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Okay, guys, we’re 9 subscribers of Niana, I’m gonna drop in there. Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! What’s up, guys, Niana here and I’m with Ranz Kyle! And welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 Aye! What’s up, you guys! Guys! — We just hit 9 million subscribers! In this channel! 1 more million to go and we’re gonna get the 2nd — I’m gonna get the — Diamond Play Button! But we didn’t hit today, we hit it days ago so we’re gonna show you how it turned out. So — check this footage out. Okay, guys, so Niana is about to hit 9 million tonight! That’s her subscriber count right now Since it’s kinda late, Natalia went inside already We’re deciding right now if we should — just wake up early tomorrow. Now we sleep? Look that, that said — Okay, sleep And then tomorrow when we wake up We’re gonna check, we’re gonna open this. this laptop. After that, we’re gonna party! And yeah, guys, we just woke up and we took a shower right away and I don’t know if we hit 9 million yet. So we’re gonna check right now. Yes, we set it up last night with the social blade live counter. But before that. — we got something related to the celebration. Yes, so we got a bunch of ice cubes right here every each one of us will eat an ice and then And then shout Niana! Niana! Niana! — Aye! Wait. — Niana! For 3 million. Niana! For 4 million subscribers. Niana! Say Niana. — Niana! For 6 million subscribers. Niana! Aye! Here’s the stone. Niana! Niana! — me. Okay, and now we’re about to check for the 9 million subscribers I’m gonna open this. Not yet, it’s loading. 9 Million! Happy 9 Million subscribers Niana. and because of that, eat the last one and shout your name out loud as you can. Go! Niana! — Aye! Happy 9 million subscribers. That ice is very cold, aye. Yes. — Today is the day that we’re going to celebrate 9 million subscribers. Yes, you heard it right. We’re gonna reminisce all the million hits of Niana. Yeah! Like a countdown. Like my brothers, like we did in Aqua Planet. Yes, we’re gonna do the same thing. At the end of this video, we have a special thing that we’re gonna do today. Yeah! It’s very cold like — For the 9 million, we’re going to be celebrating with Dry Ice So yeah, it’s going to be like a celebration / experiment. putting a bunch of dry ice in the pool later and we will see what happens. yeah, it’s our first time. And then we’re gonna celebrate, party and everything. Okay, so now let’s buy the stuff that we need to reminisce — Let’s go! For the 1st million, we celebrated it with a bunch of french fries. Now let’s order a bunch of french fries. Hello? (Hi sir, good afternoon) Can we order 1 million french fries? (I’m sorry?) Do you have a 1 million fries there? For real? Okay, guys, we got 1 BFF fries for 1 million. for 2 million we celebrated it with a bunch of balloons So yeah, here’s a pack of balloons. For 3 million we celebrated it with a bunch of coconuts. So now, let’s get some coconuts. Thank you, Kuya. Now we got 3 bukos, let’s go! Okay, guys. For 4 million We’re gonna get some cupcakes. Okay, here are the cupcakes So now, let’s go to the next one. for 5 million, we celebrated it with a bunch of marshmallows. For 6 million we celebrated it with donuts. So now, let’s get some donuts. Okay, thank you — now we got the donuts. and now, let us buy the next item. Let’s go! Okay, guys, in 7 million we celebrated it with a bunch of dominos. here’s the one we used. So, next one. For Niana’s 8 million, she celebrated it with a bunch of seafood. Now, we got the seafood right here Inside this paper bag. Niana’s here as well. Let’s go! to the condo and get started with the countdown. Let ‘s go! Let’s go! And now we’re back here again And as you can see, we bought all the stuff that we need already. Yes — Let me explain to you what will happen. Yeah, what I did is try to find all the all the items in Aqua Planet But in my celebration, since we’re in the condo Each million of celebration will be represented in each floor. Yeah, it’s hard to explain but you guys will get it later. You guys will get it. But for now, let’s go on and set up everything that we need. Let’s go! Montage. okay, guys, so we just finished setting up the stuff and yeah, look here. the 9 million is in our house after everything. So production team, put it up. Let’s go! It’s time to go to every single floor and reminisce every million subscriber celebration of Niana. Let’s go! — Are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s go! go! Okay, first floor. Okay, for the first floor we got to see these fries. We got a bunch of french fries to celebrate our first million subscribers In Niana’s channel. — Check this out. — 1 million! Aye! Happy 1 million. Aye! You want, guys? Let’s go on the 2nd floor now guys. Niana, press the number 2. Okay, guys, this is the 2 million celebration reminisce this is the time when we hit 2 million subscribers on Niana’s channel check this footage out. Woah! 2 Million subscribers. Okay, guys, so you saw that. Now it’s time to