96 Movie Super Scene | Trisha wants Vijay Sethupathi to get married | Super Hit Tamil Movies

Come let’s go. That side. That one. Hey!
Any girls as neighbours? Yes there are. Come in with your right foot. You’re something… K.Ramachandran’s house, is it? – Oh no! It’s become wet.
– That’s alright. The house is nice. Where is the bathroom? Go straight and the bedroom is on the left. You go, I will get a
towel and come. Janu, shall I leave the soap and
towel here, at a reachable distance? Why? There is one here. Oh! no! I have used that one. Do you have psoriasis
or something? No…no… nothing like that. Just dry these. Ram, I have to
tell you something. You have to listen. You shouldn’t stay like this. You should get married. You should have a
family of your own. I want see your children. I want to pet and pamper them. I want to see if their
eyes have your semblance… Whether their nose has
your semblance… I want to see and enjoy all that. I want to see your wife. I want to know who your
wife is going to be. I want to tell her something, That no women will get
a gem of a guy like you! So she better take great care of you. I literally want to warn her. I definitely will! You want to eat? Shall I order something? Even in the hotel, you
did not eat anything. Not hungry. I am hungry. Is it okay? It’s like my mother’s cooking. Janu, are you happy? Hmm… After many years. Idiot! I did not mean now. I was asking, whether you’re
generally happy in life? What is this? You’re asking me,
like my mother would. I just felt like asking. If you don’t want to tell,
don’t tell. It was difficult
in the beginning. I got caught alone in Singapore. I won’t know what to do, every day I used to stand
in front of God and cry. But he’s a very nice person. A very good father
to my daughter. Without me saying much,
he understands me. No problem as such. If you’re asking me
if I am happy… I would say I am peaceful. But, at this moment
I feel like saying something, but I won’t. Janu, you don’t get up.
Just stay there. You may stumble upon something. Just stay there.
I will just come now. “On the banks of the river Yamuna,
as the cool breeze blows…” “I dance with Lord Kannan…” “The eyes blossom, looking at the path…” “Young Radha wilts.” “The night has gone by,
the day has gone by…” “The King is not with me.” “The young girl’s
unblinking eyes…” “Search, here and there…” “Lord Kannan is not to be seen
in the cow herding grounds .” “Falling in love,
is a painful joy.” “Lord Kannan is not to be seen
in the cow herding grounds .” “Falling in love , is a painful joy.” “Poor Radha!” What’s all this? Memories! Wow! That old aroma! How come you have, kept all
this safely, for so long? Your’s. Mine? How did this come to you? Yeah, it grew legs and came! I flicked it.
So I can keep it as memory of you. But how? You would leave your shawl in class,
when you go for the P.T period. So, I kept following, planned it… and one day, flicked it. This is what I got. Careful…careful…careful… Hey! – Nothing…nothing…nothing…
– Then why you snatching it? Love letter is it? No. Are you kidding me!
Poetry is it? About me, is it? Give it to me. No, Janu… If you read it,
you will start laughing. I am feeling shy. Hey! hey! Who is going to write
poetry about me? Only you will write about me. Okay! You read it yourself. Read. Girl, are you a sea full of waves? My heart yearns, for your next wave! Does a fish basket and a flower
shop require an advertisement? Is an attendance register
required to know your arrival? Apparently we will lose our
eyesight if we see the lightening. We lose our eyesight
if we see the lightening. But when I see your eyes
lightning enters me! But when I see your eyes
lightning enters me! If you belong to your mother who
carried you for ten months… If you belong to your mother who
carried you for ten months… Then you also belong to me, for I have
carried you in my heart for ages! Ram! Haven’t you slept? Okay, come up. Up? No I always sleep on the floor.
I am comfortable… Just come up. Hey! Tell me your email id… your height, weight…etc Why? – Let’s fix a girl, for you today.
– No, don’t want. Why not? Look here, after being in love with
a girl like S.Janaki, I can’t marry any other girl. Why not? I was also in
love with K.Ramachandran, and did I not marry M.Saravanan. Everything is possible.
Tell me. [email protected] Is it time? Another 15 minutes to go. That girl told me something
at the restaurant. Yes, even I wanted to ask you. She was whispering
into your ears. What is it? She said, sir is a very nice person, and to take care of him well. I know very well that
sir’s a nice person. But, she told me to
take care of him well. I don’t know what
to do for that. Shall we leave?

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