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Love feeding your friends? If by “feeding,” you actually mean “pranking”
then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a ton of awesome food-related
pranks for you to play! Watch and enjoooy! Looks like Natalie is being a good friend
and made some muffins for her and Zoe! Nah, that’s too easy… (Natalie) I know! Let’s spice things up a bit! (Narrator) Grab some wasabi and decorate your
muffins. The more generous you are with your delicious
green frosting, the more grateful your friend will be—so don’t skimp! Make sure you do the same to the one you actually
plan to eat. Otherwise, your friend might get suspicious. Sprinkle some EDIBLE pearls on top (we don’t
want to send anyone to the hospital) and our muffins are ready! (Natalie) I made muffins and one’s got your
name on it! (Zoe) I think…
it’s this one! (digs in) Mmmm, that so….baaaad! What is that?! My mouth’s on fire! I need water! (Natalie) While Zoe’s putting out that fire,
I’m going just going to enjoy my muffin in peace! Who’s awesome? I’m awesome! Ahhh, the ole gummy brains. But, I just don’t get that same kick off
of them, anymore… Maybe I can repurpose them somehow? But, what’s the angle here? Think Zoe, think! I’ve got it! Grab your brains, or whatever other unsavory
gummies you’ve got, and place them in an ice tray. Looks like there’s an extra one… Mouth to the rescue! Mmmm… Pour in some water with food coloring, we
went with blue but you can use whatever, And, we’re half done! Throw the tray in the freezer and voila—
our special icy-treat is ready to go in a glass of water. Give it a stir… And, we’re good to go! (Zoe) Natalie, darling, care for a drink? (Natalie) Aww, thanks Zoey! That’s so sweet! I’ll just give it a little stir. Are those…
brains?! I’m gonna be sick! (Ben) I love how we’re all sharing lunch! Try the fries! Told ya’! Amazing, right? Sure Ashley, don’t have to ask me twice…! Ohhh, it’s like an explosion of deliciousness
in my mouth! Now you, no mee! (Mike) Ben always has to be the center of
attention…even during lunch! That’s okay, though, ‘cause I know just
what to do to take him down a notch! (Narrator) You’ve probably got everything
you need for this prank. Stick a straw in your sauce or ketchup and
hide it in a cup. (Mike) Try the cola, Ben! (Ben) Ugh, why is it so sour? (Narrator) Sometimes, giving your friend something
to “chew on” is the only way of getting them to shut up! (Natalie) Hi guys, I’ve got a very special
burger recipe for you! Okay, so there’s nothing odd about the beginning
of the recipe… grab some ketchup…
generously spread it on the bun… Throw some lettuce on top, a little cheese,
a slice of tomato… But, here’s where we finally go off the
beaten path and fashion our chocolate bar into a meat patty! Cover it up…salt, pepper, and other condiments
to “taste”… Our Burger-Special is ready! Now, it’s just a matter of time… Hey there, Zoe! Who’s not hungry when they get back from
school?! (Zoe) No patty in that bite… What in the world…Who the hell pairs chocolate
with cheese and lettuce?! Yuck! What a waste of food! (Zoe) Come out come out
wherever you are! There we go! My sweet eye ball gummies. Let’s put you to good use and scare the
daylights out of Natalie! (Narrator) When making Ramen for your friend,
don’t forget to season it for them, too! I hope Natalie’s been practicing her staring
contest technique… (Zoe) Here you go, friend! (Narrator) I think we all know who won that
round! Meat-eaters are definitely not going to be
enticed by this one. That vegetarian in your life, though… Cut and
de-seed your cucumber … And, fill it with sprinkles. The more, the merrier! Use toothpicks to secure the leftover cucumber
tip. Voila! Our Veggie Special’s ready! Now, camo that cucumber… Looks like Zoe’s ready for her low-cal meal! (Natalie) Doesn’t that cuc look good? (Zoe) Mmmm, what’s a salad without cucumbers?! That’s weird! I’ve never seen this type of cuc before… Those are some festive…seeds? Well, I’m always down to try new things. I consider myself a foods-plorer! Hey, guys! Whan does spaghetti remind you of…? Grab an old basting brush and free it of any
remaining bristles Make some dough using water and flour
and mix it up well. Spray some oil on the brush,
stick on some flour, and some spaghetti! Nice! (Natalie) What is this…? (Zoe) My new brush, Natalie! Let’s boil it and see if it’s edible… (Natalie ) Here you go, Zooey. What are you watching? Oh, I think I’ve seen this episode… Careful, don’t spill! (Zoey) Eeew, something’s wrong with my soda! Can I try yours? I see! Another prank, huh? I’ll get you back soon enough! (Narrator) For this one, you’ll need a soda
can. Make a hole in the bottom, and pour out the
soda—have a quick drink and grab some soy sauce – pour it in a small container. Looks like the coast is clear! Suction up that soy sauce…
whoah, Natalie, I never knew you wanted to be a nurse! Alright, alright! Just inject the can! And, use a glue gun to get cover up those
holes in the bottom. Hey guys! Whatcha playin’? Natalie, you’re going first. The rules are simple: one of the ten eggs
is raw, the other are all boiled. Ben’s turn! (Ben) It’s like a less dangerous version
of Russian Roulette. Here I go… (Narrator) Hmmm…Is that hollow sound his
head or the egg? Ashley’s turn…get that ice ready! Whew! So far, so good! Looks, like Natalie got lucky but we’re
running out of eggs… Let’s see if Ben can escape his fate! Go for it Ashley! Maybe you’ll finally be first at something…! Ah thank God! I’m still in the game. Alright Ben, it’s all up to you! Oh man, 50/50 chance here! Oh man! Well, at least is wasn’t my beautiful head
that cracked! And now for some bloopers! Hit that subscribe button and keep those pranks
a-going! See ya next time!

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