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(upbeat rock music) (lips smacking) – Hi friends, it’s Alison
with Millennial Moms. Davis, what are we gonna do today? – We’re gonna make Lego ideas. – We’re gonna have Lego ideas. Why are we gonna do that? – [Davis] It’s my birthday coming up. – Eight years old! Woo hoo! So we are gonna give some
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– Subscribe. – Subscribe below, and? – And give us a thumbs up. – Let’s get started. Alright, you see that little guy? That is Emmet. We’ve hidden him throughout this video. Leave a comment below, and let us know how many
times you can find Emmet. Idea number one, Lego Hand Sanitizer. Get a bottle of hand
sanitizer, pull off the label, and then start putting Legos in there. The thin ones work better
than the bricks, just an FYI. You’ll be amazed with the
number of party attenders that have clean hands. Number two, Lego bags. Make an appearance at
your local dollar store, and you’ll find cheap
bags and matching paper. Cut out circles, put little
foam stickers underneath to give it some depth
and you’ve got a bag. Number three, Lego straw heads. You’re gonna cut out
the shape of a Lego head and let the kids draw a face on it. If cutting out the shape of a
Lego head gives you anxiety, go over to Pinterest and
search Lego head template. I’m sure there’s plenty over there that will suit your fancy. Take a break with number
four, the Lego Game. Take those straws, and they’re
just gonna suck those Legos. Now, here’s caution, make sure you’re using the bigger bricks and not the small ones that
they can suck up a straw, ’cause we don’t want any Legos in lungs. Number five, Lego Crayons. Take broken pieces of crayons and these fantastic Lego molds, I just got ’em off Amazon. Break up those crayons,
shove them in molds, plop them in the oven,
250 until they melt. And then when they cool
down, they just pop out. Really fun and really easy. And, look how great they color. They color just like a normal crayon. Food, food, bring on the food! Number six, Lego Eating Blocks. The shortcut to this is get those already made Rice Krispie Treats. They are the perfect size
to make a Lego block. Put frosting on ’em, and
your favorite Lego colors, add coordinating M&Ms, you’ve got some perfect,
little Lego treats. And you know it’s good when your kids are licking their fingers off at the end. Red, green, yellow, and blue. Now let’s drink all that sugar down with some sugar in a box,
the Lego drinking block. Get your favorite type of juice box and you’re gonna wrap
it up like a present. And you’re gonna add your
circles and your foam stickers to help give it a little
bit of definition. And you’ve got some happy
campers drinking that juice down. Hey, where are you at on
the number of Emmets found? Here’s a hint, there’s
more than 10 at this point. Number eight, Lego Dancing
Heads that are edible. So we’ve had the sugar block Legos, we’ve had the sugar drink, and now let’s have a sugar dessert. In this one, you’re gonna
need yellow Candy Melts, sucker sticks, big marshmallows,
little marshmallows, and an edible marker. And you can find the
edible marker on Amazon, or in a local craft store. Put a big marshmallow
and a little marshmallow stuck on top of each other
onto one of the sucker sticks. Then you’re gonna coat it in
the yellow melted chocolate. And wait for ’em to dry. Once they’re dry, you’re gonna
start drawing faces on ’em. Alright, those are your
Lego ideas for your party. – Mom, could I have a bite of this? – Luc, it looks like you already have. Yeah, go for it. (laughing) Don’t forget, I’m on every Friday, so I’ll see you next Friday. And you’ll also find us
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Don’t forget to leave a comment on how
many times you saw Emmet. Hold still, Luc. – [Woman] Wait, look he’s chewing. – Mom! – Uh, blah blah, from the beginning. Okay, ready? (laughing)
‘Kay, go.

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