I have never been a fan of symphony (except for Tchaikovsky’s Peter and the Wolf), but have always enjoyed the cultural experiences that you have shared with us, as well as your obvious enthusiasm! However, I was absolutely blown away by this video for 2 reasons: 1) the history and the drone footage of Samara (which prior to today I had never heard of) was wonderful, and 2) I loved seeing the news reel on the screen behind the orchestra. Apparently, for me, having a visual storyline to follow greatly enhances my enjoyment of the music –– I guess I enjoy operas and ballets for this reason.

    Anyway, Shostakovich’s symphony was very moving, and I think I will be exploring more symphony experiences in the future. ––I am open to suggestions (especially Russian) if you have any…

  17. I enjoyed this video very much, I am grateful that you made it and put so much detail into this video. It was helpful, educational and spiritual.

  18. The drone shots of the city were great. I love Shostakovitch's music so I enjoyed the concert too. My thoughts on your concerns about how few views you got are you should release a 20-25 minute video with everything before the concert including a few minutes of the concert then release a 2nd video with everything. There is a larger audience for the shorter videos. I thought it was a great video, though. Thank you for all of your videos. This is one of my favorite channels.

  19. Браво! Спасибо за такой информативный и интересный фильм! О Шостаковиче и Самаре показано объективно и с любовью! Жаль, что не летняя Самара в кадре, снег только сходит. Приезжайте обязательно летом!
    Спасибо от души!

  20. This is a very interesting video for me Sergey. Around twelve years ago, one of our BBC journalists, Jonathan Dimbleby, filmed a five-part documentary series in which he travelled from Murmansk to Vladivostock via many rural areas, cities and towns. He met the conductor Valerie Gergiev in St Petersburg who spoke about the Leningrad Symphony of Shostakovich, and how the broadcast performance in Leningrad was played by emaciated musicians because of food supplies being cut off. It was a powerful and poignant moment in Russian musical and social history. I didn't realise the work had been rehearsed in Samara. I thought the composer used a datcha in the countryside to complete the symphony, so I have learned something here. Your film here is well produced and uploaded. Thank you very much.

  21. Beautiful video..Russian composer great Rachmaninoff is buried in NY State USA…I placed flowers at his grave for those Russian people that cant.

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