8 Frozen Themed Birthday Party Games

hello friends I’m a mom of two who had a
full-time job planning fun events for kids and I am inspired to share my ideas
and my fun with my family with you on this channel in today’s video I have
eight party games to play at your next frozen themed birthday party
give me a snowflake emoji in the comment section if you are excited for the next
frozen movie I know I am some of the items that you are going to need for
these games are some carrots you can use these fake carrots or you can use a real
carrot cotton balls paper plate and an Elsa wig yes an Elsa wig no I’m just
kidding I will put a full supply list in the description box down below of
everything you’ll need for these eight fun games but let’s jump into today’s
video here we go this first game is called “trolls in the water” so you know
how the trolls kind of look like rocks in frozen you’re going to need some
rocks and one plastic shoe box container per player and water with some ice cubes
place your rocks in the container fill it up with water and players will dip
their toes in and rescue the troll from the ice water using only their toes for
game number two you are again going to need ice cubes and this time chopsticks
yes this is ice cube chuck sticks this is a minute to win it game the player
that is able to pick up the most ice cubes out of their bowl using only their
chopsticks in one minute is the winner game number three is called Olaf
snowball drop you’re gonna need your cotton balls for this and some sort of
cup here we are using Christmas mugs place the cotton ball up to your nose
and see if you can drop it into the cup below and the person who gets the most
cotton balls in their Cup in one minute is the winner game number four you’re
going to need to prep the night before by cutting up some Christmas tinsel
placing an end pouring some water into the cups and
sticking it all in your freezer let it freeze overnight then when you take it
out of the fridge you have these ice cube balls each player gets a frozen
treasure and the child that can get the tinsel out of the center of the frozen
ice cube the fastest is the winner game number five is the frozen version of the
paper plate game so give every player their own paper plate and a sharpie
unless you have young kid don’t give them a Sharpie give them a pencil or
even a crayon works every player places a paper plate on their head whoever can
draw the best Olaf on top of their head and one minute’s time is the winner
game number six is called reindeer carrot toss you’re going to need some
buckets and yes those carrots that I was talking about place your buckets assign
a point value per bucket and see if players can toss their carrots into the
bucket for points the players with the most amount of points at the end of a
designated time win the game for number seven you are going to need a jar and
some cotton balls so this game is great at the start of your birthday party go
ahead and put those cotton balls in a beautiful jar and place it with a piece
of paper and a pencil and see if your guest can guess how many cotton balls or
snow balls are in the jar and announce the winner at the end of your party the
player who guesses closest to the number of cotton balls in the jar is the winner
game number eight is a troll scavenger hunt you’re gonna need some moss looking
rocks like this or just plain rocks this game can be played indoors or outdoors
I think outdoors is a little more fun these are supposed to represent the
trolls because they do look like moss covered rocks go ahead and hide your
rocks in your party space here we did it outside and have kids play a game of
seeing who can find the most rocks and gather them in their bucket and the kid
with the most rocks gets a prize I have more frozen themed party ideas coming
your way if the next one is already up I’m gonna post it right here for you to
watch if not there will be something else really awesome for you to watch
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