90 Years of Celebration | The College of Natural Resources at NC State University

For 90 years the College of Natural
Resources has educated leaders to create solutions for a sustainable world at the… Where will we be in 90 years? I think we’ll be looking back on 2019-2020 as the time when kids finally inspired us to do something about climate change. So in 90 years I think that every underrepresented minority student will
have a role model or mentor so whether that’s middle school, high school, undergraduate, that looks like them. In 90 years from now our department will be doing research on how to liquify wood and from that liquefied wood we will get
chemicals that will replace things like glasses, plastics and metals. In 90 years, we as a college and department expect to be leaders in the world as society
transitions to more sustainable products from biomass. I think in Wake County, we’ll be known
as an international tourism destination that celebrates the culture and natural
resources that make this place great to visit and live.

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