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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make
giant Rubik’s cubes prop for a fun and very cool eighties and nineties themed
celebration here we go bakudo 80s and 90s those were the days I personally
love the 90s because I grew up listening to new kids on the block
sighs peppa and boys 2 men and it was just like uh amazing music I mean if I
go on a road trip I’m listening to all Annie’s music I mean I fight with my
husband because he likes to listen to 80s I like to listen to the 90’s but
yeah so this is actually in my second eighties nineties video the first one is
a centerpiece this one I wanted to make bigger because as you know I am into
bigger bigger things now they so bigger prop
some bigger projects so I decided to make Diane move excuse because I thought
it would be great for backdrops it will be great to just have our party to take
up some line and just look fabulous and very cool
that’s the word that it used to used in the 90s cool right
alright guys so without further ado let’s get started with the video alright
guys so today’s prop is going to consist of three Rubik’s cubes that are going to
be stacked on top of each other so I’m going to have a large one a medium one
and a small one and I’m going to start with the large one which is going to go
at the bottom obviously and for the large one I’m going to use I’m going to
pair two of the black foam boards together watch me I’m going to need five
pairs so you are going to need ten of these black foam boards for the bottom
one alone okay so you are going to use a total of 20 foam boards which is not bad
that’s 20 bucks so alright so let’s get started with this one to make these two
into one I am going to move them together with hot glue and then I’m
going to secure them with transparent tape and it should look something like this
now I’m going to go ahead and tape and glue the other ones and I’ll be right
back and it should look something like this
now I’m going to go ahead and tape and glue the other ones and I’ll be right
back next I’m going to be cutting card stocks
into a by five by a by five squares and these are the squares that go into the
Rubik’s cubes here is the one that I’m going to be using to guide myself with
I’m using the NIA look because he kind of goes with my backdrop although that’s
not got Nia he says bright but it’s not that bright
I mean it’s alright I guess okay or you can use the primary colors the primary
pros are excellent as well I just saw bright I went and bought it I should
have just used what I had but whatever anyway each of these were like five
bucks you can also buy packets at Walmart for
a dollar 47 I believe I think it comes in 20 and you can just buy each color
separately however you would like okay so each side has nine squares and there
are five sides so that’s going to be 45 squares and I have about six colors that
I’m going to use so if I divide that into 45 that’s about 7.5 which there
isn’t such thing as seven point five squares so I’m going to make it eight so
I’m going to be making or cutting eight squares of each color per cubic Rubik’s
Cube oh my gosh I keep saying Cuba’s rubrics for each Rubik’s Cube okay so
let’s get to cutting and here they are he cut it wasn’t so
bad but definitely one of those days where I regret sending my cricket back
so I’m definitely getting another one this weekend um I’m gonna just order it
from Michaels instead of ordering it online because that was a nightmare for
me anyway some of the Rubik’s cubes have five colors and some of them have six
colors according to the images online I decided to use six colors because I love
the colors and one of those colors must definitely be white now I’m going to
start gluing these stock paper squares with my pouch and a foam brush and I’m
going to start in the middle all right this is not going to stay exactly this
size I’m going to actually cut it a little bit at the ends on both ends but
I made one inch little square so you can just use a ruler I’m just crazy and I
like to stuff like that all squares are going to be one inch apart so I am going
to leave this here this is one inch I got to make sure that I centered this
and if they stayed in a half so each side right here should be four and a
quarter I’m going to leave my ruler up there all right so now I have to cut these
sides and guess what I found I am so happy it is not quite an inch it’s a
little off like literally like one little line off okay so that’s not bad
so what I’m going to do is I am going to place it on these sides and then I’m
going to cut now I’m going to go ahead and assemble them together so here I
have my five boards there’s going to be four around and one on top okay so what
I ended up doing actually was making four with the squares and one with just
plain black I didn’t put any squares on it because this is going to go towards
the back towards the backdrop and you’re not gonna be able to see that the truth
is I got lazy so and it’s actually a lot of work it’s very easy but it’s a lot of
work it’s tedious work so it’s going to be a total of 36
squares instead of 45 all right so totally up to you if you want to put
squares on the last one I just got lazy guys I have a lot to do alright so let’s
start gluing now I’m going to use black paint marker
to cover up the white spots around the foam you can also use acrylic black
paint but just be careful that it doesn’t drip on your squares here so I’m
just gonna go ahead and use this now I’m going to move on to my large cube and I
actually painted prior to gluing it and I thought it was much quicker and easier
to do it this way so you can try it this way or you can wait till after okay guys
this is M design my Rubik’s cubes props I am NOT going to lie there are tedious
work but it is absolutely worth it this is going to look amazing next to a
backdrop or just us decor next to a desert table or a gift table
they are absolutely fun and it takes me back to the good old days love it I hope
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alright guys

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