9 LIFE Saving WINTER HACKS You MUST TRY | #BeautyHacks #Fun #Anaysa

hello friends… Plz have tea As winter is here so that ginger tea is must before these winters to be on its full swing must note the hacks which we gonna share with you today who knows where and when you need those hacks so how much we target this time for LIKES?? we target for 1,00,000 LIKES this time yes they all our friends & I am sure they will get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES or if you want you can give more than that my blanket is so warm and I’m going to sleep now you would know it later how I make my blanket warm Ahh… this blanket is too cool and this bed too give me your blanket if this happened with this too so what I’ve done to make my blanket warm I’ve just boil water and fill it in hot water bag and this is ready and use this hot water bag to make your blanket warm this hack will surely work well her blanket is so warm give it to me have you gone made why are you snatching my blanket again & again so much cold and only you wanted to go for coaching I don’t want to go now why you take out my rubber band as we didn’t have anything to cover our ears so just take this rubber band and tie it on my hair covering my ears like this now this is called the natural cap plz make it for mine too secure our ears but now what about our hands ok now just open the door ok lets open it together oh have to open the next door too so to make our hands warm heat raw rice in a pan like this what!! a sweet smell No.. don’t need to eat them we need to do is fill these heated rice in your old socks now no need to wear it just tie a knot like this and after that keep these in your pockets this makes rice heated for so long and this helps you to keep your hands warm you’re late what’s this?? I’ve always seen you in this sweater only i think now you need to sell it and from that money buy a cap & a pair of stockings now what happened?? again she got an idea so I’ve just take that old sweater you too can take old sweater cut its sleeves and that will work as our leg warmer yeah we can also use that left over fabric to make a cap from that sweater I’ve made a leg warmer and two caps oho.. lot of dandruff in her hair what I need to do to get rid of this dandruff take out the pulp from aloe vera leaves and squeeze a lemon in it mix it well now apply it on your scalp with your finger tips wash your hair after 15 minutes this help you a lot in getting rid of dandruff boil some water then add tea leaves 2-4 cloves ginger tulsi leaves and black pepper powder allow all these to boil well & kada is ready first I take the sole from shoes then apply fevicol or fabric flue on it flip it and paste this with sweater after it got dry, cut in its shape and our woollen sole is ready lets apply mascara oho it got dried all these got happened it winters so just fill a glass with warm water dip your mascara vial for about five minutes and then your mascara will works well if you don’t cover the dough well in winters then it got dry and dry layer is formed so you just apply any edible oil on that dough this hacks help to keep the dough soft and not let it dry you’ve watched our video meanwhile we’ve took a nap and I am sure you’ve hit LIKE to the video also do SUBSCRIBE our channel & also press that bell icon also follow us on Instagram at anaysa.in

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