A Celebration of Leadership at Cheltenham Ladies’ College

A good leader is someone that can encourage someone and help someone to make difficult decisions As a leader it’s important to create a culture where everyone’s ideas are respected no matter who they are or what they do So, the reason I chose to lead Lower College
Drama Club was because I’m very passionate about the theatre and drama in general, and I
wanted to encourage younger girls to get involved and see a different side, that’s not just
acting in a play or their lessons As Academic Rep, my role is to help in the
department and also mentor younger years and raise the profile of the subject By leading Chamber Choir, I’ve learned how to persevere I’ve learned that time management is really important but I can’t do everything by myself I think I learnt that it’s important to compromise, but it’s equally as important to, sort of,
stay true to your own vision and your own values Enjoy it a lot more like, instead of stressing about it Not everything you’re going to do in
House is going to be popular and at the end of the day
we’re here to make it a better place It might not necessarily be what everyone loves but we’re still here to make it better in the long term My leadership tip is to bring sweets to bribe them So, not being argumentative but challenging things and seeing things as they are and
calling it like you see it Have a strong idea of what you want to achieve Be prepared and well organised Open-mindedness Be charismatic Be ambitious Be humble Communicate well Helping younger years watch
what they’re doing on the internet and making sure that they’re being careful and teaching them what it actually means to be on social media. We make sure that they take the
right steps to be cautious At Gospel Choir, I feel like we’re more like
a family because it was so much team effort and everyone was putting in ideas as well
as me and you could really see the progression As a Peer Mentor, you help the younger years
and you’re a person you can talk to you when they have problems and
an understanding person that can listen I lead Knit-Talk Club where we crochet these
baby hats for premature babies so they can maintain their body temperatures My name is Amandine and I’m a Form Captain We lead Art for Relaxation Club We’re Peer Mentors As part of a team, I help to lead
Medical and Ethical Club We lead Science Communication Club We are Heads of House I’m a Cy-bird We run Global Cookery Club I lead Hip Hop Dance Club and Gospel Choir Journalism Society and Film Club Rubik’s Cube Club German Club App Club Forensic Science Club Ethical Hacking Club Croquet Club Video Game Design Club House Swimming Captain Under 13 Hockey Captain Under 15 Lacrosse Captain Under 17 Athletics Captain Senior Prefect Lower College Prefect We’re Academic Reps for Japanese and Philosophy Next year, I’m going to be Senior Prefect and I’m really looking forward to working with both students and staff. I think it is really important that I’m visible and approachable so that every student in every year is represented

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