go to the 3rd floor for the 3 million celebration. Let’s go! 3rd floor, waiting again. Okay, guys, there are 3 coconuts right here and now what we’re gonna do next? Let’s cheers! Drink it. Okay, for 3 million subscribers Let’s remember when we hit 3 million. — 3 million! Happy 3 million subscribers. Okay, let’s go! 4th floor for 4 million subscribers Okay guys Someone ate our they crave, got hungry and ate the 2 cupcakes. Let us remember when we hit 4 million subscribers. Happy 4 million subscribers. That is the 4 million celebration. — let us eat this. Okay, let’s go! To the next one. — The 5th floor pressing 5. Let us remember when we hit 5 million subscribers. I just hit 5 million. Woah! Okay, guys, that was a lot of marshmallows. That was a lot of marshmallows. On to the next one. Let’s go! We have to rush right now, guys. We gotta rush. — 6 floor for 6 million. Okay, we’re here! 6 million. You, guys. This is not just a reminisce but also a social experiment. it seems to be 6 and now it’s 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And for 6 million, let us remember when we hit 6 million. Okay, cheers! Yeah! Okay! Happy 6 million subscribers to Niana. Okay, guys, now we need to eat this. Niana we need to go. 7th floor let’s go. Okay — here, he set it up this thing, okay. Let’s remember when we hit 7 million. And now let’s go to the last one before we go on to the dry ice celebration experiment. 8th floor! — Let’s go to the 8th floor. Okay! for 8 million subscribers. Let us remember when we hit 8 million. For 8 million subscribers For 8 million subscribers. everyone, fill-in! — Let’s go! Okay, I remember that. That was really fun and crazy we celebrated with the fam and friends Guys! It’s time to go home to do the dry ice. Yes! Let us go to the car now and head home. Okay, guys, we’re in the car and now we’re rushing home Hurry up, before the sun sets. Go! Okay now, let’s go! Let’s go down. We’re back home and the dry ice package is there. Yeah, it arrived awhile ago, we’re weren’t here. Let’s go and check it out before we put it here. Yes, Dry ice — is very dangerous, you have to have the adults to do this or let adults do it. So be careful. There’s 2 boxes of dry ice here with us Okay, so now let’s put the dry ice in the basin. — yeah! Let’s go! And yeah, guys, this all the dry ice for our 9 million celebration. We’re gonna give you a sick montage before we drop this in the pool. Wow! It’s time for you to swim. Guys, we’re about to drop it so we’re gonna do million by me For 1 million. Woah! This is for 2 million. Oh, it’s so good. Wooh! — For 3 million. For 4 million subscribers. for Niana Guerrero. 5 million! 6 million! 7 million subscribers! 8 million subscribers! It’s like a smoke. Are you ready, Niana? I’m ready, for 9 million subscribers! We dedicate this to all of you guys. So, are you ready? Let us go! Let us go! Happy 9 million subcribers! Wooh! — Come on, get out. 9 million! You, guys, want cold weather in the Philippines? Dry Ice. Okay, guys, for Niana’s 9 million She’s gonna go in the middle. Okay, guys, as you can see. It’s not visible already. Let’s go! Where is it. Okay, guys, for 9 million for Niana. I’m gonna drop in there. Happy! 9 million subscribers! Niana! I’m not gonna do it. Happy 9 Million subscribers to Niana! Bruh! And yeah, guys, I think that is the end of this celebration / video And we reminisce everything and we did an experiment with the dry ice it was pretty sick. Yeah, did it without even knowing how to do it, it’s like an experiment. But we still did it. — Yeah, we still did it though. Happy 9 million subscribers again to my sister Niana. Road to 10 million, 1 more million let’s go! She’s getting a diamond play button and us fam will have 2 diamond play buttons. We just want to say thank you to everybody that has been supporting us We couldn’t do this without you guys. I just wanna thank you guys for keeping watching our vlogs. Yeah. — congratulations to my sister Niana! Road to 10 million, let’s go! We can get that diamond play button. Hitting the 9 million, again We love you guys and thank you so much Give this video a like, share, subscribe And turn on our post notification for a shout out Shout out to Thank you for turning on our post notifications. And we will see you, guys, on the next vlog. Peace! Happy 9 million subscribers.

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  1. Hey niana im subscribed to you already so im right here in the house watching this vid and i feel like you will get more than 9million its like you are goint to have 10billion😎 Haha by the way I LOVE YOUR VIDS😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Congrats Niana goodluck sa darating pa na mga blessing sa inyo godbless, stay lit and i will never be tired supporting u love you both! congratsss again 10M is waving eyyy

  3. I ama proder of ameena creations and i would like to give you an offer for a movie. Its shooting is in abudhabi,dubai,maharabt,india,and the rest in usa.if you are interested, reply.

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